Thank-You Report #new001

Reported by O.Y. in Hiroshima on 1 June 1953

Thank you very much for protecting me, Meshiya-sama. I cannot find the words to say how I appreciate your great mercy. My writing is poor but I sincerely report my experience full of gratitude.

It happened in March 1952. A company doctor told me that a thumb-head sized infiltration was found in the X-ray photo. It was under my right clavicle. I have never got any serious ill since I was a child. I was confident in my physical strength as I played football as a regular player when I was a senior-high and high school student. It was particularly busy at that time of the year and therefore, I didn’t care for myself even though I felt a little off. Under such a condition, when I went home from work on 28 March, I had a light cough and suddenly coughed up blood. Although it was a little, when I looked at it, I realised that I had suffered from a terrible disease or tuberculosis. I despaired with tears when I thought about my future. I was immediately hospitalised and had absolute rest as the doctor said for about two months. I grew up with materialistic education and had no sense of gods’ existence. Therefore, I absolutely followed what the doctor said. At last, I was able to walk by myself, stopped coughing up blood and had a normal temperature. Then I talked to the doctor and decided to have the full treatment. I took twenty injections of streptomycin and the same amount again even though I had never felt that it did work. When I recall, I did a terrible thing. I wouldn’t be able to regret it enough no matter how much I cry. I am a sinful person. In July of that year, I went back to my home town. I was going to see how my disease was going but nothing seemed to be changed. The doctor recommended that I should have an artificial pneumothorax for three years. He said that I would be able to work in half a year if I had that therapy although the shadow on my chest didn’t disappear. I didn’t want to do it but agreed with him. Two days before I started to have the treatment, one of my sister’s acquaintances kindly said to me, “A religion called Meshiya-kyo cures disease very well. Why don’t you try it rather than taking such a treatment?” To be honest, I had never prayed to a god since I was born. I was rude enough to think that all people believing in religions must suffer from a personality disorder. Therefore, it sounded very strange to me that the disease was cured by just holding a hand. I rather hatred people who believed in such a thing. However, I just thought to try it without any reason. I visited a branch office K on 28 October. Please forgive me such my attitude but I was unexpectedly able to know how to reach true peace and find the truth. My life had changed from dark to bright. At a branch office K, I didn’t understand at all what was going on but just received Johrei with a strange feeling from Mr U, who was an instructor of Meshiya-kyo. Then I felt that the room became unusually warm and exuded heat from my body. I sweat very much. When I went home, I felt so sleepy that I went to bed even at seven and slept well until the next morning. It continued for four or five days. Meanwhile, Mr G and U as well as Mr Y who is a chairperson told me about faith a lot. They told me a profound story that I could hardly believe. However, I was very glad to know that there was a different world from before, where a pure idea holds. I observed people who visited the branch office every day and found that all of them got better. Therefore, I have no choice but agreed with the effect of Johrei. While I visited the branch office, my stiff shoulder got healed before I knew it. As I said, I had believed that medical science was the best and the disease would be never cured without medicine. However, I could not help but accepted what I saw. I got to know such a mysterious thing and started to think about medicine with suspicion. Once I had such a thought, Meshiya-sama’s teachings corrected my misguided ideas one by one and made me just realise the great contradiction in medicine.

Everything I thought to be right was turned over so that I gave myself to Johrei. I received a holy amulet on 5 December and started to perform Johrei to comprehend it. I have a cousin who also was suffering from lung disease. At that time, she and her husband were ardent believers in a certain new religion for more than ten years. The more they believed in it, however, the more her symptom gets serious. Then she finally got a high fever of 40 degrees and ill in bed. They could no longer depend on medicine. They just thought that religion saved them and believed in it more ardently. However, their faith was not rewarded. The husband of my cousin got worried for her and desperately asked for Johrei as the last hope. I immediately performed Johrei to her. I also asked Mr U to see her. He told them that all diseases including tuberculosis were caused by spiritual connections and toxic medicine. I also asked Mr G to forgive us to enshrine a holy folding scripture. On the next day when we enshrined it, a spirit possessed me. By this experience, I knew the existence of the spiritual world and something invisible controlled us. After that, the spirits of my ancestors possessed me sometimes. On 20 December, that of five generations ago possessed and said to me, “I possessed you because I wanted to be saved. Now we are saved by great faith. So, I leave you. It means that you have no shadow on your chest. If you doubt my word, go to take an X-ray photo even tomorrow.” Two days after that, I visited a doctor to take an X-ray photo. I had my top off while holding my amulet tightly with my left hand in a dark room. I prayed to Meshiya-sama to protect me. The X-ray switch was pressed but there was no buzzing sound followed by it nor ray radiating. It was repeated a few times but all were failed. The doctor called a chief nurse in a surprised manner. They examined the equipment and said, “It is strange. It worked when it was used this morning. It must not be out of work.” It made them big trouble. Then I suddenly realised that I hold my amulet. I didn’t want to leave it to others even for a while. I remembered the newspaper, which says that the shape of the amulet was not shown in the X-ray photo. That fact got through my mind. Then I left my amulet to my mother waiting outside and stood on the step again. I told the doctor, “It is all right now. Please turn on the switch.” Soon after that, the switch was turned on and the perspective plate in front of me was flushed. X-ray finally penetrated through my body. What a miracle and protection it was! I couldn’t help but made a surprising voice in my mind. After that, the doctor told me that I was cured of tuberculosis and therefore, could work. It was him who strongly recommended that I would have an artificial pneumothorax only a month before. What a great miracle it was! I was clearly shown the difference between powerless medicine and the greatness of the spiritual ray light. I cannot help but admire the greatness of God’s virtue. This fact makes us clear enough that materialistic science has a defect and fundamental mistake and the truth can be easily touched. The construction of Paradise on Earth is a revolutionary and unprecedented great work and only God do it. It is not us but God who controls physical things. I was convinced of those facts. Meshiya-sama taught me that God used evil as a necessity in the process of constructing Paradise on Earth. He also made me clear what the meaning of life and the mission of human beings is. I was taught the significance of life and death, which I would never know with philosophy books or any other books. In his teachings, I comprehended that everything happened only for making a paradise in this world. I am a very happy man who knew it. I just want to devote myself to read his teachings. I have an urge to dance with joy, too. When I think about the past that I left myself to medicine, I might have become a living corpse or already had a hard time at the bottom of the spiritual world if I had kept having the artificial pneumothorax treatment and medicine. Now, I was saved spiritually and physically. I have no words to thank you.

Thank you very much, Meshiya-sama. I knew his grateful teachings because of my illness. So, I even want to thank the illness. My ancestors made me aware of various things. They say, “Butsumetsu or the end of the world comes. The spiritual world is in an uproar that is beyond our imagination. That state is transferred to the real world and terrible things happen. The faith you have embraces great power which you cannot imagine.” I am filled with joy to know them. I would like to share this joy with people as much as possible. Thank you again, Meshiya-sama. I would like to express my deepest gratitude. Here I report that my cousin and her husband as I mentioned became believers of Meshiya-kyo and deepen their faith. Thank you very much and I hope to continue to receive your protection.

Translated by N.H