Thank-You Report #080

Reported by N.T. in Tokyo on 25 April 1952

I would like to report that I was cured of tuberculosis and my life became full of joy. My writing is poor but I hope my report helps people who are suffering from tuberculosis. 

When I was young, I was energetic. Even when I had a slight cold, I kept working. In November 1946, I had a once-a-year group medical examination. I had never suffered from serious diseases since I was a child but I was found cloudiness in my chest with an X-ray examination. I couldn’t express how I felt depressed. The doctor told me to have a rest. So, I had to do so. After that, I went to Imperial Household Hospital to examine my chest again. I was diagnosed with left lung infiltration. I had had a rest while watching at the ceiling for three months. I wanted to recover although it is said to be an incurable disease since a long time ago. I had a rest and got nutrition as the doctor told me but my illness hung in the balance. I was impatient to cure the disease quickly.

The three months passed. I was found a cavity in the lung with an X-ray examination. The doctor recommended that I took pneumothorax therapy. I didn’t want to but my parents told me to take it. So, I had no choice. As the treatment caused me pain, I hated the treatment day coming. In order to flatten the cavity, the lung was inflated with about 300ml of air. When the therapy was applied, it hurt but I patiently continued the treatment. The cavity was finally flattened but the side effect occurred because of too much inflation. Water accumulated in the lung and it caused peritonitis. Nevertheless, I continued to take the therapy while removing the water from the lung. I did about seventy times in two years.

While doing so, I was told that the heart moved to the right and the accumulating water formed pus. I was hospitalized to take an examination but the surgeon said, “There is no pus found.” I was discharged temporarily but the part the therapy applied became swollen and purulent. It became like a boil and then pus came out of it. A boil repeatedly formed and then pus came out and so forth. My skin was torn and ulcers formed all over my chest. I went to the hospital again and I was examined by a surgeon. The symptom was too severe to be cured. The surgeon gave up applying the treatment and said, “You should have surgery.”

I asked the surgeon, “Am I healed when I have surgery?” The surgeon said, “I would not say yes. Can you imagine that you might be run by the car when walking in the street? That is an unforeseen incident. The surgery is the same.” I was shocked to hear what he said. His job directly linked to people’s lives but he simply said such things. On the other hand, a physician said, “You might have a better result without surgery.” I was reluctant to have surgery and decided to have a home treatment. I thought doctors gave me up and felt sad. I was desperate and left the rest up to fate.

Meanwhile, I visited Mr K by chance, who was living next door. It was 16 January 1949. God extended mercy on me there. Mr K told me about Meshiya-kyo. I was interested and wanted to try Johrei. Then I visited Mr A in Akabane and received Johrei. He told me miracles caused by Johrei and the principle of Johrei. I was half in doubt but single-mindedly kept receiving Johrei. No change was seen from the beginning but I had diarrhoea mixed with blood when I received Johrei in May. It continued for about a week. Since then, I felt lighter. I thought the water in the pleura came out. After that, I was getting better day by day. Ulcers became healed and dried. The wound of pneumothorax therapy was closed, which the surgeon said never to be closed. I was happy from the bottom of my heart.

Two years passed when I stopped medical treatment. I wanted to make sure of my recovery with an X-ray examination. Then I went to Imperial Household Hospital again on 28 June 1951. When I sat down waited for my turn, there were many patients on both sides of me. I found someone I saw two years ago, who looked pale and still in bad shape. I was surprised he still kept coming. I saw Dr S who took care of me before but he didn’t seem to recognise me for a while. I was completely different from what I was two years ago. At that time, I was nearly dying and looked so pitiful when leaving the hospital.

When I entered the room, Dr S was very surprised and said, “You are not a ghost, aren’t you? You’ve already dead for three years!” Then I made a joke, “A ghost never says something, doesn’t he?” In my heart, I deeply felt I was saved by God and I was full of gratitude. When examining me, Dr S was surprised that everything became better. He asked, “How did you become well like this?” I told him that I became a believer of Meshiya-kyo and healed by Johrei. Dr S said, “There doesn’t seem to be water in the lung. The part of having rales became small.” While examining me, he just groaned and tilted his head in confusion.

When looking at the X-ray photo, he said, “The lung is clean and had no water.” That made him surprised again. I was convinced that the divine power of Johrei is much greater than the power of medical science. Oh, I was saved. Meshiya-sama saved my life. I give sincere thanks to Meshiya-sama from the bottom of my heart for your protection.

[Miracles of Johrei]

Translated by N.H.