Thank-You Report #new003

Reported by N.E. in Shizuoka on 16 May 1953

I would like to express my sincere gratitude, Meshiya-sama. In September 1951, I happened to know Meshiya-kyo. Since I was physically fragile, I wanted to become a believer and be saved. I received Johrei and read the publications of Meshiya-kyo such as newspaper with avidity. As often happens, my husband was an atheist and smiled grimly at seeing me who was really into it. Around the end of October, it was he who started to have purification. He could only sleep for one or two hours every night and had stiff shoulders. He didn’t have an appetite and left half of a boxed lunch even though I packed it with fewer dishes. His face became pale. He had a slight cough as if he suffered from tuberculosis. The mattress was soaked with his sweat at night, which bothered him. I asked him just in case if he suffered from lung disease but he denied it strongly. Since his mother, brother and sister were down with tuberculosis, I got very worried about him. I persuaded him to receive Johrei to recover and then became a believer in March 1951. Since then, I performed Johrei to him every day. He seemed to be afraid that he would be diagnosed with tuberculosis and therefore, he never said to go to the hospital.

His condition was getting worse day by day. I was so anxious if he would be alright while receiving Johrei only from me. He was reluctant but I took him to a branch office of Mashiya-kyo. There, the instructor told him about the harm of toxic medicine, the spiritual clouds and so on. He understood the significance of Meshiya-kyo and got enthusiastic about it better than me. During that time, he lost his weight very much and kept coughing all day long. However, he became able to sleep and had an appetite. He had bloody phlegm and green sputum hundreds of times and even clots of bright red blood in a day. Even though he had such a purification, he went out to work every day except for taking only a half-day off when he heavily coughed. I believed in the absolute divine power but when looking at his intense purification, I got worried. I asked him to see a doctor but his will was very farm. He said, “As the instructor explained, I cough and have bloody phlegm. What an excellent purification I have! The more I have a purification, the more toxins are discharged out of my body. What we should do is just to believe Meshiya-sama’s teachings and leave everything to him.” I was contrarily preached by him.

At the beginning of January 1952, his breath smelled like rotten milk. It was so smelly that I was not able to talk to him directly. I asked the instructor about that smell. He said, “When the toxins got old, it becomes to smell.” He also said, “Tuberculosis is not infectious. When a relative was down with tuberculosis, its spirit possesses another relative. The possessed relative consequently suffers from tuberculosis. It looks infected. Therefore, tuberculosis is said to be infectious.” I was taught the teachings of Meshiya-sama by him. Soon after that, I prepared the mortuary tablet for my husband’s parents, brother and sister. Then he was gradually getting better. We did appreciate the divine virtue of Meshiya-sama. Around the end of March, however, he got a fever of about 38.5 degrees every morning. He went out to work while trembling but his fever came down in the evening. Since that condition continued for about a weak, I asked the instructor to perform Johrei to my husband. Then he returned to his normal temperature but he started to say that he became insane. He looked gloomy and rarely spoke. I asked the instructor again. He contrarily asked me if we had prepared the mortuary tablet for ancestors. I replied that we only prepared those for parents, brother and sister. He said, “You did it in the wrong order. Things have an order in the spiritual world, too.” I soon prepared the mortuary tablet for my husband’s ancestors. We apologised to them that we did the wrong thing and then asked them for their protection. Three days after we prepared the mortuary tablet, my husband’s head became clear. He felt refreshed and showed a smile for the first time in a few days. We knew what a large work the ancestors do in the spiritual world. We knew how terrible the spiritual clouds were, which is too strange to be believed in such a world of scientism today. In this way, we learnt a lot from Meshiya-sama. Thanks to him, my husband was getting better day by day and becomes healthy. No one would believe that he had such a serious purification. He never had injection nor medicine but was saved from tuberculosis of the most hated disease in the world. Thank you very much, Meshiya-sama.

Now I am being purified with cystitis. Not like my husband, I have a lot of toxic medicine in my body as I had medicine for a long time. Now the purification occurs to me like this and discharges toxins out of my body day after day. I should have said before that my husband also received a holy amulet in February 1952. I receive Johrei from him every evening and look forward to recovering completely. What’s more, I was blessed with children even though I have many toxins in my body. I am expecting a second child today or tomorrow. I rely on the divine virtue of Meshiya-sama and look for giving birth safely. My writing is not good enough but sincerely report how we were given grace from Meshiya-sama with gratitude. I would like to reword his favour even a little. Thank you very much again, Meshiya-sama.

Translated by N.H.