Thank-You Report for Curing Chronic Bronchitis

Thank-You Report for Chronic Bronchitis #1
Thank-You Report for Chronic Bronchitis #2
Thank-You Report for Chronic Bronchitis #3


Thank-You Report for Curing Chronic Bronchitis #1

Reported by T.T. in Oita on the 8th of April, 1950


I was born in the countryside of Nara and believed in Buddhism. I understood that gods and Buddhas existed and we lived by receiving their grace. When Mrs A visited by chance and said, “Why don’t you believe in Komyonyorai-sama? Everything is solved by holding up a hand,” I felt confused and just laughed down. At that time, I was blessed with health and wealth. Since then, I hadn’t had any chance to know the divine power. However, I became to know how grateful to perform Johrei later. It was around March 1947 when three months had passed since I met her. I didn’t feel like doing anything but tired.

I will never forget what happened to me on 2 January 1948. I felt a chill and got a fever of 40 degrees in that evening. The doctor soon visited me and diagnosed me with serious bronchitis. He gave me an injection, medicine, compress and all sorts of treatments but my fever didn’t go down. I couldn’t sleep well, lost appetite and then grew weak. He couldn’t do anything for me. Then another doctor was called and both of them examined me but nothing was helped by them. My fever just temporarily went down when I took an antipyretic but went back again for a while. They were puzzled and took a sample of my blood. I was finally diagnosed with pulmonary tuberculosis.

“It would be better if you could take an X-ray photo,” they said but I could hardly do. I had a high fever and grew too weak to do it. The doctors said, “Taking too much antipyretic makes you weaker. You should have a rest, take nutritional supplements and Chinese herbal medicine for nourishment a lot and patiently take care of your health.” Then they left. Their words might have been nothing more than an excuse but sounded the death sentence to me as I completely relied on them. I was pushed to the bottom of despair and did nothing but cried with sorrow.

I didn’t know how to live with my small child. I wouldn’t be able to depend on my brother and sister for a long time. A tax office collected tax from me based on last year’s annual income. I would have wanted to die if I had had no child. I will never forget that I was told I would die. That was 10 a.m on the 2nd of March. I cried and cried. Then I remember my late mother single-mindedly prayed for something when we suffered from illness or she had something to worry. She said, “Kannon-sama in Wakayama saves us from anything.” She used to offer a set of festive food for Kannon-sama for the first three days of the New Year. I decided to follow her manner. I cheered me up, gently stroked my right chest with pain and prayed for Kannon-sama with my whole heart.

I didn’t know why but Mrs A suddenly visited me on the morning of the 23rd. She said, “I came here to see you. You are suffering from disease as I thought.” I was so glad that I cried out, “Please save me.” Then I received Johrei from her and then received a holy amulet.

I became completely different from the day before. I was so happy and cried and cried with Mrs A for joy. Since then, I received Johrei every day and became able to go to a bathroom by myself. On the sixth day, I visited to worship a monthly ceremony hold by Mr M in town S. I received dream-like grateful grace at that time. It was raining. When I went out, I looked pale and tired. My family and neighbours saw me and said, “It is too adventurous for you. You will get worse. You should stay at home.” However, I was strongly convinced and said to myself that Komyonyorai-sama must give me grace. I would be all right. I went out while holding the amulet with my left hand.

That was true. I never became ill in bed since then. While I was visiting Mr K in town E every day and receiving Johrei in front of Komyonyorai-sama, I was removed cloud as pealing wet paper. I could start to do light work form the middle of April. I was saved. Such great divine power is nowhere. I had received the grace of great mercy and will feel sorry if I don’t lead people who are suffering as I did to Meshiya-kyo and share this grateful grace with them. I always give thanks for the guidance given by instructors as well as Mr O and Mr M. Now I am spending happy days while performing Johrei to unfortunate people.



Translated by N.H.


Thank-You Report for Curing Chronic Bronchitis #2

Reported by S.A. in Osaka on the 1st of May, 1952


Thank you very much for always giving us grace, Meshya-sama. I was cured of chronic stomach ache, liver disease, catarrh of bronchitis, rheumatoid arthritis, neuralgia and so on by Johrei. Even my livestock was saved. I am afraid that I would like to report a part of grace I got.

I felt burning in my chest around 1942, I was diagnosed with gastric hyperacidity and took medicine. I felt better soon but it didn’t last long. Six months later, I felt burning as before and I took medicine as I did. However, I didn’t get better that time and the symptom gradually got worse. I grew weak and went to see a doctor here and there. Then I was diagnosed with various diseases such as gastric hyperacidity, chronic gastritis, gastric dilation, gastroptosis and so on. I took medicine every day but I felt broaden in the stomach more and more.

I went to Municipal hospital and asked a doctor to take an X-ray photo. A head doctor said, “Because of food shortage, everyone has stomach flatten. On the other hand, your stomach became broadened so that you follow national policy well. I am afraid that an X-ray machine is out of order now. Please wait until it is fixed.” The time had passed but my disease didn’t get better. I always felt broaden in the stomach. Besides, I suffered from catarrh of bronchitis in summer and rheumatoid arthritis, neuralgia in winter. I had a sigh while thinking there was no gods and Buddhas in the world. I was getting bogged down. I finally grew too weak to work.

