Main Disease: (11) Children’s Diseases

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Written by Mokichi Okada in 1952

When we simply say children’s diseases, you know that there are many types of them. Most of them suddenly occur and a baby, who hasn’t begun to understand things yet, just keeps crying. One’s mother cannot understand what’s going on with her baby and she is in trouble. Then I will describe diseases related to new bone babies first. A newborn baby often has green or foamy faeces. This symptom is called indigestion but it should be rather called purification. It is because breast milk is mixed with toxins in one’s mother’s body, which comes out through the baby. This is very fine. Therefore, when the baby has such faeces, you should leave them. The baby will be surely cured after such faeces completely come out. However, its cause is unknown in medical science. It is called infantile beriberi or so instead, and medicine is provided for its remedy. Consequently, the baby becomes weak or has poor growth, which causes the baby to become a physically weak or delicate child in the future. When growing up, one is prone to tuberculosis. Therefore, such a fallacy greatly affects the increase in tuberculosis patients.

Soon after birth, a baby is vaccinated, inoculated or injected for nutrition. They are also terribly bad. The baby doesn’t have enough physical strength for injections. They can’t be injected. Those injections are highly possible to become the cause of one’s poor growth. The baby might not hold up one’s head even after becoming one year old, can hardly start to walk and has less than normal intelligence. All of them are caused by such injections. I do expect that doctors continue further research on them. It might sometimes happen that a one or two-month-old baby vomits blood. A doctor diagnoses one with a gastric ulcer or so. That is ridiculous. Gastric ulcer is caused by taking digestive medicine continuously. The truth is that the baby vomits the mother’s old blood which was ingested before or after childbirth. After vomiting it, the baby gains an appetite.

When a baby has grown a little more, one would be prone to whooping cough, diphtheria, meningitis, measles, Japanese encephalitis, scarlet fever, children’s dysentery, infantile paralysis and so forth. I will explain these symptoms in order. As for whooping cough, it is caused when a baby ingested one’s mother’s lochia before birth. The lochia is once absorbed and accumulated in the baby’s body and excreted by purification as time passes. Whooping cough is distinguished by the symptom of foaming at the mouth along with severe coughing. It is characterised by the breathing sound when coughing. Whooping cough literally means one hundred day cough in Japanese. As this name implies, it takes about one hundred days to discharge all of this foam. If the baby receives Johrei soon after suffering from this disease, it takes about three weeks to cure. In the case of the heaviest time of the disease, it takes about one week. The vital points to receive Johrei would be firstly the chest, secondly the back and thirdly the gastric region. The foam must be accumulated on those parts. This disease is often complicated by pneumonia as people try to stop the baby from coughing. The dissolved foam once enters the lung and then is discharged from the lung. This is the order. Nevertheless, people try to stop the baby from coughing. Consequently, the foam is not discharged, accumulated and solidified in the lung instead. To discharge this solidified foam in the lung, the baby has a high fever. This symptom is called pneumonia. In a word, this wrong treatment causes pneumonia, even though the baby should only suffer from whooping cough.

The next disease is diphtheria. It causes catarrh in the throat, where swelling forms, and causes difficulty breathing and suffocating in the end. What a terrible disease it is! A child has clinical or preventive injection in medical science. They temporarily stop purification. They might be quite effective in some way but seem to be very poisonous. They easily cause malignant diseases. Worse still, they make the disease become hardly recovered and the disease consequently becomes life-threatening. As for us, this disease is thought to be very easily cured. When we perform Johrei, it takes ten minutes at the earliest or thirty to forty minutes at the latest to cure diphtheria. That is miraculous. Furthermore, there are no side effects of toxic medicines. What a relief it is! Diphtheria is often caused for spiritual reasons so that I will explain it later.

