Main Disease: (10) Female Diseases

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Written by Mokichi Okada in 1952

When I simply say female diseases, there are many types of them as everyone knows but uterine diseases would be the most common. The main functions of the uterus are menstruation and pregnancy. As for the diseases related to menstruation, they are firstly menstrual pain and irregularity. The former causes some pain for a day or a few days during menstruation. It is because the beginning of a fallopian tube is not wide enough when menstrual blood passes through it. Consequently, the fallopian tube has to expand, which causes pain. Then why does it become narrow? It is because there are solidified toxins around where a fallopian tube exists in the lower abdomen and they press it. Therefore, when those toxins are melted and discharged, menstrual pain will be easily cured. Since medical science certainly cannot help it at all, many women have suffered from period pains for a long time. I do feel very sorry for them.

When I also simply say menstrual irregularity, there are some types. They are delayed and irregular menstruation, and heavy and light menstrual bleeding. Most of them are caused by anaemia and impure blood. When a person truly becomes healthy, she will be steadily and surely cured. Here I must tell you the relation between tuberculosis and menstrual disorder. While tuberculosis patients have a period, as usual, the symptom is mild and there is no need to worry. As the disease gets worse, however, they become anaemic. Then the amount of menstruation is reduced and the period tends to be delayed. In the end, they have no period without exception. Therefore, to know whether a woman suffers from tuberculosis tolerantly or not, you just ask her if her menstruation is normal or not. That would be the most reliable way. I also explain another thing related to tuberculosis. By the time a patient becomes severely ill and nearly has no menstruation, she is losing her pubic hair. Some patients have lost all of it in the end.

Now I move to the subject of pregnancy. For women, it is not a disease but rather a sign of their health. Nevertheless, nowadays most of the women who become pregnant are fear or worried rather than glad about it. It is no wonder in a certain way as they are prone to various troubles and diseases while they are pregnant. Most of them are sure to suffer from morning sickness. If they are suffering from tuberculosis or Basedow’s disease or so, gynaecologists think they are in danger and terminate their pregnancies. Some women might have difficult childbirth, too. Therefore, there would be no pregnant women who can be truly relieved. Considering these troubles as above, they occur irregularly indeed. In old days, they were probably rare cases. We cannot find such cases in the documents or so. That is just the opposite result of the advancement in medical science. It doesn’t make sense but it is the blind spot of medical science. This opposite result is caused by the medicine. The more a pregnant woman has had medicine, the more she has troubles. Worse still, it affects not only herself but also her newborn baby. She might also give birth prematurely, or have a stillbirth. In recent years, many children are weak or underdeveloped. They are affected by the medicine their mother had. A woman has pregnant and gives birth, which is a great role given to her by rights. It is natural that everything is going well and she safely gives birth. Therefore, there must be no failure happening at all. If troubles occur, there must be something wrong. The only thing you have to do is to notice and revise the wrong thing. Now I will thoroughly explain this.

When a woman becomes pregnant, she suffers from morning sickness. It would be the biggest worry for her. I don’t think I need to explain it since everyone knows it, but we should not ignore it. It is because it will be harmful to her life if she has severe morning sickness. Medical science has not found the cause of morning sickness, too. However, it causes for a very simple reason. It is obstacles that disturb uterine expansion. They solidify toxins accumulated in the part from the navel to the stomach. When the uterine expands, the toxins start to be excreted which causes morning sickness. They are excreted by frequent vomiting. These toxins are divided into two types; inherited toxins and toxic medicine. When all toxins are excreted, morning sickness will be completely cured. However, medical science cannot find the cause. Even if it finds the cause, it has no way to excrete them. Therefore, it has no choice but to do something for comfort or terminate a pregnancy.

Other than morning sickness, a pregnant woman often suffers from kidney disease, which causes swelling. As medical science also explains, this is a kidney disorder or nephrosclerosis. As I previously explained, a person regularly has solidified toxins on the backside of the kidney and it presses the kidney. When she becomes pregnant, the kidney is also pressed from the front. It is as if the kidney is attacked on both sides. As a result, it becomes atrophied and cannot process all urine. Then unprocessed urine leaks out, which causes the swelling. Therefore, when toxins accumulated in the backside are dissolved by performing Johrei, the burden on the kidney is reduced and the swelling will be cured. However, medical science cannot do anything but terminate the pregnancy. The life of a mother cannot be replaced when her symptom is very serious. Therefore, a precious unborn baby is sacrificed. What a pitiful story it is! Worse still, it happens when a person is about eight or nine months pregnant. The parents feel overcome with sorrow even more.

