Science Cannot Cure Disease

Book of Medical Revolution, written by Mokichi Okada, 1953



Science has been advanced. Compare to the world where science has not been found, it would be, needless to say, much more wonderful. Furthermore, when thinking about the world in another one hundred or thousand years, it must become an astounding civilised world. Therefore, thinking deeply about the advance of science, it is, in short, just optically progressed. In other words, it is the advance of glass balls which make a small thing look bigger. There are from an astronomical telescope as the largest to a biological microscope as the smallest. It means that is the advancement of making something extremely big or small but there is supposed to be few in the middle.


Here I mainly describe it in the field of medical science. It is said an object can be magnified up to two-hundred thousand times by an electronic microscope today. In medical science, the cause of the disease is regarded as microorganism, bacteria or virus which can be seen within this limit. Therefore, the disease is believed to be cured when these germs are killed. It is needless to say that medical research is being advanced as putting its belief on a front.


Here we have to think that it means medical science covers germs only seen at less than two-hundred thousand-fold magnification and other germs are not regarded as important objects. If so, there must be a problem. The true cause of the disease cannot be seen at two-hundred thousand-fold magnification. Scientists wouldn’t know whether it can be seen at million or ten million-fold magnification. Even if a germ were found at ten million-fold magnification, it would be uncertain whether it enables disease to be completely cured or not, or the true cause of disease might exist infinitely regardless of the sizes.


If so, it is safe to say that that science cannot possibly cure disease no matter how it progresses. Regarding this, I have something to say. Science was found by Hippocrates before Christ. It means that more than two thousand years have passed since then but the disease has not yet been solved. However, people would say that science has suddenly risen in the late eighteenth century. Because of this, medical science has developed and must become an ideal science when it gradually progresses as it is. They are expecting that.


However, as long as regarding that the cause of the disease is a germ in the field of medical pathology, the disease won’t be solved even if how the microscope is advanced and the smallest microorganism is found with it. It is obvious by what I previously described. Besides, when viewed from another angle, you should know that human life is the most mysterious matter of all things created by the Creator and completely different from other substances. It is the most refined being without the need to explain. Needless to say, other animals never have intelligence, thought, emotion and so on. In this sense, it is sure that everything but humankind can be solved and also should be developed more and more by science. It means everything except human beings is lower level than them and belongs to them.


Therefore, it is out of the truth that human beings are controlled by themselves because they are the same level. The power of “X” should be needed, which is a higher level than humans. If that is the case, you would understand how wrong science cures disease as science was created by human beings. It is quite natural that it cannot cure disease. You would understand why science cannot cure the disease as the title of this part says. I give you another example to make it surer. There are old Chinse sayings; “The largest thing has nothing beyond it; it is called the one of largeness. The smallest thing has nothing within it; it is called the one of smallness.” It means, of course, both the largest and smallest things are infinite. For example, the sky is infinitely large, whereas the nature of microorganisms is infinitely small. When comparing it to humankind, their thoughts are infinite and they can be reached to anywhere, or even to the whole universe or all things in nature. As you can see, you would understand how refined humankind is and what a mysterious being they are.


Therefore, it is obvious that even human disease cannot be cured by science but the infinitive power as science is finite. For this reason, medical science doesn’t grasp the difference between human beings and other animals and that is the root cause of its false. If so, it is not too much to say that medical science is too immature like a barbarian. As I mentioned above, I dare to insert a scalpel into science. You can hardly believe what I explain right now. However, if the theory I advocate is proved by an experiment as theoretical physics of science is proved by experimental physics, it would be the truth. Only because there is a tremendous leap in my theory, people cannot immediately accept it. That’s all. Therefore, it is just a matter of time when the theory is accepted.


Here I give you examples that people are saved from the countless cause of disease by the infinitive power. At present, tens of thousands of patients are saved day by day. For example, a patient, who is diagnosed as an incurable disease in medical science and informed to be dying, is immediately recovered and completely cured by the way which they just learnt through training for a few days, even though they do not know medicine at all. Besides, a patient, who suffers from severe pain of appendicitis, is relieved from the pain in twenty to thirty minutes and completely cured soon after discharging toxins as diarrhoea, when a practitioner holds a hand towards them from about a metre away.


People are not infected even if they take mycobacterium tuberculosis. People are very glad that they gain health every time they have a cold. People are completely cured of popular diseases at present such as dysentery and Japanese encephalitis. There are lots of examples to show more but I think this is enough. However, just reading this book cannot make people believe such too good effect. It is like letting nursery school children take a class at the university. However, this discovery makes a dream come true and the impossible possible. I claim that everyone becomes perfectly healthy and has spiritual peace and enlightenment when they master this discovery.


Therefore, it causes a great sensation and the civilisation turns itself completely around when it is known all over the world. It is too late to repent it bitterly when the time has come. Let me give you an example of this. When western culture had spread all over Japan after the Meiji era, those who were laughed and held a lowly position honourably took the role of leading the new era. On the other hand, those who were constrained by the old thoughts and persistent with feudalistic ideas couldn’t catch up even though they hastily tried to do. The same thing as this would happen, and if this great discovery is several or several ten times important than this and it lasts forever, I dare to warn not to miss the bus while pointlessly hesitating.


Translated by N.H.