Then I move to meningitis. When a child suffers from meningitis, one has a high fever like fire on one’s forehead. Besides, one has a splitting headache and feels dazzling and dizzy so that one cannot open eyes. When a child has such symptoms, you can easily find one must suffer from meningitis. It is caused when a child, who has lots of toxins in the body, uses one’s head as one is reaching the age of discretion. Then the toxins concentrate in a certain part of the head or the forehead. When a child goes to school, it more often happens. Many children actually suffer from meningitis at that time and here is a problem we cannot overlook. That is why people try to cool the head as much as possible to reduce fever. Cooling the head solidifies toxins which are about to be dissolved, and disturbs the brain activity. Therefore, the child becomes dull or disabled. This is the reason why people particularly fear meningitis. When the child receives Johrei, however, toxins are dissolved and discharged as a lot of pus from one’s eyes and nose. It means that Johrei cleans the brain and the child becomes smarter than before. There is no exception that school grades become excellent. Therefore, if only they stop cooling the head, how much it would help children. I always hope so.

As you know, measles is one of the most common diseases. There would be no one who has never suffered from measles. It occurs to excrete toxic blood inherited from parents. Therefore, we should rather not call it a disease as it is grateful. However, people blindly fear it and authorities give their best to prevent it. What a waste of time! For this reason, measles will be steadily cured if it is left as it is without any treatments. Nevertheless, they do extra work. As a result, measles contrarily becomes incurable or life-threatening. There is one thing you must not do for measles. That is you don’t expose a patient to the wind, for example, not letting one go out. It is because the air stops the toxins of measles from coming out of the skin. As an old saying goes, “Don’t expose to the air but sleep under the duvet.” That is truly said. The air stops forming rash, and as a result, toxins remind in the body. It might cause other diseases. You should notice it.

As you know, a child who suffers from measles might be complicated by pneumonia. It frequently happens. It is because one is provided with the wrong treatments such as a cooling method or so. Consequently, the rash doesn’t come out, penetrates and forms inside of whole alveoli instead. As a result, the area of the lung is reduced, which causes frequent breathing. For this reason, phlegm is unexpectedly less discharged. When a child suffers from such pneumonia, you should also leave it without worrying about it. Then, it will be cured in a few days. After curing of measles, the child might have otitis media or one’s eyesight might get worse. It is because the toxin didn’t completely come out. Therefore the rest of them is once solidified in the ears or eyes and then melted by high fever to discharge from them. When you leave it, it will be cured although it might take time.

Then I explain Japanese encephalitis. The cause of this disease is also simply toxins that children have. When a child is exposed to a burning sun in summer, the sunlight stimulates one’s head and toxins, which are accumulated all over one’s back, concentrate on the back of one’s head. In this process, toxins are once accumulated in the medulla oblongata and dissolved by heat. Then the dissolved toxins penetrate the back of the head, which makes the child feel sleepy. There are also other minor symptoms. As well as meningitis, the dissolved toxins are discharged as bloody pus from one’s eyes and nose. Then Japanese encephalitis is cured. When a child suffers from Japanese encephalitis, the lump of toxins like a stick immediately forms in the medulla oblongata. No matter how much toxins are dissolved, they concentrate there one after another. When you perform Johrei, therefore, you do it every twenty to thirty minutes as many times as possible. When the symptom gets through the worst of it, bloody pus starts to come out of the eyes or nose. This is the first step in curing the disease. Then a surprisingly large amount of bloody pus comes out and Japanese encephalitis is cured. It would take a few days. As I described above, you don’t have to worry about Japanese encephalitis at all. On the contrary, medical science blindly fears its infection as they can neither find its cause nor know how to discharge toxins. As well as meningitis, the cooling method is the worst thing to do for it. If doing so, the disease becomes prolonged, life-threatening or disabled even though it is cured. Medical science recently says that Japanese encephalitis occurs through mosquito transmission. I doubt it but it doesn’t matter what they say as the disease is easily cured by Johrei.

