Thank-You Report #120

Reported by Y.M. in Shimane on 27 February 1953

Thank you very much, Meshiya-sama. Since I became a believer in the present Sekai-Meshiya-kyo on 13 December 1949, I have lived a cheerful and happy life under your protection even in this corrupt world. I am a very sinful person but continuously receive your grace. I am sorry for my poor writing but here I report a few things in my experience.

My husband died from tuberculosis in February 1949. He had an eighty-year-old grandmother and two sons. The elder one was a year and seven months old and the younger one was only four months at that time. I worried about them as they were weak. We lived together sadly while suffering from poverty and conflict. Only with widow’s benefit, I became unable to live with them. I asked my mother to look after them and I started to work that August. My weak sons had fever and diarrhoea by turns and I had to take them to the hospital. So, I always had to go to work late or leave work early. I couldn’t explain how hard it was. Meanwhile, I heard about Meshiya-kyo from my brother. He told me that I should depend on something. On 18 March, I visited to join the monthly ceremony held in the branch office of Meshiya-kyo. As my younger son suffered from otitis media, he received Johrei from a chairperson of Meshiya-kyo. Before that, pus came out of his ear but it stopped the next day. I was amazed and continuously took him there for a few days. He received Johrei from Mr S who was in charge of the brunch church. Then my son’s otitis media was completely healed. What a surprise! I decided to become a believer in Meshiya-kyo in any case. I took religious training from Mr S and gratefully received a holy amulet on 13 December. From that time, I completely stopped taking my sons to the hospital and just depended on Johrei. Thanks to Meshiya-sama, they got well every time they had purification. My sons were always diagnosed with malnourished by examination but they became healthy. They played and did mischief every day. So, I went to work with no worry. That was thanks to Meshiya-sama.

Since I was a sinful person, I had to face another difficulty. At the end of 1949, the landlord promptly told me to leave the house. How could I possibly find another house due to the housing shortage? It is especially quite hard to find a house for a family with children. It couldn’t be helped. I finally rent a room in my parents’ house. I moved where I live now. My brother is an ardent believer in Meshiya-kyo. He enshrined the holy object of worship and the photo of Meshiya-sama. He also enshrined a holy holding screen for ancestors. I have not yet enshrined a holy object of worship. I wanted to do so but haven’t got permission yet. Last May, I enshrined a holy folding screen for ancestors. I read the poems and teachings of Meshiya-sama every day. As he says in the teachings, I had learnt that the ancestors were saved in the spiritual world so quickly when their descendants enshrined a holy folding screen for ancestors and read Meshiya-sama’s teachings in front of it.

Here I tell you about that. Last May, I was possessed by the spirit of my husband’s mother. Her life or death was unknown. She said; “I used to work as a nurse but committed suicide in Korea more than twenty years ago. Due to my job and suicide, I was suffering in hell. But now, I was saved from Komyo-Nyorai-sama and staying in heaven. My husband has already been to heaven, too. We all live a happy life. That is thanks to your religious faith.” She was very glad and said to me, “I should return a favour.”

The second possession happened at the beginning of September. When I was reading Meshiya-sama’s book titled ‘The collection of stories in the spiritual world’ in front of the Buddhist altar, I felt heavy from my head to shoulders. That feeling continued for a few days. When I received Johrei from my brother, I was possessed by the spirit of my husband’s grandfather. He said, “I was in the hell now. You have religious faith and worship us every day but I didn’t care. When you started to read ‘The collection of stories in the spiritual world,’ I thought why Meshiya-sama said such things at first. But while I was listening to them, I realised that I was wrong. It cannot stay like this. From now, I will listen to them carefully and wholeheartedly work hard to get out of the hell. However, I was almost the lowest hell. It might take time to go up but I will go to a better place someday. I have to stay here because I worked as a doctor. Though I didn’t intend to, it cannot be helped. After all, a doctor is bad.” He continued to tell me about various things. He lastly said to me; “I will single-mindedly depend on Meshiya-sama. So, please worship us every day. This is my only wish.” Medicine is said to be a healing act. So, my husband’s grandfather thought that he could save people if he became a doctor. However, on the contrary, he fell into hell in the spiritual world because he committed sins as a doctor in the present world.

I am a sinful person but my long-awaited wish had come true. I finally had permission to have a meeting with Meshiya-sama when he visited the west region of Japan. Here I report the grace I received on that occasion. I felt heavy in my head before my husband’s grandfather possessed me. I had purification around the medulla oblongata and occipital region about five times a day. I felt tightened in the crown of the head. When I had a meeting with Meshiya-sama, however, all my pain had gone. Throughout this experience, I have learnt that the divine light of Meshiya-sama is very strong and visitors to him are purified more by his light. So, I have also learned that it is very important to have a meeting with Meshiya-sama. Thank you very much, Meshiya-sama. Here I conclude my report with my deepest gratitude.

Translated by N.H