Thank-You Report #119

Reported by S.T. in Shizuoka on 1 January 1951

Since I had religious training about nine years ago, I have helped people under Meshiya-sama’s continuous protection. Here I report my experience regarding epidemic typhus. At that time, I stayed in Manchuria. Just after the war around the end of 1945, malignant epidemic typhus was spread over Manchuria, which surprised even Manchurian. I was in Mukden where tens of thousands of Japanese evacuated from another area. The city was in confusion and everyone terribly feared for the epidemic. Thousands of people got to suffer from it in a brief moment. Schools were used as an emergency isolation hospital and hundreds of physicians and military doctors gave patients every possible medical treatment. However, it had almost no effect. Probably dozens of, or more innocent people died mad every day. About twenty-five families including us were living in the same company dormitory. We were alarmed. Eventually, an about twenty-seven-year-old man suffered from epidemic typhus. All hospitals were, of course, full. The physician and the military doctor came to see him every day. They gave him injections and cooled him with ice but nothing did work. He died raving after about a week. I once went to see him to perform Johrei. However, the doctor and nurse took care of him all the time. My hands were completely tied.

A few days later, a young couple Mr and Mrs N suffered from epidemic typhus one after another. Since we just saw the innocent death about three days before that, all people in the dormitory except for Mr G and I never went to see them. Mr G suffered from lung disease and coughed up blood a year before but cured by receiving Johrei a few times. He once returned to Japan for his wedding and received religious training.

I thought at first that epidemic typhus was not a big deal. The patient just continuously had a high fever and got a rush. From my experience, I believed that the temperature would definitely go down in less than three days. So, I started to perform Johrei on them. However, the temperature didn’t go down even after three days. I performed Johrei about three times a day. The fever once went down just after Johrei but got higher than before in thirty minutes. After five days, their brains got damaged and they completely went mad. The couple had no food but drunk a little water for five days. They lied down side by side and got mad together. The wife sang a nursery song and the husband said something that didn’t make sense. They didn’t seem to see anything and just stared at the ceiling with hollow eyes. I saw lice increasing on their bedding. As I sat there many times, I thought that I might infect the disease but remembered that I had Mr G with me. He received religious training. I got relieved and continued to perform Johrei. However, Mr G and his wife had suffered from epidemic typhus, too. So, only my wife and I left. I said to her, “Never take me to the doctor even if I suffered from epidemic typhus and go mad. You just perform Johrei on me no matter what anyone says.” I made such a desperate determination.

Criticism was getting grown around me. Someone kindly said, “They won’t be saved. You’d better take them to the doctor even once. So, you will have a good excuse for their parents and siblings when you go back to Japan.” I replied to them, “Thank you, but I am all right.” I never obeyed them. I looked after four of them at the same time with nursing fatigue. Contrary to my first expectation, they got worse. When I looked at them in mad at midnight when people fell asleep, I said in my mind; “Does my Johrei no longer work or Johrei not work for epidemic typhus? If so, I was putting them in such a condition. It’s my fault. Do they die crazy?” Such thought brought me into fear sometimes but I rethought soon after that; “There is no such a stupid thing. They are sure to recognise me when I continue to perform Johrei in all sincerity. They must call my name in the future.” I would have felt sorry for Meshiya-sama if I had got discouraged. I prayed towards the far eastern direction and continued to perform Johrei. I sometimes showed them my face but they had no reaction.

Eight days passed since they suffered from epidemic typhus. I will never forget that day. After breakfast, I sit at the bedside of Mr N. He had less strength in his eyes but stared at me. He said, “It’s you, Mr S. My head is something wrong. Where’s my wife? Please bring me rice with curry and water.” He said exactly what I had expected. What a joy! I think that nothing could give me more pleasure than that. I felt touched and held my hands towards Mehiya-sama faraway in Japan.

“I am sure he will recover.” The power sprung up and I single-mindedly performed Johrei. Then Mr N had a thick runny nose more and more. His head was getting clear every hour. Mr N’s wife followed the same process as him about that time. She became weak after she got ill but fully recovered to any eye. I had got absolute confidence. At that time, Mr and Mrs G were still insane but I never felt fear for that. I continued to perform Johrei on them while telling a joke. They also followed the same process of Mr and Mrs N and completely recovered. Mrs G was eight months pregnant at that time and gave birth to a big boy. Both mother and child were healthy. During that time, six more people suffered from epidemic typhus in our dormitory. Five of them saw the doctor and four out of them died. Later, people were getting to know that the patients were more likely to die if they had injections. So, the last person was just lied down and saved. He, however, needed to recover completely for two months. On the contrary, people who received Johrei completely recovered in twenty days. I am astonished very much at the awesome divine power.

Thousands of people died from epidemic typhus. At the expense of that, general people knew for the first time that injection and cooling with ice brought the patients bad results. They rather became better without too many injections. Maybe because the doctors gradually stopped injecting, the death rate of epidemic typhus with medical care decreased. It was first more than 70 per cent but became 30 per cent at the end. I performed Johrei on about ten patients who suffered from epidemic typhus. All of them completely recovered. It means that the cure rate by Johrei is 100 per cent. What’s more, they recovered much quicker than those who took medical treatment.

At that time, when a person suffered from epidemic typhus, they continuously had a fever of more than forty degrees and a vicious headache. They had a mild rash all over the body a day after onset but it disappeared in a few days. The brain damage was caused around the fifth day and they got mad without exception. I tried hard to perform Johrei but they got worse. It was actually very scary for me to look at that circumstance. I also wanted to run away. Through my experience, however, I had learnt that we didn’t have to worry about brain damage. When performing Johrei to the forehead, the patient had a runny nose and brain damage was easily cured. When general people got to know the miraculous effect of Johrei, this terrible disease was over. Since then, many people asked me to perform Johrei and many outstanding results were achieved. I had many precious experiences, too. That had continued until I went back to Japan.

This is my experience regarding epidemic typhus. Thank you very much, Meshiya-sama. You permit me to use this absolute divine power. I hope my report would help the readers somehow. Here I conclude my report. Thank you very much.

Translated by N.H