Scarlet fever is also easily cured. It is caused by inherited toxic blood in the body which is about to come out of the skin. The affected skin once becomes bright red and has a fine rash. If the symptom is severe, the rash appears on the whole body, but usually on the part or half of the body. When you leave it as it is, the disease will be cured. However, a patient is given medical treatment such as a cooling method or so. Consequently, the disease becomes prolonged or life-threatening. When the patient is recovering, toxins exuded through capillaries get dry and become fine scabs, which are said to be highly infective and feared very much. However, it is not a problem as it will be completely cured by Johrei in a few days to about one week.

Children’s dysentery is relatively common and the most feared disease as it has a high mortality rate. Its distinctive symptom is frequent yawning from the beginning. If a child has no appetite, looks exhausted, feels asleep and so on, one is supposed to suffer from children’s dysentery. It is caused by toxins in the upper part of the body. Most of them are concentrated in the stomach by purification, which reflects on the brain and easily causes encephalitis. Therefore, doctors do fear this disease. By performing Johrei, however, it will be easily cured. It will take one or two days to be completely cured.

The number of patients with infantile paralysis is recently increased so that authorities designate it as a legal infectious disease. As you know, this disease is more common in the U.S.A than in Japan. The causes of infantile paralysis are divided into two types; the spiritual and physical cause. Generally speaking, it rarely occurs spiritually. Most infantile paralysis occurs for a physical reason. In a sense, it is suspected infantile paralysis and surely cured. The symptoms of infantile paralysis are such as walking difficulty, no strength in one hand, unable to move the lower back and so on. The most common symptom of them would be walking difficulty.

It is caused by toxic medicine which is inherited and taken after birth. Either of the toxins accumulates and solidifies in the part of the foot. When the affected part is poked or moved, it hurts. A sole would be most often affected. You can easily find the affected part if you press the whole hands and feet in order. There must be a part which hurts. Then you perform Johrei there, infantile paralysis will be getting better and better. Since none of the toxins is removed by medical treatment, a variety of treatments is given for one’s excuse. Those are a kind of self-satisfaction and no one will be cured. Therefore infantile paralysis is regarded to be one of the most dreadful diseases in the world.

As for spiritually caused infantile paralysis, it is a genuine one. Its cause has deep meaning and I will describe it in detail in the part on Spiritual Diseases. As I explained above, I intended to describe most of the diseases related to children. Then I describe a few additional things to know.

When a baby is born, one has mercury injection in one’s eye to prevent gonorrhoea, or often has Macnin from a long time ago. Since they are foreign substances, you should not give them. The baby should have breast milk as much as possible. You may give cow milk or powdered milk if the mother cannot have enough breast milk to give. In this case, however, something is wrong with her. The toxins in her body must press the mammary gland, or toxins around the stomach must press it, which consequently becomes shrunken. Therefore, the stomach can only accept the meal for the mother. The meal for her baby to produce milk is not accepted. These two are the causes that the mother has insufficient breast milk for the baby. However, both of them are promptly recovered by Johrei. As I previously explained, when a baby has unusual faeces, one is diagnosed with infantile beriberi. Then the mother is stopped to give breast milk to the baby. It is wrong. Since the breast milk is mixed with toxins in one’s mother’s body, which comes out through the baby. This is rather fine. When a baby has a fever, it is for wisdom fever or teething. They are not the case and no problem as purification action requires fever. Then a mother should not give breast milk after the baby becomes one year old but some mothers do. If doing so, the baby becomes weak somehow. Please notice it. A baby often has a cold or fever due to tonsillitis or so. These symptoms are caused by purification and, therefore, very well. The more often purification occurs, the better the baby becomes. People are afraid that a baby catches a chill during the night. It sounds rather funny. This is supposed to be said so as the cause of symptoms such as diarrhoea is uncertain. I have six children who never have had a belly band for more than ten years but none of them becomes bad in health at present. As for me, I have had no belly band for more than thirty years, I have no trouble even now.

Translated by N.H.