Thank-You Report for Curing Hernia

Thank-You Report for Hernia #1
Thank-You Report for Hernia #2
Thank-You Report for Hernia #3


Thank-You Report for Curing Hernia #1

Reported by N.T. in Hyogo on the 8th of October, 1951


I became a believer in September 1950 and am living a life full of gratitude. I do appreciate for giving me the power of saving people, too. My writing is not good enough but I would like to report a few of my experiences.

My elder daughter (who is three years old) suffered from a hernia. She had to change a hernia belt four times and her underbelly was rubbed and scratched with it in the end.  When the affected part became swollen, the doctor said, “Keep it worm. No, apply a compress.” I had to look after her day and night. After removing the belt, I had to look after her much more carefully. When she cried, the intestine came out. When it came out, she cried so wildly that I had to take her to the hospital around the clock.

In the middle of August 1950, when I visited Mrs A nearby, I found someone holding up the hand towards the front and backside of her husband. I asked what he was doing. Then I was said, “Any kind of disease is relieved and cured by doing that.” I thought that was a very interesting religion. So many countries so many customs. I just laughed down. When I came home and saw my daughter, I said in my mind, “Even if it is a fraud, my biggest problem will be solved when my daughter is healed. Besides, there is no harm for her as she is never touched.” I soon went back to the neighbour’s house with my daughter. Mr K (who was a performer) just took a break. When I asked him about Johrei, he said, “You don’t have to worry about Johrei at all. You should rely on it. You will find something visibly while receiving Johrei even if you don’t understand the meaning of it.” Then I followed his words and asked him to perform Johrei to my daughter.

I reduced anxiety day by day and my daughter was healed from a hernia in less than a month. I also received Johrei and felt refreshed. I was an ordinary person without faith but I felt something touching my heart. I soon took training from Mr Y in worship centre S and became a believer. When thinking back on a year, I received grace when I suffered from acute colitis, gave birth to a boy and so on. I enshrined a holy folding screen of Kannon-sama and thought more deeply how precious Johrei was. I don’t know how to give thanks to Meshiya-sama for His grace. I am also grateful to Mr Y and Mr B who taught me. Thank you very much again, Meshiya-sama.



Translated by N.H.


Thank-You Report for Curing Hernia #2

Reported by N.Y. in Fukuoka on the 11th of August, 1951


Since my daughter (who is now four years old) suffered from hernia, I became a believer in July 1948. Since then, I have received countless graces and lived a happy life. My daughter started to suffer from hernia when she was forty-five days old. In the beginning, I didn’t care about it. Every time she cried, however, she put a strain on the affected part and the intestine gradually came out. It finally came out of both parts of groins. I got worried and took her to the hospital. The doctor said, “We cannot perform an operation on a baby nor prescribe suitable medicine for a hernia. You have no choice but to apply a hernia belt.” However, the belt can hold down only one affected part. When the one side was held with the belt, the other side came out. I was in deep troubled.

I didn’t know what to do. When I was lost in thought, someone said, “There is a branch office of Meshiya-kyo in town S. Any kinds of diseases are cured there. Why don’t you try to visit there?” I visited there. A chairperson told me about Meshiya-kyo and firmly said, “Hernia is sure to be cured.” Then I received a holy amulet and my daughter received Johrei at the office and also home. She had no pain but the hernia seemed to be not healed soon.

After a while, we enshrined Komyonyorai-sama. Three months later, her hernia was completely cured. Now she never suffers again no matter how strongly she put a strain on herself. Thanks to Meshiya-sama, she has never suffered from illness since then. She has had a preventive injection once but never taken medicine. She is playing full of energy every day. She would still suffer very much if she had not been saved at that time. Thinking about it, I am very grateful that we are living a happy life. Thank you very much, Meshiya-sama. I would like to express my deepest gratitude.



Translated by N.H.


Thank-You Report for Curing Hernia #3

Reported by H.K. in Hyogo on the 27th of February, 1952


Thank you very much, Meshiya-sama. I have received lots of blessings and lived a life full of gratitude since I became a believer. I am very sorry that it took me a while to express my gratitude. My writing is not good enough but here I would like to report my experiences. I have children but all of them were weak and so is especially my son (who is now four years old). He suffered from a hernia. He always had a pain in the belly and cried for half a day. When I took him to the hospital, the doctor said, “Your son should have an operation.” I said, “Is there is no threat to his life?” The doctor said, “We cannot say no as he is a child.” We always got the cold shoulder as we are the needy. For my son, we prayed for any deities people recommended and believed in various religions but he didn’t recover. We suffered for about two years while looking after my sick son.

At that time, someone told me about Meshiya-kyo. Then I visited Mr A in Kobe. He is a believer of Meshiya-kyo and performed Johrei to my son. My son continued to receive Johrei for about ten days but his hernia started to hurt and he cried. I thought Johrei didn’t cure my son. Mr A gave me a newspaper published by Meshiya-kyo and told me to read it thoroughly. When coming back home, I left crying my son and read it first thoroughly. Then I was taught about the infinitive spiritual virtue of Meshiya-sama from the newspaper and said in my mind, “Please save my son, Meshiya-sama.” Then I felt as if an electric current was running through me. My son sitting by my side was in a similar state while putting small hand together and then fell asleep. When I look at him, the hernia was completely cured. I was surprised at a dreamlike incident and then cried with happiness, “Meshiya-sama!”

After that, my husband fell from a high place and couldn’t move his arms. When receiving Johrei, he couldn’t raise his arms even when he was asked to pray for Meshiya-sama. However, after chanting a prayer of Amatsu-Norito, he naturally raised his arms and put hands together. Then his arms were healed. In this way, he also knew the divine power and said, “We will be saved only by Meshiya-sama.” He earnestly believed in Meshiya-kyo and received a long-cherished holy amulet on 18 March. Then I received it in May and we continuously receive the grace.

In December, my one-year-old baby had a great purification. On 30th, we thought he couldn’t be saved but devout believers helped us to perform Johrei to him. We prayed for Meshiya-sama with our whole heart. Then we received the grace of miracle again. He was completely recovered and now becomes very well. Children were not yet believers nor knew the infinitive spiritual virtue of Meshiya-sama and Dai-Komyonyorai-sama. Even so, they received gracious grace from them. After we became a believer, our child was saved although we thought he was not saved. We always receive grace and live a happy life without any anxiety.

When Meshiya-sama visited Hakutsuru Fine Art Museum, I could not help but want to cling to Him in tears but threw oneself on the ground instead. My eyes were filled with tears and I couldn’t see him. We did know nothing but instructors lead us to the life of happiness full of gratitude to Meshiya-sama. He saves sinful people like us. I want to carry out Meshiya-sama’s teachings honestly and do any kinds of work for Him. We have lots of flaws but we ask for His protection as ever.



Translated by N.H.