False Health and True Health

As I described in detail so far, you would comprehend that disease is the condition that purification action occurs and medical science has misunderstood the disease is cured by stopping this action. I furthermore thoroughly describe this.

Material Medicine and Religious Medicine

Creation of Civilization Religion Part Written by Mokichi Okada in 1952 I described so far how wrong modern or material medicine is and how penetrating the theory of religious medicine is. When reading through it, everyone would probably understand it unless they are captured in the existing medicine. The original purpose of medical science is to cure human disease completely and make humans truly healthy. If that is the case, it should be realised. Needless to say, when a person is released from worrying about diseases forever, they truly have a healthy body. If the number of such a person increases, the ideal world without disease comes true.

Medical Science for Puppets

Until now, I have pointed out all the faults of modern medical science. Here I explain the most important point. That is medical science treats human beings as puppets.

Various Aspects of Toxic Medicine

You would fully understand that all diseases are caused by toxic medicine. Even if we say simply toxic medicine, there are quite a few types of them. Needless to say, there are naturally a variety of symptoms which are caused by them. Then I explain them in detail.


It is said that medical science has made great progress in recent years and the advancement of surgery is especially boasted. From my point of view, however, nothing is much more wrong than this. Needless to think, the advancement of surgery means that medical science has not progressed. You might wonder why I say so. Surgery means, needless to say, the treatment of removing the function affected by the disease. It means that the disease itself cannot be removed by surgery. In short, the disease and the function affected by the disease are deeply related but essentially different. Therefore, the true medical art should remove only the disease but leave […]

General Remarks

I have already explained the details of diseases directly until now. Therefore, you would understand what the true cause of diseases is and how the present medical science does wrong things. However, there are still various points you should know. Then I would like to investigate and dissect the entity of medical science from every angle. Translated by N.H.

Main Disease: (11) Children’s Diseases

When we simply say children’s diseases, you know that there are many types of them. Most of them suddenly occur and a baby, who hasn’t begun to understand things yet, just keeps crying. One’s mother cannot understand what’s going on with her baby and she is in trouble. Then I will describe diseases related to new bone babies first. A newborn baby often has green or foamy faeces. This symptom is called indigestion but it should be rather called purification. It is because breast milk is mixed with toxins in one’s mother’s body, which comes out through the baby. This is very fine. Therefore, when the baby has such faeces, […]

Main Disease: (10) Female Diseases

When I simply say female diseases, there are many types of them as everyone knows but uterine diseases would be the most common. The main functions of the uterus are menstruation and pregnancy. As for the diseases related to menstruation, they are firstly menstrual pain and irregularity. The former causes some pain for a day or a few days during menstruation. It is because the beginning of a fallopian tube is not wide enough when menstrual blood passes through it. Consequently, the fallopian tube has to expand, which causes pain. Then why does it become narrow? It is because there are solidified toxins around where a fallopian tube exists in […]

Main Disease: (9) Lower Body Diseases and Haemorrhoidal Diseases

Since I’ve already described the diseases of the upper body, I move on to the diseases of the lower body now. The most common disease of them would be haemorrhoidal disease. Their cause is clear. That is the toxins, which are accumulated in the parts of the body and solidified, gradually melt and try to come out of the most convenient part of the body, or the anus. In a word, it works as an excretory opening for filth as well as faeces. God made us very well indeed.

Main Disease: (8) Oral Diseases and Others

Now I describe oral diseases and then start with dental diseases. The strength of teeth is in direct proportion to the general health of human beings. Therefore, modern people’s teeth are weak as they are in poor health. Then, why do they become weak? It is because toxic medicine is accumulated in their bodies. We cannot also ignore the bad influence of disinfection when dentures are put in or toxic medicine is used to fix a cavity. Since disinfection is regarded to be essential for fixing a cavity, dentists use disinfectant when filling the cavity with cement. However, it causes a completely reverse effect.