Main Disease: (9) Lower Body Diseases and Haemorrhoidal Diseases

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Written by Mokichi Okada in 1952

Since I’ve already described the diseases of the upper body, I move on to the diseases of the lower body now. The most common disease of them would be haemorrhoidal disease. Their cause is clear. That is the toxins, which are accumulated in the parts of the body and solidified, gradually melt and try to come out of the most convenient part of the body, or the anus. In a word, it works as an excretory opening for filth as well as faeces. God made us very well indeed.

In haemorrhoidal diseases, the most common symptom is prolapse. When a person suffers from prolapse, something like blubber comes out of the anus. It is easily pushed back at first but gradually becomes bigger as time passes and eventually hard to be pushed in. When it becomes like that, the person feels very uncomfortable. He does all he can do but nothing helps to cure it. That is so annoying. There would be relatively a lot of people who suffer from this disease. Particularly many women suffer from prolapse as they push too much when they give birth. Because their special part is suffered, they cannot tell anyone. That makes them depressed more. Haemorrhoidal diseases are originally caused by two or three mixtures of congenital toxic medicine and uremic toxin and acquired toxic medicine. The mixtures of them go down and once gather around the anus, which causes prolapse. It is accompanied by pain and also no pain. If it hurts, it is caused by acquired toxic medicine. This disease is said to be very common in Japanese people. It would be due to the structure of the toilet. Another cause of this disease is reading a book on the toilet. It is bad as it takes time once a person starts reading a book there. If a person suffers from haemorrhoidal diseases, he should examine himself. When I was young, I suffered from them very much. Then I realised it and decided not to read a book in the toilet for more than five minutes. Even though I was in the middle of it, I tried to go out of the toilet. When I kept doing so, I was naturally getting better.

Next, I describe haemorrhoids. It is caused when a wart is grown on the verge of the anus. There are two types of haemorrhoids, an inner and an outer one. If a person is plump, he suffers from an inner haemorrhoid. If a person is thin, he suffers from an outer one. When this disease is left as it is, toxins fully accumulate, gradually becomes bigger, eventually burst and discharge. The disease is cured through this process. Haemorrhoidal bleeding is also common. It is caused by having a crack in the anus when toxic blood is about to come out of it. When a person suffers from this disease, bleeding cannot stop so that he feels uncomfortable and gets worried. However, to tell the truth, this condition is very well. Because of the purification, toxic blood is excreted. It is very good for human health, especially for those who have dull head, or neck and shoulder pain. They are sure to feel lighter after bleeding. Therefore, it helps very much in the prevention of cerebral haemorrhage.

Then I describe the most troublesome disease. That would be anal fistula, which is caused by intense toxic medicine. They are once accumulated and solidified in a part of the anus. It is so painful. When a person goes to see a doctor, he is sure to carry out a surgical operation. Then the symptom temporarily gets better. Without exception, however, the part next to where the operation was done becomes swollen again. Then it is cut but the next part of it becomes swollen again and so on. It finally becomes like a honeycomb and the parson cannot endure the pain. It is caused by infiltrating new medicine into the anus whenever the surgery is done. In a word, the cause of pain is increased with every surgery. That is terrible. If a person doesn’t do anything and leaves it as it is, toxins will be naturally discharged as pus and it will be surely cured. It is often said that a person is prone to lung diseases after he is recovered from an anal fistula. It is because that pus cannot be discharged anywhere after the surgery is successfully done. Therefore, it moves towards the lungs to be discharged.

Here I explain a kind of treatment for syphilis which is recommended a long time ago. That is the mercury injection method in the buttock. A few decades after a parson had this treatment, he might suffer from a similar symptom to anal fistula. Very heard and the oval-shaped protruding thing is formed and he feels unbearable severe pain. If he leaves it as it is, it will be completely cured in a few weeks. If he has surgery, however, he might suffer from a chronic fistula. Then I describe another troublesome disease or anal pruritus. It is, of course, caused by the toxins of smallpox and toxic medicine. If it is left as it is, it will take a few decades to be cured. Even if Johrei is performed for this disease, it will take a few years.

Translated by N.H.