Tuberculosis is More Frightening than War

Miracles of Johrei
Written by Okada Mokichi, 1954

In this whole world, I guarantee that only our religion can cure tuberculosis. When looking at the process of medical treatment, you would see that medicine creates tuberculosis, worsens its symptom and finally takes a person’s life. This cannot be believed but the truth. From this fact, we can see that modern people have not noticed how much they suffer from medical superstition. Therefore, most of them half-believe and half-doubt medicine. They are in dilemma. Worse still, despite many years of suffering and huge medical expenses, patients suffer more. The only word to describe that condition is “shiver.” Nevertheless, the government, specialists or general people never find out a real state of medicine. They are contrary convinced that it is progressing. I don’t know why they think so. However, it is not only the case in Japan but the whole world. I cannot help but be surprised. To open their eyes, I recently published the book titled “The faith healing for tuberculosis.” I will try every possible means to eradicate this medical superstition. Otherwise, the human world would become very miserable. Its condition would be more dreadful than it was when the third world war happened. Regarding this, the thank-you report as below tells it very much. So, you would see that I described the truth as above.

Translated by N.H.

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