False Health and True Health

Creation of Civilization
Science Part

Written by Mokichi Okada in 1952

As I described in detail so far, you would comprehend that disease is the condition that purification action occurs and medical science has misunderstood the disease is cured by stopping this action. I furthermore thoroughly describe this. Even if the general public seems to be healthy, most of them, who work, have toxins in the body at any rate. Because of the toxins which are hardened very much in the body, the purification action just has not occurred yet. It means they are in the situation that they never know when the purification suddenly occurs. For this reason, they always feel anxious. It is as if they are holding a bomb. When feeling a little cold, they are worried if they might catch a cold. When an infectious disease is going around, they are anxious if they might suffer from it. When coughing a little, feeling dull and easily becoming tired, they get troubled if they might suffer from tuberculosis in the first stage. When having abdominal pain, they fear that it might be a sign of appendicitis or peritonitis. When a cold gets complicated, they concern that it might develop into tuberculosis. When having a high fever and breathing with difficulty, they think the symptoms are associated with pneumonia. When they get out of breath a little or the heart is throbbing, they are concerned about the heart disease. When legs feel heavy, they are worried if they might suffer from beriberi. When eyes become swollen or a lower back feels heavy, they suspect that the kidney is something wrong. As for women, when they have pain or feel cold in the lower back or abdomen, or they have virginal discharge going down, they struggle that the uterus might go wrong. When their children look down, they worry that is the sign of major disease. I roughly described as above but there are so many cases. I can just imagine how people today are afraid of and scared of diseases.

Then, this is common to visit a doctor and take medicine once suffering from a disease. I cannot help but be impressed with people who have been led to believe in medical science so much. Having said that, I have no right to say so when I remember my old self. I tell you my story. When I was about thirty years old, I went to a certain hot-spring resort in the deep mountain area of Shinshu. Soon after I arrived at an inn, I just ask a maid, “Is there a doctor in this resort?” She replied, “Yes, we have one.” Then I asked again, “Is he is an ordinary doctor or a bachelor?” She said, “I heard he was just graduated from a university in this spring.” I was convinced to hear that I could stay here for a few days with no worry and then I settled down. After that, I heard there were also some people like me in our society. Then I knew nothing was wrong with me. Here is another story. I always thought I wanted for a kind doctor who came to see me soon after giving him a call even in the middle of the night because we didn’t know when we suffered from the disease. I occasionally found that doctor. I tried to get acquainted with him as much as possible and finally became like relatives. He became a go-between of my present wife. From this story, you can imagine how much I trusted medical science at that time.

Therefore, I do understand general people believe medical science as an absolute thing at present. However, I realised medical science cannot cure a disease but it contrarily worsens it. Can you imagine how I was surprised to get known that? Since it is the truth, I cannot but believe it. Frankly speaking, people are convinced that medical science is grateful while it makes their bodies weak and shortens their lives. Nevertheless, they have not realised it yet. This is such a sad story. Therefore, the first principle of saving the world is to break through this superstition. Having said that, it is quite a problem to let general people know this truth. As I previously described, modern people are so obsessed with the superstition of medical science. Even if they saw and heard it, or they or their relatives were recovered from incurable diseases by Johrei, some of them would immediately believe it but some wouldn’t. Those who are not yet cured with any medical treatment get their disease worse while spending money for them. In the meantime, those who become a critical condition and think about suicide in the end. Even in such a condition, most of them can hardly accept Johrei when hearing about it by chance. In this way, they still do believe the superstition of medical science. When they get into a desperate situation, however, they confirm their determination and receive Johrei with suspicion. You would understand how they felt at that time from many reports scheduled to be posted in the final chapter.

As mentioned above, it shows how modern people fear diseases and rely on medical science. However, the former shows the diseases cannot be cured by medical science. That often happens. When a person catches a slight cold and have a high fever, one is worried if it might develop to major disease, and on the other hand, one tries to think it is no big deal and get rid of the anxiety. Even so, one worries over the worst case in one’s head. Everyone would have such an experience. It is because one cannot completely trust medical science itself.

If medical science truly cured diseases, cold and abdominal pain would be easily cured. In the case of the already known diseases, they should be accurately diagnosed and exactly become what to be. No matter what kinds of diseases, things should be perfectly understood such as the cause of the disease, the wrong point of provided therapy, how to cure the disease, what happens when the disease progresses, whether to be life-threatening disease or not. Everything would come exactly what a patient is informed. If medical science became so, everyone would trust it completely and never worry about diseases. They also would comprehend that disease means purification action, which cleans up all filth in the body and consequently makes them healthier. If so, everyone would rather have pleasure. This is the true medical science. Then, is there such a dream-like treatment existing? It surprisingly exists and is now greatly increasing its effect. Then we don’t say “disease”, but “purification.” It sounds very pleasant. Besides, we say so as it is actually so. Here I describe false health and true health that is the title of this chapter. As I previously explained, false health means the condition that a person has toxic substances in the body but purification has not yet occurred, whereas true health means the condition that a person has no toxic substances and therefore one doesn’t develop any diseases. I don’t think there would be no person who is in the latter condition. I think that would be why the health insurance system started.

As mentioned above, as most of the modern people would be in false health, most of them have a kind of chronic disease. When some of them do a little work, they immediately have a headache or neck and shoulder ache. When some do a little hard exercise, they become out of breath or have a slight fever. Some also easily catch a cold, become food poisoning for a little thing, or have abdomen ache or diarrhoea. Some are ill in bed more than a few times a year, take off work and go into a hospital once a year and so on. For this reason, they don’t have confidence in their health so that they are always afraid. In some worse cases, some of them blindly have operations. For example, there are quite a few wealthy middle-aged women who have the appendix or ovary removed, or have breast cancer surgery. Quite a few of them are like crocks. Even general people have their finger cut due to a whitlow or gangrene, a kidney removed, diaphragm cut because of asthma, brain surgery, or arms or legs removed. Nowadays, surgery for tuberculosis is often conducted. Such terrible things are done without hesitation. It couldn’t be helped as medical science have no choice but does so. Nothing would be miserable than people today. Present culture has progressed very much, but many people cannot receive its benefit. They are just anxious in bed. Therefore, if getting rid of all seeds of diseases from people in false health and making them truly heathy without toxins, it is true medical treatment. When it becomes true, that would be an unprecedented great gospel.


Translated by N.H.