Medical Science for Puppets

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Written by Mokichi Okada in 1952

Until now, I have pointed out all the faults of modern medical science. Here I explain the most important point. That is medical science treats human beings as puppets. As you know, there are many kinds of subjects in medical science, which are divided into specialized fields such as internal medicine, surgery, neurology, urology, dermatology, gynaecology, paediatrics, ophthalmology, otorhinolaryngology, dentistry. As for internal medicine, for example, it is further subdivided into diseases such as tuberculosis, gastrointestinal disorder, heart disease and so on. On the other hand, there is a so-called basic medical science. In this field, researchers devote themselves to academic study all their lives. They concentrate on looking through a microscope while experimenting with such a guinea pig or mouse every day. They are widely known as Doctors of guinea pigs. Another field is called clinical medicine. Some doctors take patients’ pulses directly all year round. As for so-called preventive medicine, doctors throw themselves into social and individual hygiene including infectious disease prevention. Then, there are various types of medical treatment. They are surgery, electrotherapy and massage as well as medicines for internal use and injections. Along with them, there are phototherapy, physiotherapy, psychotherapy and so on. Then others are oriental medicine, various folk remedies, charm and religious prayers. As I roughly listed above, there are surprisingly complex and a wide variety of treatments. Why did it turn out like this? It is because there was no true treatment to cure diseases. If there had been a treatment that truly cured disease, it would have cured every single disease.

Then I explain the wrongest thing that medical science does. That is to regard human beings as puppets. First of all, the human body is comprehensively formed, which means it is not assembled by body parts of arms, legs and five body elements. Therefore, if the disease develops in a certain part of the body, not only that part but also the other parts are affected. For example, when arms and legs are something wrong, their cause comes not only from them but also another part or part A. Then part A moves to part B and appears in part C. In this way, they are related forever. Suppose someone has weak teeth, it is because one’s whole body is weak. Therefore, it is impossible to make only one’s teeth strong while one’s body is still weak. When a woman suffers from tuberculosis and her condition gets worse, she never fails to become amenorrhea. It is because she suffers from anaemia due to tuberculosis. If a person has a weak intestine, they must have a weak stomach. If a person has a weak stomach, they must have weak lungs. If a person has weak lungs, they must have a weak heart. In this way, they interactively work forever. I give you a good example that you can easily comprehend. I compare a human being to a nation. If the government policies of the nation are poor, all the people are badly affected. In the same way, a heart as the central government of the human body is something wrong, the whole body is affected. The nation goes into recession and is short of funds and a shortage of supplies, which means the body has poor nutrition and suffers from anaemia. Even if something simply hurts, it stimulates the brain and affects the heart. Consequently, it affects the stomach which causes loss of appetite. Then the intestine becomes weak which causes constipation, tired feeling and so on. It finally affects the body. The following explanation makes it clear. If a person has only lung disease when a person suffers from pneumonia, only one’s lungs should be affected and get a fever. It means one’s other parts of the body should not be affected. However, the truth is the whole body gets a fever and the pain spread over the whole body.


Then I give you some examples.


(1) A twenty-year-old woman who had a severe toothache. I performed Johrei on her and the pain soon disappeared. However, she visited me the day after that. She told me she had pain again. The ordinal toothache must be cured by Johrei at once. I thought the cause of her pain must come from the other part and pressed down from just below the tooth in order. I found a solid substance in her chest. When pressed, she felt pain. Then I dissolved it by Johrei. The pain soon disappeared. She, however, came to see me again the day after that. She told me she had still pain. I wondered why and pressed further down in order. Then she said she felt pain very much around the appendix. I performed Johrei towards there. The pain had completely disappeared. She told me that she had had an operation on her appendix before. I found from this experience that the disinfectants for the operation had solidified. Then purification occurred and they were about to come out of the gum through the chest, which caused pain. When you read this, you can hardly imagine that the cause of toothache comes from the appendix.


(2) A man in his early twenties who suffered from tuberculosis in the third stage. He frequently coughed and had phlegm. I performed Johrei towards his head, neck, shoulders and so on as usual but it didn’t work very well. Then I thoroughly examined him and surprisingly found hard lumps in the groins of his leg joints. They had a considerable fever and he felt very much pain when pressing them. I thought they were the root cause of his symptom. Then I performed Johrei there and he completely recovered in about a month. At that time, I told him while laughing that his lungs were in his crotch. Then I give you extra information about this. When I told his story to a certain medical doctor, he was puzzled. Then I said, “I try to examine your crotch.” I let him lie on his back and pressed there. I found hard lumps and they had a slight fever. Soon after I performed Johrei there, he coughed and had phlegm. He was so stunned that he had no other word for it but strange. He is still working as a professor for a certain university.


(3) A middle-aged man who suffered from a gallstone. I examined the backside of the right kidney. There was a large solid substance and that was thought to be the cause. When I dissolved it by Johrei several times, it was just cured.


(4) A person who suffers from prolapse or haemorrhoid. When examining one’s crotch, there must be a hard lump. When it is dissolved by Johrei, it is healed. From this experience, I found their causes are in the crotch. On the other hand, haemorrhoidal bleeding and dysentery are caused by toxic blood in the head which melts and goes down. When you perform Johrei on a patient’s head, one is cured and feels light in one’s head. More than anything, you would understand well by this.


(5) A person who has a headache, head dullness or poor concentration. One must have a hard lump on the left or right side of the cervical lymph node or around the medulla oblongata. It also has a fever. When it melts, it is soon healed.


(6) A person who has an eye disease. One must have a hard lump mainly around the medulla oblongata and from the neck to the shoulder, or have a fever on the forehead. The slight eye diseases are cured by only performing Johrei there. I would say that most eye diseases without operation are cured by Johrei as I have completely cured so many blind people until today. Eye diseases such as short-sightedness and astigmatism never miss being cured when a hard lump around the medulla oblongata is dissolved.


(7) A person who suffers from appendicitis. There must be a hard lump on the right side of the kidney. When you perform Johrei there, it is cured. As for the diseases related to the stomach and intestine, the causes of them are on the backside. When you just perform Johrei there, they are cured very well. If a person feels acute pain such as stomach cramps, all the pain is not relieved when performing Johrei towards the front side. When done toward the backside, it is completely cured.


(8) A person who suffers from a whitlow. This is remarkable. When you perform Johrei only to the affected part, all the pain is not relieved. Please look at the neck. There must be a hard lump. When you perform Johrei there, the whitlow is cured very much.


As I described above, you would see that disease is the symptom that appeared on the surface and its cause is in an unexpected part. Since medical science doesn’t realise this truth, it regards that the disease is cured when its symptom just heals. Therefore, it is not true medical art. It has no awareness that a human being is perfectly and comprehensively formed. As you know, different treatments are needed depending on diseases and many types of medicine. More than anything, this shows that medical science is not true. If it were true medicine, all kinds of diseases should be cured by only one method. As I previously explained, the disease is originally caused by toxins which become one single type. They accumulate and solidify in each part of the body. The types of disease mean the types of parts where toxins accumulate and solidify in a manner. When this is comprehended, the progress of medical science is not needed anymore. Since progress means the process of completing an incomplete thing. Concerning only this fact, you would see that modern medical science has not yet found the fundamental things. In this sense, what we have thought something progressed is, in fact, only progressed on its surface. Consequently, the most important thing or disease has not been solved yet. We only go back to the same place.


Translated by N.H.