Creation of Civilization
Science Part

Written by Mokichi Okada in 1952

It is said that medical science has made great progress in recent years and the advancement of surgery is especially boasted. From my point of view, however, nothing is much more wrong than this. Needless to think, the advancement of surgery means that medical science has not progressed. You might wonder why I say so. Surgery means, needless to say, the treatment of removing the function affected by the disease. It means that the disease itself cannot be removed by surgery. In short, the disease and the function affected by the disease are deeply related but essentially different. Therefore, the true medical art should remove only the disease but leave the function as it is. No matter how much medical science has improved, however, it is impossible to remove the only disease. Consequently, it is unavoidable to take a second way which is to remove the function as well as disease. Just thinking of this, you would understand the advancement of surgery is nothing but confessing the powerlessness of medical science. If medical scientists didn’t realise such an obvious theory, they would have fallen into astonishing error until now. Therefore, they should be aware of it by all means and cannot but do it all over again. In a word, it is a fresh start in medical science. Since no one has discovered this truth until now, medical science has blindly dashed the wrong course. As a result, people have never been released from the pain of diseases for a long time. This fact proves the error of medical science very much.

Thinking of what I described above, you would comprehend that the advancement of surgery does not mean the progress of medical science but just technical advancement. You should also think deeply that a human being is presumed to be the masterpiece in all things, which is made by the Creator, or God. What if God created the human body, He would never make useless parts of the body. The heart, spleen, liver, lung, large intestine, gall bladder, urinary bladder, stomach, small intestine, triple burner kidney, muscle, skin and all other parts of the body must be created to use. You would understand this even based on common sense. What surprises me is that human-shaped creatures have appeared in the twentieth century. They are beyond God and say there are various useless parts in the body such as the caecum and a single kidney, ovary and tonsil, which should be cut and removed. Consequently, the diseases related to those parts never occur, which is such a relief. They proudly say so and remove them with a scalpel. What wonderful super gods rather than superhumans they would be! However, I wonder why modern people shed tears of gratitude, rather than criticize such bold violence. Furthermore, not only general people but also the governments of various countries are grateful for and fascinated with them as they represent such great progress in culture. The governments also support and encourage them. I have no word for such ignorance. Seeing this reality, even God is supposed to be surprised and astounded. Then who are the super gods that I described above? They are humans called modern medical scientists. If so, they are extremely short-sighted when seeing human beings. Therefore, they could see only material science nearby but would not see a golden treasure ahead of it.

However, I am not a person who dares to criticize material science. We don’t know how human beings greatly benefited from it in the past and would have in the future. We could not give the highest praise to them enough. Having said that, it would be premature to conclude that everything could rely on them. Since material science has its field and it has a boundary that must not be crossed. Then, what is it? Material science has the idea that organic and inorganic matters are equated. Such a simple idea is not good. In a word, material science has the illusion that confuses human beings and other animals as living things with minerals and plants as inanimate objects. Since animals are not inanimate objects, they are not originally categorized in the field of material science. Nevertheless, I don’t know why they were categorized in this field. This is a fundamental error, and as a basis of this error, medical science has progressed. Therefore, it is natural that surgery has been done as it is the way to treat the human body as an inanimate object. There is another point which cannot be overlooked. That is the progress of material science was so wonderful that people believed in scientific supremacy that everything would be solved by it. However, as for animals, they don’t be worked out like that. It would be right that medical science temporarily works for them. Since it makes a fundamental mistake, it cannot achieve the true effect. Nevertheless, it doesn’t realise this falt and keeps going down the wrong course.

As above, I roughly described the relation between living things and inanimate objects.  Then I dig into it deeper. In living things, human beings are not equated to any other animals. They are not basically but considerably different. For example, when a person is informed that he suffers from tuberculosis, it immediately affects him mentally. Then it would make his disease worse and then hastens his death. As for cattle, they are not affected at all when they are told to suffer from bovine tuberculosis. Therefore, a good result is not achieved even if the research for a guinea pig or mouse is applied to human beings.

