Super Science

Book of Medical Revolution, written by Mokichi Okada, 1953


The other day, I listened to the recording of the discussion with Dr Yukawa on the radio, who just returned from the Nobel Prize award ceremony. According to that, I cannot help but be pleased to know that the theory of science is now getting very much closer to mine. In the discussion, they talked about a new theory called condensed matter physics compared to particle physics. In particle physics, visible elementary particles are studied but on the other hand, the invisible so-called atom is studied in condensed matter physics. The former is, of course, experimental physics and whereas, the latter is theoretical physics. When they are applied to the theory which I advocate, the former is body or material and the latter is spirit. It means that science finally gets close to ours.

When a theoretical physicist proposes a new theory, they usually move on to the experiment through the base process of imagination, reasoning and hypothesis. Dr Yukawa also did so. As for the discovery of the elementary particles, an American scientist, fortunately, found them by accident when he photographed cosmic rays during the experiment. As you know, Dr Yukawa became a Nobel laureate with this achievement. Then condensed matter physics is the theory which takes a step forward from experimental physics and seems to become the main study for physics. However, I think that scientists would have many twists and turns to prove this theory through experiments or might meet with unexpected difficulties. It is because the present microscope could be not easy to develop enough for it. Besides, it would be meaningless even if they just grasp this invisible particle. The important thing is to know how it contributes to human welfare.

Regarding this, there is something important which science cannot imagine. If science develops furthermore, it will enter the field of spirit which we always advocate. That field is, of course, a religious one. If it happens, science naturally separates from its own field and belongs to religion. In this sense, material science is said to reach the highest stage of its development and come one step before hitting the wall. To break through the wall, the ability of the microscope might develop dozens or hundreds of times more than now but it is impossible. Even if it were possible, we wouldn’t know how many centuries it takes. Considering it, the world could hardly develop further with science, philosophy or existing religions. In that sense, the time has finally come when “X” appears, which is beyond the level of the present culture. When this “X” develops, it overcomes the great crisis of this deadlocked civilisation and creates a new one. That is my mission.

Now let me investigate particle physics and condensed matter physics further. The elementary particle which I advocate is like a cell constructing the super-science beyond material science. It is combined with a substance and spiritual particle. In other words, the former is called anti-proton and the latter is a proton. They are the main parts of all materials but the present science has not found them yet. Then why was I, who have little knowledge of science, able to find such an advanced science theory? Needless to say, it is because God taught me as necessary. Therefore, I acquired the ultimate truth which no one has ever known in history. I was also given the power to prove it as experimental science does. Whether religion or science, they would be the greatest gospel if they could save the most precious human life. This is what I would like to say and now let me explain the principle in detail.

Needless to say, man is the lord of creation and the king and the ruler of the earth. Everything in the universe is needed for human beings. They, of course, firstly maintain human life and secondly support the mission of each person. For this reason, the human body can act in health with full of vitality. If disease occasionally occurs, it harms human health and threatens their lives. Therefore, it is no wonder that the action to eliminate it naturally happens. Needles to think, as long as human beings are not healthy, they cannot carry out their mission even if they have all the other necessary conditions. In this sense, if the only disease is solved by science, religion or other things, it must be a true one. If so, since religion or science has no such an ability so far, I regret to say that they are sure to be not true religion nor science. To tell the truth, therefore, it is clear that civilisation until today is not a true but temporary one.


Translated by N.H.