Thank-You Report #new004

Reported by F.C. in Niigata on 17 May 1953

Thank you very much for giving me your grace every day, Meshiya-sama. I had been troubled that I had suffered from a gastrointestinal disorder for a long time. I was an atheist and believed that modern medical science was the best to cure my disease. I went to many famous hospitals while trying to take various medicines and herbs introduced in newspaper advertisements. Just remembering it makes me shiver even now but I applied very hot moxibustion. I bathed in hot springs, too. In this way, I did whatever I heard was good for my disease, which contrarily brought me other illnesses. I suffered from heart disease with symptoms of palpitations, irregular pulse and difficulty breathing. I also suffered from cystitis, haemorrhoids and so on. I became like a wholesaler of the disease. I finally had to have dietary restrictions and ate only a starch-like porridge and potatoes for three years. I suffered from cibophobia and my body became weakened very much. I wished many times if I could have felt as cheerful as I used to even just for ten minutes. I felt depressed and spent every day in fear of death. Finally, I lost hope for modern medical science.

As every mother hopes, I didn’t want to die at any cost until my children became an adult. Before I knew it, I came to want for faith. As my acquaintance recommended me, I read the book titled “The true state of life,” which was written by the founder of a new religion or “Seicho-no-Ie.” I was captured his book and continued to read a few series of it. In conclusion, the book says that disease is caused by anxiety. When I read it, I saw the light after a long time and I soon felt better. However, it didn’t last long. About a month later, my condition got worse than before. I asked myself what made me anxious and got worried. I lost my hope again. During that time, I came to know Meshiy-kyo and one of its teachings rang a bell. It says that disease is a purification action. I thought that I got tricked again but I had nothing else to rely on. I decided to receive Johrei as I thought it would become a spiritual practice at least for me. I continued to receive Johrei with an absent air for half a year but gradually felt better somehow. Then I was surprised when I touched my belly. It had been thin and hard before but became soft.

I also realised that all symptoms such as terrible diarrhoea, heartburn and abdominal pains had disappeared. My miserable life suddenly changed into a bright one. I knew the world full of joy and the absolute power of Johrei. Then I started to read the teachings enthusiastically, which was completely different from the past when I enjoyed reading women’s magazines or novels and gossip columns of newspapers. My husband, who is a government official, also sang songs of praise loudly every morning and evening. I felt happiness very much. Now we do everything based on the teachings of Meshiya-sama and work hard to become a family full of divine light and get spiritual peace and enlightenment.

We have four children and all of them had big or small purification one after another. I had various experiences through their purification, which deepened my belief and awakened me that all teachings of Meshiya-sama are truth. My children have BCG vaccination compulsory at school and other injections, which is always bothering me. How terrible toxic medicine is! I hope that this superstition of medicine will disappear as soon as possible. Whenever looking at doctors and nurses, I feel so sorry for them and sympathize with them.

Thank you very much, Meshiya-sama.

Translated by N.H.