The thank-you report #new005

Reported by U.K. in Nagano on 7 May 1953 It passed three years when I was saved by the great mercy of Meshiya-sama. I was ill in bed and gave up everything until I met him. Now I live a life full of joy. When I think of my pain and sorrow in those days, I don’t know how to thank Meshiya-sama. I just sincerely respect him. My writing is not good enough but I would like to report my experience with joy. I also pray that people who are ill in bed will wake up from the superstition of medicine and will be saved by Johrei. In March 1943, […]

Thank-You Report #new003

Reported by N.E. in Shizuoka on 16 May 1953 I would like to express my sincere gratitude, Meshiya-sama. In September 1951, I happened to know Meshiya-kyo. Since I was physically fragile, I wanted to become a believer and be saved. I received Johrei and read the publications of Meshiya-kyo such as newspaper with avidity. As often happens, my husband was an atheist and smiled grimly at seeing me who was really into it. Around the end of October, it was he who started to have purification. He could only sleep for one or two hours every night and had stiff shoulders. He didn’t have an appetite and left half of […]

Thank-You Report #new004

Reported by F.C. in Niigata on 17 May 1953 Thank you very much for giving me your grace every day, Meshiya-sama. I had been troubled that I had suffered from a gastrointestinal disorder for a long time. I was an atheist and believed that modern medical science was the best to cure my disease. I went to many famous hospitals while trying to take various medicines and herbs introduced in newspaper advertisements. Just remembering it makes me shiver even now but I applied very hot moxibustion. I bathed in hot springs, too. In this way, I did whatever I heard was good for my disease, which contrarily brought me other […]

Thank-You Report #new002

Reported by T.S. in Shimane, 25 June 1953   Thank you very much, Meshiya-sama. Because of you, I had a narrow escape from death. I was very healthy especially when I was young and became a member of the Volunteer Pioneer Youth Army of Manchuria and Mongolia in the spring when I was eighteen years old. I had done military service well until the war finished in August 1945. I came back to Japan in that November. In March 1946, my parents advised me to get married and adopted into the wife’s family. Her family worked as farmers. My natural health made me worked hard every day. My wife and […]

Thank-You Report #new001

Reported by O.Y. in Hiroshima on 1 June 1953 Thank you very much for protecting me, Meshiya-sama. I cannot find the words to say how I appreciate your great mercy. My writing is poor but I sincerely report my experience full of gratitude. It happened in March 1952. A company doctor told me that a thumb-head sized infiltration was found in the X-ray photo. It was under my right clavicle. I have never got any serious ill since I was a child. I was confident in my physical strength as I played football as a regular player when I was a senior-high and high school student. It was particularly busy […]

Thank-You Report #120

Reported by Y.M. in Shimane on 27 February 1953 Thank you very much, Meshiya-sama. Since I became a believer in the present Sekai-Meshiya-kyo on 13 December 1949, I have lived a cheerful and happy life under your protection even in this corrupt world. I am a very sinful person but continuously receive your grace. I am sorry for my poor writing but here I report a few things in my experience. My husband died from tuberculosis in February 1949. He had an eighty-year-old grandmother and two sons. The elder one was a year and seven months old and the younger one was only four months at that time. I worried […]

Thank-You Report #119

Reported by S.T. in Shizuoka on 1 January 1951 Since I had religious training about nine years ago, I have helped people under Meshiya-sama’s continuous protection. Here I report my experience regarding epidemic typhus. At that time, I stayed in Manchuria. Just after the war around the end of 1945, malignant epidemic typhus was spread over Manchuria, which surprised even Manchurian. I was in Mukden where tens of thousands of Japanese evacuated from another area. The city was in confusion and everyone terribly feared for the epidemic. Thousands of people got to suffer from it in a brief moment. Schools were used as an emergency isolation hospital and hundreds of […]

Thank-You Report #118

Reported by W.M. in Osaka on 27 May 1952 From around February 1950, I felt broadened in the lower abdomen and uncomfortable. I didn’t think that it was serious. So, I left it. However, I had brownish vaginal discharge from the end of March. As time passed, I had a large amount of discharge. I was losing appetite and getting week. I went to the clinic nearby but the doctor didn’t find the cause. He introduced me to a police hospital. After the examination, the doctor said, “You have a small boil in the uterus. We should examine it. Come here for a while.” I went to the police hospital […]

Thank-You Report #117

Reported by H.Y. in Okayama on 17 September 1952 Thank you very much for giving us numerous great blessings, Meshiya-sama. We were saved and brought back happiness by the infinitive great will of God. Here I would like to report a lot of great miracles that cannot be understood with common sense. At the end of 1946, I was demobilized from the south. Because of the war, my house in Tokyo was burnt down and my family fell apart. My wife stayed at her parents’ house in Okayama. She had suffered from pleurisy six months before I came back. She had pleural effusion taken four times. The amount of water […]

Thank-You Report #116

Reported by O.S. in Shimane on 27 February 1953 Thank you very much for your protection, Mehsiya-sama. Just a year ago, my husband had serious purification caused by toxic medicine. He continuously had pain in his stomach and vomited day after day. We single-mindedly prayed to Meshiya-sama. Now he has recovered and got healthy in a year. Looking back in the past, he was in terrible condition. Now I just stare at him healthy with joy. As for my husband, he looks in the mirror and strokes both cheeks. He found himself having got back the health and just shed tears with joy. Our neighbours as well as relatives were […]