Various Aspects of Toxic Medicine

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Written by Mokichi Okada in 1952

You would fully understand that all diseases are caused by toxic medicine. Even if we say simply toxic medicine, there are quite a few types of them. Needless to say, there are naturally a variety of symptoms which are caused by them. Then I explain them in detail.

I describe western-style medicine first. They also have various types such as medicine for internal use, injections, disinfectants, ointments and so on. Then I explain medicine for internal use. It has been used the most since a long time ago and has thousands or countless types. Here, you would realize that it doesn’t make sense. It is because, no matter what sort of disease is caused, the root cause is all the same though the name of the disease defers depending on where it is caused. Therefore, we should have only one medicine to work. However, there are various types of medicine existing as I mentioned. It means there is no medicine to work truly.

If medicine for internal use is too strong, it causes a rough mouth, poisoning or so. Therefore, it is said to be made thin. Even if it is less toxic, a considerable amount of medicine would be taken when continuously having it a few times in a day and for several, dozens or hundreds of days. The interesting thing is that all kinds of western-style medicine intensely cause pain such as sharp pain, itchiness, high fever, paralysis and so on, whereas Chinese-style medicine slowly causes pain such as dull pain, dull and heaviness, slight fever and so on. You also find there are various new medicines such as castor oil for children’s dysentery, cascara tablets for constipation and so on. They are supposed to work for a while but eventually complicate the disease. When a person takes laxatives, they become more constipated as they weaken the bodily function of processing excrement. Then one takes a laxative again and one becomes more constipated and likewise. It becomes a game of cat and mouse and the person eventually suffers from chronic constipation. Worse still, the toxin accumulates even little by little, which possibly causes another disease. In this case, kidney disease is often caused. To clean the intestine, a laxative is taken. This is such a nonsense story. Since the intestine cleans well itself, such an unnecessary thing disturbs the intestine’s function. It must be not good. Needless to say, the intestine discharge filthy and unnecessary things as diarrhoea when they accumulate. From my long experience, disease such as children’s dysentery is cured better without taking castor oil. Here I would like you to notice that an enema is very bad. It disturbs the intestine’s activity as well as a laxative does. You would see that the filth called faeces naturally comes out of the anus when it accumulates. It is such anti-natural action that faeces are discharged by an external force. Needless to think, it must be bad. The enema is also often used to lower one’s temperature. People do so because they don’t know that fever is not related to faeces at all. I have taken care of a certain patient before. He was three years old and got a potbelly. When I asked for the detail, I was told that he had been continuously given an enema soon after his birth. It gradually got accustomed and he was constipated without enemas. Knowing it was wrong to do so, it could not be stopped because he was in great pain without it. I was disgusted by such ignorance of medical science. In medical science, constipation is often said to cause autointoxication. It is also nonsense. It might think toxic faeces go all over the body when they accumulate. It is rather funny. The faeces never exude from the colon no matter how they accumulate. The more they accumulate, the harder they become. Therefore, they never harm one’s health no matter how they accumulate. From my experience, those who have one or two-month constipation are common. Furthermore, someone had six-month constipation but it was nothing wrong. I also have read the article in a certain women’s magazine. It said there was a person who had two-year constipation but there was nothing wrong with one. From these facts, you don’t have to worry about constipation.

I have already described medicine for a cold, tuberculosis, stomach intestine and so on. Other than these, there are various medications such as sedatives for the brain, eye drops, gargling medicine, diuretics, antidotes, warming medicine, tonic, hematopoietic, cold prevention medicine, cough medicine, a painkiller and so on, but nothing can cure diseases. They would rather become the cause of diseases. I will explain various cases of them. The medicine for headaches such as painkiller seems to work for a while but eventually becomes addictive. Then the remaining toxins accumulate without noticing, which causes various diseases. As for eye drops, they are the worst. For example, when a person has a leucoma in one’s eye, it is hardened by eye drops. Consequently, it hardly becomes better. General people don’t know but eye drops also cause trachoma. It depends on what kinds of eye drops are used, but toxic medicine penetrates an ocular-mucous membrane and comes out as a rash as time passes. So please notice it. If someone doesn’t feel sad but the tears always come into one’s eyes, it is eye drops that changed into tears as time passes. When all of them come out, it is naturally cured. In medical science, it is said to be caused by tear sac failure. Nothing could be further from the truth. It is very well that a person has eye mucus. It is because toxins in the forehead or the back of the eyes are discharged as eye mucus by purification. More than anything, when eye mucus starts to come out, all eye diseases are surely cured. Then I describe medicine for the nose. Cocaine addiction is the most terrible disease of all. Some people have accustomed to sniffing cocaine. They cannot stop it as they temporarily have an exhilarating feeling. However, it affects the brain for a long time and not a few people, especially celebrities, die when they are young. Then I move to describe gargle medicine. It contains very thin toxins. If using it frequently, however, it penetrates the mucous membrane of the mouth. When it is discharged as toxins, the membrane or the tongue becomes rough, catarrh is caused, small swellings are formed, and so on. Therefore, you would better not use this medicine. Especially for entertainers who frequently use their throat, gargling medicine is the worst to use. The same is true of general liquid medicine. It also penetrates the mucous membrane for a long time. Since this medicine is stronger than gargle medicine, it is malignant. You might be surprised but tongue cancer is caused by this medicine. Nevertheless, medicine is used to try to cure diseases in medical science. It means extra diseases are added. Medicated toothpaste also weakens teeth very much.

