Material Medicine and Religious Medicine

Creation of Civilization
Religion Part

Written by Mokichi Okada in 1952

I described so far how wrong modern or material medicine is and how penetrating the theory of religious medicine is. When reading through it, everyone would probably understand it unless they are captured in the existing medicine. The original purpose of medical science is to cure human disease completely and make humans truly healthy. If that is the case, it should be realised. Needless to say, when a person is released from worrying about diseases forever, they truly have a healthy body. If the number of such a person increases, the ideal world without disease comes true.

Therefore, the true medical science should approach that ideal world step by step. From this point of view, everyone must agree when reading thoroughly the theory that I have explained based on the facts until now. If this religious medicine is not true medical science, what is it? In this sense, people all over the world should be informed of this medicine and benefit from it, shouldn’t they? Furthermore, this religious medicine makes human beings healthy in spirit as well as body. Consequently, it can solve poverty as the present biggest human problem and the war as the object of terror. Needless to say, this is the greatest gospel that is beyond description.


However, people have been instilled in material medicine for many centuries. They have been all blinded by it and unquestioningly believed in it. That is the most difficult problem to be concerned. It may say they believe in it like a religion. Since general people, as well as specialists, think so, it would be impossible to awaken them easily. This is the most difficult undertaking which we are given. Generally speaking, it seems to be impossible to achieve. If it is left as it is just because so, the human sufferings would deepen more and more and humans might not avoid the destiny of national and cultural downfall.


If that is the case, we should let people all over the world know this as soon as possible. When general people understand it, it would cause a worldwide great sensation and revolutionise the present medical science. It would be the greatest revolution since the dawn of history which we have never before. This is a very important issue that cannot compare to the wars. Even if the third war occurred, the affected period and region would be limited. On the contrary, the problem of medical science affects all humankind forever.


As I described above, if the world without disease, which no one has dreamed yet, came true, what would become of human longevity? Needless to say, the average life expectancy would possibly become more than a hundred years old. Here the ideal world of humankind would come true. We cannot possibly know the fact in the prehistorical times but even in the historical records, we haven’t found that general people kept living to be more than a hundred. It is because most of them died of disease except for disasters. That is not a normal condition at all but it is an unusual condition. Dying of diseases means, of course, not a natural but unnatural death. When human beings have no disease, they would naturally die and there’s no wonder that they live to more than a hundred years old.


Then I explain what I haven’t described enough yet. As I previously described, the original cause of the disease is a spiritual cloud. It is caused by not only two of human sin and toxic medicine but actually one more important thing. That is the fertilizer applied to crops. I don’t know in the primitive age but can imagine it has been used for a long time ago. In Japan, it is excrement and the chemical fertilizer which recently started to be used. In foreign countries, in addition to the chemical fertilizer, a kind of fertilizer must have been used before the chemical one was used.


Artificial fertilizer is originally harmful to the human body and people didn’t know how harmful it is at all. They assumed that it has no side effect because all of it effectively worked once crops absorbed it. Just like medicine for the human body, they thought it works without any toxins remained. However, God’s revelation told me that its toxic ingredients remain even though a considerable amount of them are decreased before crops bear fruit.


Regarding this, I introduce an article recently published in a U.S. specialised magazine. It says about Mr Rodale who is the president of the leading dairy farming company. He recently presented the result learned through his long experience. According to that, when livestock is raised by feeding on the grass cultivated with the use of chemical fertilizer, its health is not good and its milk is also not good enough. On the contrary, when it is raised by feeding on the grass cultivated with the only use of compost, it is very healthy and has very good milk. Then he eagerly promoted his discovery. His achievement was recently recognised in each field and his way of farming got supported by the U.S. government. Since it is confirmed by each academic research and practical experiment, it finally affects public opinion. He also told that malignant diseases for human beings had increased since chemical fertilizer was used.


I have advocated both of two matters for over twenty years but it has been completely ignored and regarded as superstition. It is because, unlike American, Japanese specialists tend to ignore new theories. Besides, I am a religionist. Obviously, such prejudiced views prevent cultural development, as it is commonly said.


As you would see above, if the root causes of disease are sin, medicine and artificial fertiliser, we should put the removal of those three harms first for human salvation. We can extinguish medicine and fertiliser right now but we can hardly solve the problem of sin. There is no way but religion can solve this problem. Even so, we could hardly find the religion that can solve this problem today. However, if our religion meets this condition, how greatly I would be responsible for it! In this sense, I fist publish this book and raise an alarm over experts. Concerning this, I have an important thing to let you know. Now I will describe it.


Translated by N.H.