Here I explain how medical science considers pregnancy. As I previously described, if a pregnant woman is suffering from tuberculosis or Basedow’s disease or so, she is thought to be in danger and she has to have an abortion. That is very much wrong. A woman becomes pregnant as she has enough physical strength to give birth safely. In a word, she can become a mother. If she doesn’t, she will never become pregnant. Since the idea of medical science is based on the materialistic view, it ignores the divine nature that human beings originally have and equates them with animals. It is wrong. This is not a theory. I have had pregnant women give birth safely only by performing Johrei, no matter what kind of chronic diseases they have. At that time, they were suffering from such diseases as I described above but I never failed for them to give birth. From this experience of mine, I think the idea of medical science should be changed.

Now I describe other female diseases individually. Among them, the most common disease is related to the uterus. To begin with, it is endometritis, which causes catarrh on the inner wall of the uterus. In a word, toxins go down and then they are excreted from the inner wall of the uterus. They are like eczema. They also stimulate the mucous membrane of the inner wall, which causes catarrh, too. Whichever causes endometritis, it will be certainly cured when a person patiently leaves it as it is. When catarrh is caused, a curettage is often operated. It is rather funny. There is no point in doing it as it works only briefly and catarrh is repeatedly caused until all toxins are excreted. Concerning this, I always say that curettage is like removing dental plaque. When a person eats something, teeth will have plaque. There is no problem if it is as simple as brushing teeth. However, a woman has to allow to touch the most embarrassing part of her body if a curettage is operated on. I think she should never do so. Myometritis is caused by solidified toxins accumulated around the uterus. When purification occurs, a person has such symptoms as a slight fever and pain, discomfort and so on. When it is also left as it is, it will be cured. If you perform Johrei for this disease, it will be completely cured in a short period.

When a woman suffers from retroflexion or anteflexion of the uterus, it is regarded as the cause of infertility in medical science and she is recommended to have an operation. It is true, as medical science says, that it causes infertility because the uterus is not in a normal position and the cervix becomes out of position. Then why are retroflexion and anteflexion of the uterus caused? It is because accumulated and solidified toxins press the uterus from the front or backside. In medical science, the toxins are removed by surgery and the uterus once returns to its normal position. As time passes, however, toxins accumulate and solidify again, and the uterus eventually returns to the previous position. Since it temporarily affects removing toxins, undergoing such a major surgery is pointless. Then I would like you to think of another case. Many women are diagnosed with infertility due to retroflexion uterus in medical science. However, I’ve often heard some of them did become pregnant while leaving their symptom as it was. There is a woman who was diagnosed with such symptoms above at a university hospital but delivered three babies afterwards. I heard about this story from her. This case shows how medical research is insufficient. Therefore, I think it is better that such a decision should not be done until it becomes very clear, otherwise it causes trouble for many women.

Now I move on to another female disease or uterine cancer. Few women suffer from genuine uterine cancer, even if they are those who are diagnosed with uterine cancer by a doctor. They just have the clot of impure blood accumulated outside of the uterus. If a woman has bleeding after menopause, she is said to be first suspected of having cancer in medical science. That is wrong from my experience. I have performed Johrei on many women who were diagnosed with uterine cancer after menopause. They had heavy bleeding soon after receiving Johrei. Then the lump diagnosed with cancer, which is big enough to touch with hands, completely disappeared. From these experiences, most of the women, who are diagnosed with uterine cancer, have the colt of old menstrual blood instead of having cancer. We will make no errors if we think so. Medical science will realise this truth when it progresses further in the future.

Then I explain uterine fibroid. As this name implies, a part of the muscles, which pull the uterus from both sides, forms a solidified substance rather than becomes swelling. When purification occurs on it, it causes pain. This symptom is called a uterine fibroid. The substance is removed by surgery in medical science. Some women, fortunately, might be cured after the surgery but most of them tend to have another fibroid near the part where the substance was removed. This disease will be also cured by Johrei, although it takes a great number of days.