On 31 March 1951, I went to the gastrointestinal hospital. A doctor said, “Your chronic stomach disease made the heart weak and the liver got swollen. Those symptoms might develop stomach cancer, liver cancer or abdominal swelling. You should patiently have a rest. Otherwise, your life becomes in danger.” I thought this diagnose was the most certain I had ever received. I did my best to take medicine. I felt getting better little by little but didn’t know when I recover completely. While I was still getting bogged down, I heard that Meshiya-kyo easily cured any disease with holding up a hand. A drowning man will catch at a straw. Then I received Johrei from Mr T and read newspapers published by Meshiya-kyo. I didn’t know why but I felt relieved. I was convinced that I totally should rely on Meshiya-kyo and stopped taking any medicine nor seeing a doctor. On 16 August, I received a holy amulet and became a believer.

Then I had purification of bronchitis catarrh. I was suffering from having sputum every day. On the evening of the 25th of August, my symptom became different from usual. Phlegm was stuck in my throat and I couldn’t breathe. I felt so painful that I received Johrei from Mr T as much as possible. Then I kept having phlegm day and night. While having this purification, I slept only a few hours and this condition lasted for ten days. After that, I didn’t feel sleepy nor tired but catarrh of bronchitis was eased after that. On 6 September, I enshrined a holy folding screen of Kannon-sama. On 11 October, I visited to worship an annual ceremony in worship centre A in Gifu. An instructor taught me how grateful the divine power was and I gained the power.

When performing Johrei to people, I am very glad to hear “I got relieved,” or “I was cured.” I always give thanks to Meshiya-sama and rely on Him.

When Meshiya-sama visited Kyoto Theatre on 30 October, I had a meeting with Him. Since then, I had an upset stomach and had a poor appetite. On 5 March when a week passed since I had a meeting with Mashiya-sama, I felt sick from the morning and had no appetite. I dribbled and sometimes vomited gastric juice. At around 11 a.m., I vomited an egg yolk like thing twice and then syrup-like liquid. I thought that is a purification of toxic medicine. I had often heard of it and then, knew how terrible it was.

I sometimes had purification of diarrhoea and also of toxic medicine. Then I steadily felt better and enjoy eating a meal. When the stomach was healed, hepatic enlargement was also healed and rheumatoid arthritis never recurred. On 28 February, I had diarrhoea five or six times. I thought I had purification of my stomach again. However, I still had diarrhoea eight times from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. on the 29th. Then I realised I was suffering from dysentery. When I received Johrei exclusively from Mr T., I had diarrhoea twenty-five or six times in a day and night. I had it twenty times on 1 March and I was soaked in night sweats when I woke up at around 2 a.m. on the 2nd. Then I woke up again at about 4 a.m., I found my sleepwear soaked again. I wondered why so and found that I had watery diarrhoea. I had a grateful purification. On the same day, I had diarrhoea four times and became normal on the 3rd.

In medical science, dysentery is regarded as an abdominal disease and constant concern. On the other hand, it is completely cured by Johrei in a few days. I also had purification in the head and both body and mind got refreshed. I received the grateful mercy, numerous graces and purification from Meshiya-sama. Now our whole family live a heavenly like life without medicine and decide to let people know the grace of this divine virtue as many as possible.



Translated by N.H.


Thank-You Report for Curing Chronic Bronchitis #3

Reported by I.S. in Miyazaki on the 1st of August, 1952


I would like to express my sincere gratitude for giving us grace as bellow. In February 1952, my grandson (who was two years old) had purification of bronchitis. As he was small, he became within an inch of his life. If a person had no strong belief, they would be upset. However, I remembered that I was taught whether a person dies or lives, leave it to God. I performed Johrei to my grandson with a firm belief. I should admit that not all of my family shared my belief but fortunately, they were not strongly against me at least.

Because of such circumstances, I thought we needed to take him to a doctor. I would be sorry for Meshiya-sama if something had happened and it caused to gain a bad reputation and disturb the development of Meshiya-kyo. I prayed for God and called the doctor. Despite a critical condition, he didn’t give an injection to my grandson nor demand having him take medicine. Then the doctor left. I was glad that I could fortunately rely on performing Johrei to him. About three days after when my grandson started to have purification, I gave a phone call to branch office N that I am belonging to and asked Mr K to visit us.

I am living on an island about twenty kilometres away from Nobeoka. There are three hundred families and two thousand people in our small fishing village. A ship is sometimes cancelled due to bad weather. When I called the office, Mr K was there and soon visited us. When receiving Johrei from him, my grandson was thought to be in a very critical condition. He had a high fever and became unconscious. While receiving Johrei, he sometimes stopped breathing and had so serious condition that people around him looked at each other with anxiety. However, Mr K continued to perform Johrei as usual and relied on God. He seemed to think, “It is useless when human beings are in a panic. Only their daily dedication is rewarded.” While receiving continuous Johrei, my grandson became breathing normally and looked better. We were so relieved.

On that night, we asked Mr K to send a telegram to Meshiya-sama through a chief person of the worship centre. We asked for Him to give us the grace. My grandson received Johrei from that night to the next morning. Then he got better very well. We are glad that Meshiya-sama gave us grace. After that, my grandson got better day by day and has become much healthier than before now. My whole family did appreciate the greatness of His grace and live with gratitude. We enshrined Dai-Komyonyorai-sama, a holy folding screen of Kannon-sama and Daikoku-sama. A chairperson of the branch office visits us to hold a ceremony every month and teaches us and other believers. I always think that all believers work to achieve the great construction of Salvation. That is our great goal, duty and obligation. Excuse me for being forward as I have not yet worked for it sufficiently. I would just like to say that I came up with such thoughts. I am such an ordinary person but I do follow what Meshiya-sama teaches us. Thank you very much, Meshiya-sama.



Translated by N.H.