I explain ointment next. It is not to be trifled because its toxins penetrate the skin and often cause various diseases. I had the following patient before. He first had a rash on a part of his body. Then he went to see a doctor. The doctor diagnosed it with malignant eczema and applied strong ointment. It gradually spread and covered all over his body in a few years. At that time, he was given medical treatment at a famous hospital but he was finally given up by the doctor. Then he visited me. When I saw him for the first time, I was surprised. His whole body was purple. Some rash collapsed and liquid came out. He said that the pain to relieve an itch was more severe than the itchiness itself and could hardly sleep. Even I didn’t think he would recover and I turned down his offer. Then he died one or two months after I met him.

Here is another case to note. A patient, who had shoulder and back pain, always applied famous plasters. He had applied them for a long time so that they left marks on his whole back, which looked like a geometric pattern. He tried to wash them out but he couldn’t. Since the toxic medicine of plasters penetrated his skin, it became as if his skin was dyed with it. Worse still, he constantly felt pain very much. It was supposed to be very toxic so I did do my best and it took about a year to cure almost all of it. From this experience, we should not underestimate plasters even if we think they are just such things.

Here is also the other case that people have not realised at all. That is about the famous “Jintan”. Its addiction is pretty bad. I learned it from many patients. When a person always takes “Jintan”, it makes the digestive function weak, the face pale and the person easily becomes sick. It is the milder case of drug addiction that becomes a problem today. Here I describe medicine which should be called the king of addiction. It is “606” or Salvarsan for syphilis. Since it is produced from arsenic, it is highly poisonous to kill people by taking only an earpick amount of it. Therefore, it firmly stops purification so that it works for the syphilis rash. Because the rash is come out of the skin by purification, it is set back soon after the Salvarsan injection is done. A patient once has no rash but it is not a fundamental cure. As medical science does, Salvarsan should be used with other treatments together as it only temporarily works for syphilis. Concerning Salvarsan, I made a great discovery. That is Salvarsan easily goes up to the head. When it goes up, it surprisingly often causes a mental disorder. On the other hand, doctors think not Salvarsan but syphilis going up to the brain. The truth is, however, it is Salvarsan that affects the brain. Even specialists should understand when they thoroughly research this matter based on this theory.

Then I describe the false of general injections. Even injections temporarily stop purification and work only for a certain period. It is all right if there are no side effects but the truth is the remaining toxins of them cause other diseases. It is troublesome. Preventive injections for infectious diseases are recently given with effort. I am sorry but it is inevitable as the root cause of infectious diseases is not found at all and there is no treatment for them. Even so, the expected effect is hardly obtained. On the other hand, syphilis and infectious diseases are also very easily cured by performing Johrei. When it becomes widely known, there will be no preventive injections needed at all. That would be a great help. Now I describe the adverse effect of preventive injections. When this injection is given, the first bad influence of its toxic medicine most clearly appears as a small swelling, which forms below the knees. When leaving it as it is, it grows to a certain degree and naturally has a hole. Then the medicine of injection comes out as pus and it is cured. Without realizing this, an ointment is applied or an incision is made in medical science. As a result, the symptom lasts long, or worse still, some injections cause gangrene or whitlow. In the worst case, it sometimes happens that a finger must be cut. If a person is further unlucky, one is often in mortal danger from the injection. I had such a patient before, who was an about forty-year-old housewife. The toxic medicine in her body went down to her ankle and became swollen. It was cut under medical treatment and hardly healed. Then it got worse with severe pain and spread out. The doctor said he couldn’t do anything but cut between her knee and ankle. While she was hesitating, she heard about me and then visited me. Why did her condition get so worse? It is because disinfectant was applied after the incision.

Here I explain disinfectant. It is the worst toxic medicine. Disinfectant originally has very strong sterilizing power and easily becomes addictive. If surgery is undergone, its toxins directly penetrate muscles. It affects a lot and causes various diseases. I would like doctors to compare this theory to the facts.

As an example I explained above, I vividly remember one thing. It is about a seven or eight-year-old girl. She suffers from a rare disease and I visited her house. At first glance at her, I was astonished. She had a hen’s egg-sized missing from the right side of her lips to her cheek. We saw her gums through the missing. Because of it, she could certainly not eat but managed to live with just a little milk pouring into her throat. I was again surprised to hear why she became like that. She first had a small red bean-sized swelling formed around her mouse. When visiting a doctor, she was diagnosed with a malignant tumour called noma. The doctor said there was no way but to burn it off with strong medicine. Then the doctor did it. Soon after that, she had such missing burnt off in a weak. I thought it was not disinfectant but such strong medicine to be used. I could do nothing for her. I turned down her and went home. She died about one month after I met her. It makes us critically think.

Whether injection medicine or disinfectant, their weights vary from heavy to light. When it is heavy, it goes down. The heaviest medicine goes down from the knee to the sole and then solidifies there. In this case, the sole hurts and a person can hardly walk. Some medicine goes down below the knees and makes them numb, which is sometimes misdiagnosed with beriberi. Toxic medicine also causes neuralgia and rheumatism. Therefore, I would primarily like specialists to know how terrible toxic medicine is. Only if they knew it, the welfare given to mankind would be immense.

Translated by  N.H.