Miracles of Johrei

  “Miracles of Johrei” is the collection of the thank-you reports made by people who were saved by Johrei during Meshiya-sama’s lifetime. For the readers, Meshiya-sama added commentary to make them easier to understand. In some reports, the reporter mentioned ‘A holy amulet.” At that time, people exerted the power of Johrei only after receiving that amulet. Now, however, we no longer require anything like that. We can immediately master the power of Johrei by recognising the existence of Meshiya-sama. Meshiya-sama was called “Meishu-sama” until 15 June 1953 but please remember that we call Meshiya-sama in all the contents here.

Tuberculosis is More Frightening than War

Miracles of Johrei Written by Okada Mokichi, 1954 In this whole world, I guarantee that only our religion can cure tuberculosis. When looking at the process of medical treatment, you would see that medicine creates tuberculosis, worsens its symptom and finally takes a person’s life. This cannot be believed but the truth. From this fact, we can see that modern people have not noticed how much they suffer from medical superstition. Therefore, most of them half-believe and half-doubt medicine. They are in dilemma. Worse still, despite many years of suffering and huge medical expenses, patients suffer more. The only word to describe that condition is “shiver.” Nevertheless, the government, specialists […]

Johrei Saves People Affected by Medicine

Miracles of Johrei Written by Okada Mokichi, 1954 Johrei immediately saves a patient who was getting worse due to medical treatment. It is as if they are brought from darkness into light. The number of such a person is rapidly increasing. Therefore, I do guarantee that the realisation of Paradise on Earth without disease, poverty and conflict is not just an idea but a reality. The thank-you report below proves it very well. When reading it, you would understand very much the difference between medicine and Johrei. In that case, I hope that people in society wake up and ask Meshiya-kyo for help as soon as possible. Translated by N.H. […]

The Spiritual Cause of Tuberculosis

Miracles of Johrei Written by Okada Mokichi, 1954 As I previously described, the cause of tuberculosis is not only the purification of medicine but also a spiritual one. The thank-you report as below shows well this fact. It also disproves the theory of medical science which says that tuberculosis is an infectious disease. However, due to medical superstition, it would be difficult for thick-headed people to understand the truth even if they read this report. It is because modern people have a strange way of thinking. That is, they put theory first and practice second. This habit can be hardly changed but we have no choice but to change it […]

The Evidence of God’s Virtue

Miracles of Johrei Written by Okada Mokichi, 1954 The belief of Meshiya-kyo is very different from that of all the other religions. As for their belief, they don’t clearly disclose the relationship between gods and human beings. Having said that, when people firmly believe in a religion such as Christianity or so, surprising miracles appear. We can perceive God’s will there. Therefore, such a religion has fed the spirits of many believers for hundreds or thousands of years. Needless to say, the more a religion feeds them, the more it has developed now. On the other hand, Meshiya-kyo clarifies the connection between gods and human beings. A religion should have […]

The Lightwave Emitting from the Amulet

Miracles of Johrei Written by Okada Mokichi, 1954 We had already had two examples that the light of our amulet blocked X-ray transmission. They were introduced in our newspaper. The same thing has happened again this time. From the scientific viewpoint, if the same thing happens three times, it would say that it has been proved. It means that it becomes an established theory in spiritual science if an original word is used. As everyone knows, people admire X-ray as a wonderful strong ray that transmits almost everything. Even such a strong ray is blocked by the light emitting from the amulet. This ray of light is stronger than an […]


Miracles of Johrei Written by Okada Mokichi, 1953 Here, I introduced one hundred twenty examples of miracles. When reading them, everyone will be surprised by them. In a word, they are the unprecedented gospel of salvation that expresses the greatest power of God. It is obvious from documentary records that miner miracles have been shown by religions from time to time for a long time. Comparing to them, our numerous miracles are performed by just ordinary people who are given power in a short period of training time. This fact itself is a great miracle. In other words, they are ordinary people but they can perform miracles similar to those […]

Is Medicine Truly A Healing Act?

Miracles of Johrei Written by Okada Mokichi, 1953 Medicine has been said to be a healing act since a long time ago. It cannot be helped because no one knew the basis of medicine. To tell you the truth, this idea is just the opposite. Therefore, we are trying hard to tell the truth. The following report describes it very well. There is no doubt since the spirits in the spiritual world say the truth. This report reminds me of what I often hear. Many descendants of the doctors are unhappy and unfortunate. If the doctors knew this fact, they couldn’t help but become pessimistic. In a word, medical practice […]

Epidemic Typhus

Miracles of Johrei Written by Okada Mokichi, 1953 It is common knowledge that the nation is very worried about epidemic typhus and the authorities prepare quite a few facilities for it every year. Fortunately, I have received the following report. Regarding epidemic typhus, our cure rate is very high that cannot compare to that with medical treatment. Furthermore, injection gets the disease worse. This fact should be noted a lot. According to the situation the last December, epidemic typhus is likely to be quite prevalent. I advise you to read the following report thoroughly instead of saying to be very careful about it. Translated by N.H Thank-You Report #119

What a Miracle!

Miracles of Johrei Written by Okada Mokichi, 1953 Sekai-Meshiya-Kyo is a religion that performs miracles. The more the divine power increases, the more we perform miracles and the happier people become with them. Our believers always have experienced that. The following report describes it very well. When looking at only this miracle, no one has ever heard nor seen it. We cannot find such a miracle even in literature. Frankly speaking, therefore, people will never become happy as long as they become a believer in Sekai-Meshiya-kyo. I am not ashamed to say so. Translated by N.H Thank-You Report #118

Delusion in Medicine

Miracles of Johrei Written by Okada Mokichi, 1953 The patient as below suffered from pleurisy at first but it developed into tuberculosis of the spine under medical treatment. It means that the disease gradually became worse with medical care. She first had swelling in her chest. It is because pleural effusion was forming pus and coming out as swelling. This is a natural healing action indeed. Therefore, if the swelling had been left as it was, it would have got swollen enough to made a hole and pus would have completely discharged. Then she would have recovered completely. However, this fact is unknown in the medical field. Consequently, the patient […]