The thank-you report #new005

Reported by U.K. in Nagano on 7 May 1953

It passed three years when I was saved by the great mercy of Meshiya-sama. I was ill in bed and gave up everything until I met him. Now I live a life full of joy. When I think of my pain and sorrow in those days, I don’t know how to thank Meshiya-sama. I just sincerely respect him. My writing is not good enough but I would like to report my experience with joy. I also pray that people who are ill in bed will wake up from the superstition of medicine and will be saved by Johrei.

In March 1943, I was diagnosed with mild pleurisy. I went back to my home town from Tokyo and had a rest. Whenever I caught a cold, pleurisy god worse. While such a state was repeated, my condition was gradually getting worse. In January 1944, I was admitted to a hospital nearby. Since then, I faithfully followed the three principles of recuperation for eight months. They are to rest one’s mind and body, to take nutrition and to breathe fresh air. I became a good model of the patient who everyone followed. Nevertheless, my condition hanged in the balance. I was not recovering enough and was diagnosed with infiltration of both lungs. The doctor advised me to take a walk as my symptom was not severe. However, I just gained weight and felt heavy in the head. It was hard for me to just get up. I left the hospital in September 1944. It was getting colder in autumn. I caught a cold and spent the whole winter while I was getting a little better sometimes but then worse again. It was May 1945 when the great mercy of Meshiya-sama reached even Nagano. A current branch chief officer Mr H visited us and introduced the book titled “Problems and Solutions of Tuberculosis.” If I had been a little more honest and sincere, I would have been saved. At that time, I was obsessed with the superstition of medicine. When I read the teachings, therefore, I started to half-doubt medicine, which confused me. I had my friend see my illness and asked for her advice. She said, “This teaching is new and we had no experience. So, we’d better wait and see for a while.” Since I couldn’t realise that it was great teaching, I turned it down. That was the end of luck. My condition was gradually getting worse. I started to have an artificial pneumothorax in 1946 but it was not completely done due to adhesion. Worse still, I was complicated with mild intestinal tuberculosis and had a cavity in the left lung. In November 1948 when I had just spent the time under medical treatment for complete five years, I was complicated with spine caries and finally had to have an absolute rest on a corrective cast.

Since then, my illness was just progressing. I had a lot of sputum. I suffered from kidney and bladder tuberculosis. I felt pain in the sixth thoracic vertebra, lumbar spine, pelvis, groins and even knees. Pus seemed to accumulate inside both crotches which became swollen. I felt severe dizziness. I had pain in my lower jaw joint so much that it was finally kept open. In this way, I had to be prepared for my death while drinking liquid food. When looking at my severe condition, my mother thought she had to do something about me. At the end of October 1949, she asked Ms I came to see me. She was living nearby. I received Johrei from her as I thought it just made me feel better. I never thought that my serious illness would be cured by this Johrei.

Three days after that, I started to have diarrhoea. I became able to move my jaw and have normal food. I gain an appetite. I also gain weight and strength while having diarrhoea. Furthermore, I felt light and wanted to get out of bed and walk. When I started to walk, I felt relieved pain in my hip and knee joints. Bladder and kidney pain disappeared without notice. A month later, pus-like swelling inside both crotches disappeared. Two months later, I became able to do all my own things. Three months later, I finally left the hospital. I was cerebrated my discharge. Soon after that, I had the honour of receiving a grateful amulet on 7 February 1950.

Four months later, I did all the housework at home while my parents were staying in Tokyo. They were very glad. Five months later, I honourably had an awaited opportunity to meet Meshiya-sama. I cannot express my appreciation with letters. Six months later, I got better enough to help others and was able to do farm work for one person. When looking at me, not only neighbours but also people in my village and neighbouring villages, as well as my relatives and acquaintances, were all surprised and individually said that they had to admit the greatness of Meshiya-kyo and praised it.

After I completely recovered from all my illness, I took an X-ray photo and it showed nothing around the left centre of the lung where the pulmonary cavity was certainly formed. My condition became bacteria (-), which was (+) before. The blood sedimentation rate was 12. The doctor was very surprised by my result. Now, the doctor suffered from tuberculosis. He had Streptomycin injection and then had chest plastic surgery. I feel very sorry for him.

In this way, I completely recovered but I had been wondering myself for about a year why I did so. I was overcome with deep emotion while gazing at myself. I also thought about how to return the favour. I am still learning many things but able to work and live until now thanks to Meshiya-sama.

It has passed three years since I became a believer. I have been given a chance to work for Meshiya-kyo and also for the family. Now I can work as hard as ordinary women. My whole family was weak but they became healthy now. In this way, we had so many benefits from Meshiya-sama that we cannot describe all of them. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Meshiya-sama.

We are learning that purification becomes more severe year by year and especially from this year, tough years will come. Please let me do my best to return the favour so that I am forgiven my sins and I can live a life following the great will of Meshiya-sama. Thank you very much again, Meshiya-sama. Here, I finish my thank-you report.

Translated by N.H.