Here I go back and describe surgery again. Even if the disease is cured by surgery, it is temporary but not truly cured. Therefore, some sort of disease must occur after a while. Since medical science cannot find why it is caused, it has less interest in what happens after surgery. You would see there must be some effect on the patient as he had his part of the body removed, or so to speak, he has a physical disorder. For example, a person becomes externally disabled when he loses his finger, or even the tip of his finger, much less his leg or hand. That will bother him forever. What if he became internally disabled, he would be much more bothered. Furthermore, the external disable is not fatal, whereas it is obvious that the internal one might cause death. Let me give you an example. When a person has surgery to remove the appendix, what happens to him? The appendix originally takes an important role. The toxins, which were accumulated all around the backside of the body, once accumulate and solidify in the back of the right kidney. Then they move to the appendix and solidify little by little. When they reach a certain amount, purification rapidly occurs and causes fever, pain and so forth. Then toxins are dissolved and discharged as diarrhoea and the appendicitis is cured. It is very well operated. Nevertheless, doctors say that the patient should have surgery as soon as possible before it becomes too late. It is funny because it never happens. The later it becomes, the more it is possibly cured. It is not theory but from my experience. I have never failed when I left many people as they were. I contrarily often hear that surgery rather worsens the condition of the patient.

You can easily find latent appendicitis. As medical science also explains, when you press about three to six centimetres lower right of the navel, you will feel pain there. However, the cause of appendicitis is not there but in the inner part of it. Therefore, all the pain won’t be released when you perform Johrei only targeted at the appendix. There must be solidified substance around the right kidney. When you press it, it hurts. It immediately becomes painless when you perform Johrei there. Then the appendicitis is completely cured. It takes as early as a dozen minutes and about three to forty minutes at the latest. Soon after receiving Johrei, the patient has diarrhoea. That is all and it never recurs. If so, what a wonderful treatment Johrei is! On the other hand, in medical science, the pain and expense of surgery are remarkable and worse still, patients become disabled. Some operation scar is unluckily hard to be cured and some might take a few years. In rare cases, some of them die after surgery. Comparing medical science with Johrei, therefore, their difference would be far beyond the difference between barbarianism and civilization. Even if the appendicitis is cured by surgery, it is not finished yet. As I explained above, the appendix is the function of excreting toxins that accumulate all around the back of the body. When the appendix is removed, toxins lose their exit and most of them accumulate in the peritoneum. Along with this, toxins around the kidney increase in amount and press the kidney, which consequently accelerates to cause peritonitis. This is the major bad influence when the surgery is undergone. The others are not only that toxins accumulate in other parts of the body but also that abdominal and grip strength becomes weak, endurance and toughness decrease and libido are also decreased after surgery. There would be some patients who have experienced such symptoms.

Then I explain nephrectomy surgery. This surgery is undergone when a patient suffers from kidney tuberculosis. Because the patient has pain and passes blood in his urine, he is decisively diagnosed with kidney tuberculosis and then the kidney is removed. This has also poor results and generally causes some failures. The most serious problem is that the patient has only one kidney remaining. This kidney has to work hard to cover the part of the removed kidney. In this condition, he is prone to other kidney diseases but cannot have surgery to remove the remaining kidney. Someone might be at a loss what to do. That is so miserable. It is because everyone has a considerable amount of toxins in the body. As for people who had their kidneys removed, the toxins accumulate in their remaining kidneys. Besides, some of them become weak in the whole body, cannot walk properly, twist their body at the waist or are unable to sit on their knees.

They become half disabled. When they receive Johrei from the beginning, they are easily and completely cured even without touching them.