Then I explain ovarian diseases, most of which are ovarian cysts and blisters. Their symptoms are quite similar but they just depend on person to person whether it becomes hard or soft and the symptom is severe or mild. Therefore, it might grow due to a malignant tumour or the result of medical treatment. In some cases, the ovary might grow as if a person is pregnant and very near her time. Under medical treatment, the ovary is relatively easily removed by surgery so that the disease related to the ovary never occurs. However, it causes trouble to have bad influences on the patient. The worst thing is that the person’s character changes completely by the excision surgery. It will affect her a little if only one ovary is removed, but if two of them are removed, she will become like a man, and needless to say, impossible to give birth forever. Besides, it causes visual disorders and worse still a person might become blind. Someone might become in poor health and their perspectives have changed. They eventually become depressed and desperate. It is unavoidable as there is no way to cure the disease other than excision surgery in the present medical science. If only you perform Johrei, however, they are completely cured, too. Ovarian diseases are caused by accumulated toxic medicine and unprocessed urine due to nephrosclerosis. The former causes an ovarian cyst and the latter causes an ovarian blister. Both of them are cured by promoting kidney activity.

Here I explain the root cause of female diseases. All the female diseases are originally caused by toxins in the body, which steadily go down. When they accumulate in the lower abdomen, they cause the disorder in the uterus, ovaries, fallopian tube, bladder and so on. When they go further down, they become the cause of haemorrhoids and general genital area diseases. I will explain them in detail later in the part on the causes of sexual insensitivity. Then I explain vaginal discharge. Many women have vaginal discharge and are very worried about it. To tell the truth, it is very good for them as a variety of toxins are discharged as a liquid. When all toxins are discharged, a person will become very well in the whole part of the lower abdomen. Nevertheless, doctors and general people are very anxious about it and try to stop it as they don’t know the truth. This is the worst thing. It causes the opposite result that they keep their disease in their bodies. You have to be careful.

Now I move to another disease which is recently often said. It is sexual insensitivity. Since its cause is completely uncertain in medical science and nothing is more important than it for women’s future, I explain it thoroughly as possible. As you know, if a woman suffers from sexual insensitivity, it is hard to accept affection from her husband when she gets married. She can hardly live a harmonious marriage and then the marriage easily fails. If such things happen, her husband might have affair or their relationship become sexless. Therefore, many women become doomed to unhappiness after all. If so, they should be completely cured at any cost. However, they cannot ask someone for advice and this disease cannot be cured by medical science. That is a problem. Consequently, they think that they have no choice but to become a spinster as they cannot make a happy home. There are quite a few women who pass the days alone while suffering from such mental agony. I cannot help but pity them. However, this is sure to be cured by performing Johrei so that nothing is no greater gospel than this for women. Then I describe the cause and other things of sexual insensitivity first. The major cause of it is, needless to say, nephrosclerosis. As medical science also explains, the hormone is originally produced in the kidney. When the kidney becomes shrunken, it becomes inactive and produces less hormone. As I previously described the reason the kidney becomes shrunken is, that it is caused by solidified substances on the backside of the kidney. Therefore, when they are melted, the disease will be cured. Another cause is the toxins which constantly go down and accumulate with the focus on and all around the genital area. When they accumulate in the lower abdomen, they cause various disorders of the uterus and so on, as I described above. When they go further down, a person suffers from haemorrhoids, vaginal spasm, pruritus, mucous catarrh, urethral disorders, eczema and erosion of the genital area, pain, odour, discomfort and so on. Especially when swelling or solidified substance forms on the skein’s gland, or toxic substance forms on the right or left part of labia majora or labia minora and extend to the groin, they disturb foot movement. The disorders of the groin are especially very bad. When a person presses these parts, she will find where is suffered. She must feel pain or touch a lump there. Since her special part is suffered, it is she or her husband who just performs Johrei. If they do so, the disease will fairly get better. However, it takes a long time to be cured. When they patiently keep performing Johrei for that purpose, she will gradually feel better and see the bright side of her life, and her disease is surely cured. When women know what I explained above all, how delighted they would be. There would be no more wonderful salvation than this.

Translated by N.H.