Thank-You Report #116

Reported by O.S. in Shimane on 27 February 1953

Thank you very much for your protection, Mehsiya-sama. Just a year ago, my husband had serious purification caused by toxic medicine. He continuously had pain in his stomach and vomited day after day. We single-mindedly prayed to Meshiya-sama. Now he has recovered and got healthy in a year. Looking back in the past, he was in terrible condition. Now I just stare at him healthy with joy. As for my husband, he looks in the mirror and strokes both cheeks. He found himself having got back the health and just shed tears with joy. Our neighbours as well as relatives were stunned at my husband’s recovery. No matter who we met, they were surprised and unable to believe that such a seriously ill patient completely recovered without medicine. My husband returned to work six months ago and never took the day off since then. Although he sometimes has a mild purification, he lives a cheerful life without any problem. In 1949, my husband was saved from a stomach ulcer and became a believer of the present Sekai-Mehsiya-kyo. A few years before when he had this serious purification in 1952, our child often had purification. Every time they had purification, however, they recovered by receiving Johrei from him. Since I worked as a dispatched nurse, I had no confidence from the beginning if I could follow exactly what Meshiya-kyo did. Since I saw my children recovering like that, I read Meshiya-sama’s teachings at least from that time. So, I think I understood a little the harm of medicine even though I was a stubborn former nurse who believed medicine was almighty. When he had serious purification this time, therefore, I could relatively calmly follow my husband’s firm faith and the guidance of people who worked for Mehisya-kyo. My husband put his life at risk and struggled in pain for about ten months. I impatiently waited for him to overcome such serious purification. When he got over the worst with hope and gratitude, I fully felt in my heart, no, in my whole body that he was saved because Meshiya-sama gave us his great love and power. I used to believe that medicine was almighty but now I am convinced that Johrei has almighty power. Because of my complete change, my husband was given a second chance to live and we became a happy family. From now on, I write as I remember how he has overcome the great purification caused by toxic medicine.

In the beginning, when he had purification, he writhed in pain and ended up getting out of breath. Continuous vomiting made him thin. He got so weak that he couldn’t ask me for help when I was even a little away from him. If I had been still my old self, I would have never left him like that. I would change colour and soon call for the doctor. He vomited a full of the washbasin first dozens of times. The vomit bubbled like cider. I was really surprised that it was as if baking soda was thrown into the washbasin. So, it was no doubt that he had purification caused by baking powder that he took before. Because of the vomit, the iron washbasin soon became tattered and had holes. We could no longer use it.

Followed by the purification caused by baking powder, he kept vomiting coffee-like things every day. It was Geranium thunbergii that he had taken before every day for six months. Whenever he vomited, he had cutting pain. It lasted six months. How horrible toxic medicine is! Thinking of it still makes me shiver. He had Geranium thunbergii only for six months. We never thought that he kept vomiting for the same months as he took it. Out of desperation, my husband said to the manager of Sekai-Meshiya-kyo, “How long do I vomit like that?” “Do I still have toxic medicine?” Every time he asked him, the manager said, “Be patient. You should vomit leisurely. Toxic medicine in your body decreases as much as you vomit. So, you have to vomit as long as you have toxic. Besides, I didn’t let you take it. It was you who took toxic medicine.” He laughed and encouraged my husband in various ways. It’s a pity. I should have measured the volume of his vomit. It could have helped something. I was very worried about him and just concentrated on Johrei and housework. He vomited various things. He once continuously vomited melted cancer sarcoma-like things with countless strawberry seed-like things. He also vomited melted sarcoma-like things and the residues of what he ate three days before. He never failed to vomit leaf-vegetable fibre. Surprisingly, toxic medicine didn’t come out of only the stomach. It also came out of the nostrils as runny nose and mouth as saliva.

I once dried his runny nose. It became white powder-like aspirin that shone like a crystal. I licked it. It tasted exactly like aspirin. Very sticky saliva persistently came out, too. He continuously had urine with white lees for many days. When he was getting a little better, he vomited with blood clots and string-like things. If the doctor saw such things, how would he think? If I was my old self, how would do with them? When my husband had black stool a little, I would soon make him take absolute rest because he bled. I would force him fast or give him liquid food. I would do such bothering things. Thanks to Meshiya-sama, I became full of gratitude rather than worried. I could think that his stomach cleaner and he became healthier every time he discharged blood clots and vomited. So, I was willing to change the washbasin for him with gratitude. No matter which thing came out such as blood or so, necessary things never came out but only unnecessary things did. I had learnt that from Mehsiya-sama’s teachings. I firmly believed it and took care of my husband. Countless white sticky things came out with his stool. Medically speaking, they are called mucous faeces which proved that he suffered from an intestine disease.

If we think that the disease leads to exacerbation of human health, it sounds hopeless. On the contrary, if we think it is a purification action, that a relief. How grateful Mehisya-sama’s teachings are! I cannot have the words to express my gratitude for them. If my husband had seen the doctor, I would have had to send so many telegrams that informed my husband’s critical condition. Worse still, he would have died. Since we depended on Meshiya-sama, I didn’t worry about his condition nor life even though his serious condition continued. However, it didn’t seem to be the case for others. My husband looked so seriously ill to his brothers that they talked to each other just in case of his death. Looking back, all things are precious experiences for me. Everyone tried to do their best at that time. However, I could hardly endure the conflict between us and others who didn’t believe in this faith. Now we have overcome everything safely, which owed the divine virtue of Meshiya-sama. Thank you very much. I also express my deepest gratitude for the guidance of people who work for Sekai-Meshiya-kyo. From now on, my husband and I try hard to work single-mindedly for the divine work and would like to return Meshiya-sama’s favour even a little. Thank you very much again, Meshiya-sama. I beg you our protection as ever.

Translated by N.H.