Then I explain surgery for stomach cancer. This is also quite bothersome. I often hear the surgical negligence that there is no cancer found when making an incision. I think it’s regrettable and it’s very much unfortunate for the patient. Even if the stomach cancer is removed just as planned, even a little remaining cancer might spread as time passes and the patient would be forced to have surgery again. If it happened three times, it could not be treated by surgery and be already a fatal condition. Even if the surgery is successful, the patient has to have a little amount of food many times as the remaining stomach and intestine are sutured. According to medical statistics, the average life span of post-operation is two and a half years. Medical science would reply that the patient would die in six months or a year without having surgery. Therefore, it would be advantageous for him to live one or two more years after surgery. It has no problem if that is the case. However, the truth is that patients would live for three or five years if they left their cancer as it was. I have experienced many cases of those people whose lives were shortened by surgery. In medical science, radium therapy is also undergone for stomach cancer. It contrarily worsens the condition as it destroys normal cells along with the cancerous ones.

I described genuine stomach cancer above but genuine cancer rarely occurs. Most stomach cancer is suspected and caused by toxic medicine, of course. It depends on medical properties but medicine is once absorbed and becomes toxic as time passes. Then they return to the stomach and solidify. This condition would be called stomach cancer. As long as the patient doesn’t grow weak, he will be cured by Johrei.

Other than surgery for stomach cancer, there is a variety of surgery for ovarian removal, breast cancer, otitis media, boils, eyes, pleurisy perforation, haemorrhoid disease, buboes, inflammation of the testis, whitlows, gangrene and orthopaedic surgery and so forth. Since they are not much different from surgery for stomach cancer, I will omit to describe them. Here I describe a few things I haven’t explained yet. One of them is a variety of swelling. When you have swelling, please leave it as it is. Then the swelling becomes big enough to make a hole naturally. Bloody pus comes out of the hole and the swelling completely disappears. However, a patient cannot endure its severe pain so that medical science tries to cure it quickly and conducts a surgical operation. This is very wrong because the surgery should be undergone at the exact time. It is not the case that surgery is done after the swelling becomes big enough. However, if surgery is undergone before that, pus, which accumulated on the swollen part, stops focusing there. It contrarily moves nearby where the swelling was previously formed and then becomes swollen. It is not only the case when having surgery or even piercing a hole stops pus from concentrating. You should know this important thing. Concerning this, I describe my experience. I was once asked to visit a certain surgical hospital. There was an about forty-year-old male patient. He told me what happened to him in detail. He first had a small egg-sized swelling of the cervical lymph node. Then he immediately visited the hospital and a surgeon pierced a hole and discharged pus. Soon after that, a similar swelling came out of the part where pus was discharged nearby. Then it was incised but another swelling came out and likewise. He finally had a swelling opposite side of where the first swelling came out. Then it was incised but another swelling came out and likewise. Those swellings finally became linked together. Therefore he asked me to visit him. Under this condition, there were no external parts to have swellings so that they came out of the inner part instead. I visited him at that time. Even I couldn’t do anything for him and turned down his request. After a while, his throat became swollen and blocked, then he died from suffocation. I was informed that. He is a real victim of surgery. If he had left his first swelling as it had been, it would have gradually become swollen. It might have reached the baby’s head size. Even so, if he had still left it, it would have finally become bright red, got flabby and had a hole. Then a large amount of pus would have come out, it would have been completely cured and no trace would have remained.

The next surgery I explain is for the brain. Some doctors recently have brain surgery of course, for epilepsy, brain diseases or so. It doesn’t work at all because they are not caused by an organic disorder of the brain but mentally caused. In a word, they are spiritually caused. I will explain it in detail in the chapter related to spirit so that I omit it here. Then we move on to surgery for recently spreading tuberculosis. For this disease, a patient’s rib is cut, a plastic ball is inserted if a patient has a cavity in the lung, the diaphragm is operated and so forth. They are temporarily effective but become worse afterwards. As I repeatedly explain, surgery does more harm than good in short. It must be revealed when medical science further progresses. As I mentioned at the beginning, savage ways such as surgery should be abolished by all means.

Translated by N.H.