Thank-You Report #117

Reported by H.Y. in Okayama on 17 September 1952

Thank you very much for giving us numerous great blessings, Meshiya-sama. We were saved and brought back happiness by the infinitive great will of God. Here I would like to report a lot of great miracles that cannot be understood with common sense.

At the end of 1946, I was demobilized from the south. Because of the war, my house in Tokyo was burnt down and my family fell apart. My wife stayed at her parents’ house in Okayama. She had suffered from pleurisy six months before I came back. She had pleural effusion taken four times. The amount of water pus was equivalent to two washbasins. She got weak very much and the doctor said, “She will be in danger if the water accumulates anymore.” She had a temporary lull and just became able to go to the bathroom on her own. Her parents hoped that she would be all right if she had a rest and made a smooth recovery. They were glad for my return in any case and encouraged us who would start a new life from nothing. However, destiny was ironic. My wife had a twist sized swelling in the right chest three days later I came home. She was diagnosed with costal caries. She soon had an operation but I had no money to pay for it as I was just demobilized. What’s more, I couldn’t go back to my house due to my family’s complicated circumstances even though I am the first son. Since I was taken care of by my wife’s parents, I couldn’t stay there forever nor ask for her medical treatment fee. In that way, my hard life had started. I wanted her to get well. I wanted her to recover as soon as possible with great care of medicine. I tried hard to give her continuous medical treatment but the result was just opposite to what I expected. She had the second operation but she didn’t get better. In September 1947, she had major surgery at a certain hospital. She had the libs shaved off. The surgery was just done to cut the affected parts. It was a stopgap remedy. She didn’t get back her health or rather became weaker. When I heard that moxibustion was good, my wife tried it. She was applied various treatments other than that but she didn’t get better. The affected part eventually festered and she was told to have another operation. She had suffered every time having the operation. Besides, she never got better no matter how many times she did. We postponed her surgery and waited and saw. At the end of October 1948, my wife suddenly had pain in her waist. She couldn’t stretch nor bend it. I took her to the university hospital. The doctor said, “Your wife is suffering from tuberculosis of the spine. She has pus accumulating in the right waist. As she is seriously ill, she should be admitted to the hospital as soon as possible.” My wife got hospitalised the next day. Here, I have to tell you about this university hospital. My wife was seriously ill but we had to wait for the doctor’s examination in the examination room for more than an hour. Then professor came with dozens of assistants and students. The professor first examined my wife. Then each student also examined her one by one and reported to him. They studied this and that, which took two hours. My wife was treated like research material. That was intolerable for a patient. Far from getting better, she was exhausted and could no longer endure their way on the second day. We soon left the university hospital and moved to another one specializing in caries. She was hospitalised there from 6 November to 18 January. During that time, she was pulled her neck or legs and lay in the corrective cast. She just tried to take medical treatment. She had pus taken out of the waist twice but it soon accumulated after that. Since we couldn’t find any progress in her condition, we decided that she left the hospital and took the home remedy. After she came home, she carried out exactly what the doctor said. She kept taking absolute rest. She tried hard to take care of herself in that way but as a result, she was contrarily getting worse. Her face looked pale as a dead person. She lost weight and her waist was bent. She looked miserable. We completely lost hope that she would recover. However, the feeling of despair didn’t last long. God held out the hand of the great salvation to us.

I will never forget the day of 10 April 1949. When I came home from work, my wife said with joy, “Our neighbour introduced me to a person who worked for Meshiya-Kyo today. He led his hand towards me and I felt better. I was so grateful that I couldn’t stop crying.” I didn’t have religious faith but had no reason to oppose it. I just looked on them. About five days later, she said, “Please ask to receive a holy amulet.” I said, “We would after you recover.” She said, “Please do it. If you don’t, I will have it even if I sell my kimono.” She also said, “I was told that I could remove the corrective cast.” Then she removed it. I was getting worried and said to her, “What should we do if you get worse?” She said, “I will never get worse. Only Meshiya-kyo will save me.” Although she was cowered, she persistently said so. I thought that I would leave it to her. She visited the church of the present Sekai-Meshiya-kyo to become a believer. The manager said to her, “Your husband should become a believer before you. So, he will perform Johrei on you.” Therefore, I first took religious training. When I look back, I think that was great mercy and plan of God. If my wife had become a believer as we planned, I would have probably not become a believer.  She would have consequently fallen by the wayside and we could have not got this joy. Since then, I performed Johrei on her every day in a half-hearted way. When receiving Johrei, she felt better. She arose from a sickbed in less than a week and did housework little by little. She visited the church on foot every day. Even so, I was still in half in doubt.

I started to read Meshiya-sama’s teachings and got awakened the truth. I wanted to hear about the faith. On 17 May, I was willing to visit the brunch church to worship and my wife became a believer in the present Sekai-Meshiya-kyo. Since then, I received strong guidance from Mr N who was in charge of the brunch church. In July, I was permitted to get to Hakone to worship. I asked Mehiya-sama about my wife’s condition. She had pus accumulating in the waist. He said, “When pus fully accumulates, the swelling has a hole and pus comes out. Whether it comes out soon or later depends on the spiritual power of the person who performs Johrei. So, you should perform Johrei patiently.” His words encouraged me. I depended on him more firmly. In August, we enshrined a holy object of worship. I single-mindedly tried to perform Johrei on my wife. The pus in her waist became bigger and pulled her leg. She became unable to walk well. Nerve hurt in such condition, too. She could hardly visit the church on her own. Therefore, I put her on the cart and pulled it by bicycle to go there every day. In October, she suffered from neuralgia peculiar to caries in her legs. Nerves all her body hurts even if she was touched with a single finger. She couldn’t even move. However, such a severe condition was healed in ten days. The pus accumulated in the right waist first but it also did in the left since 1950. It came down to the right thigh. Twist sized pus also formed in the inner thigh. We looked forward to them coming out. However, her belly suddenly got swollen that October. Seven days later, her belly became as same as that of a seven-month-pregnant woman. She suffered from peritonitis. At that same time, she had diarrhoea about five times every day. When sleeping, she kept coughing until the morning and vomited a large amount of sputum. Her belly got smaller from the eighth day. She continued to have diarrhoea and sputum for one month. After that, the pus in the back and thigh became soft and became smaller as her purification progressed. When her purification finished, all pus had gone and she could bend at the waist freely. She got back a good complexion and everyone was surprised at her complete recovery. She had very severe purification like that but she didn’t feel pain very much. That is strange. She could almost not sleep due to cough for a month but she did housework as usual such as washing and cooking. She has overcome her purification much easier than we thought. She had suffered from caries for a long time but she got well like another person who was reborn. Now she walks about 10-kilometre mountain road to the far villages every day and helps for the divine work of Meshiya-sama. We have received numerous great blessings, which are beyond description. We just sincerely depend on Meshiya-sama. Thank you very much, Mehsiya-sama. So, please use us for your divine work even a little.

Translated by N.H.