Thank-You Report for Curing Asthma

Thank-You Report for Asthma #1
Thank-You Report for Asthma #2
Thank-You Report for Asthma #3


Thank-You Report for Curing Asthma #1

Reported by N.M. in Kumamoto on the 15th of June, 1952


I became a believer in March 1950. I would like to express my deepest gratitude for your grace, Meshiya-sama. Here I report how I was saved. When I was nineteen years old, I suddenly suffered from bronchial asthma. My pain was so severer that I took any kind of treatment. I first took medicine and injection but they worked just temporarily and my condition didn’t get better. Then I was recommended and tried moxibustion for one year. However, I always got pain the day after I overworked a little. I was ashamed of my body and envied people who worked in good health. When I felt frustrated and wanted to recover, I heard that I would be recover when believing in a religion. Then I relied on Fudo Myoo.

However, I had to do penance. I stood under a waterfall a few times a day in the cold weather. The waterfall was on the mountain and the water was so cold. Just the thought of it makes me shiver even now but I did it. I chanted a sutra while standing under the waterfall and prayed for Fudo Myoo lying face down. My face became swollen. That was so painful but I wasn’t saved. Then I believed in a new religion, then Buddhism and so on. While wandering from religion to religion, I was said, “You are possessed by the spirits of the dead and also living people. They are persistent. It is quite hard that you recover. Therefore, you have to work for the gods much more.” I tried to do what I was said but I was not saved.

I gave up believing in religions and admitted to entering that hospital to have an operation as my last resort. After that, I never suffered from asthma for six months no matter how hard I worked or severely caught a cold. Just after I was glad that I completely recovered, however, I suffered again. I thought I had no way but to die. I spent my days thinking only that and my family was worried about me.

On such an occasion, Mr K visited my house said to me, “You will recover when you receive a holy amulet. Why don’t you do it?” Since I did anything that was said to be good, I could hardly believe it. Mr K is a friend of my father and he often visited my house. He continued to persuade me and said, “I was cured of my illness by the amulet. Just take my word for it and try it.” I was moved by his words and thought I would try it once more.” Then I decided to do it.

I had a hard time until now as I had to do things by myself for religions. On the other hand, I was said to be healed by just holding up a hand this time. I could hardly believe it but continued to receive Johrei while I was suspecting what I heard. Nothing changed from before. Seven or ten days after that, I felt pain. Mr I said, “You should be glad that you have purification.” As I felt severe pain day and night, how could I be glad? I repeatedly thought that I was deceived and I should stop it. However, Mr I said to me, “You will be healed in about three months. You should not take medicine and injection as much as possible.” I do what I was said. That is my disposition. So, I stopped taking medicine and injection no matter how I felt pain. I was half in doubt but continued to receive Johrei.

From that time, a chief person of a worship centre came almost once a month. When I listened to his stories, I felt I might be cured but I didn’t feel like receiving a holy amulet. As the days went by, my symptom became better and I wanted to receive the amulet. Then I took training. I was said that I would recover in about a year and looking forward to it very much. The awaited one year had passed but I still had purification. Whenever the chief person came, I always complained. Without knowing that I had clouds of accumulated sin, I complained to God. When thinking of it, I am so ashamed that I don’t know how I should apologise. Please forgive me.

Now I completely recovered and I am living in good health. I never recur no matter how hard I work. I am very grateful for owing to the divine virtue of Meshiya-sama. From now on, I would like to introduce Meshiya-kyo to people as many as possible. Thank you very much, Meshiya-sama.



Translated by N.H.


Thank-You Report for Curing Asthma #2

Reported by Y.M. in Yamaguchi on the 16th of July, 1952


Thank you very much for always giving us grace, Meshiya-sama. I suffered from asthma since I was a child. Because of this disease, I had to take a year off from school. It couldn’t be helped. I spent lonely days with medicine. Whenever I had an asthma attack, I temporarily stopped it with injection and medicine. My arms became so stiff that I couldn’t have an injection needle shoved anymore. Meanwhile, I heard that slug cured asthma. As my mother told me to take it, I did it but my symptom didn’t get better. Then I tried moxibustion, bird lime, Chinese plum juice and so on but none of them did work.

As recommended by others, I went to worship anywhere. Then I was said, “That is nothing but an obstacle of ancestors. You should pray for them.” So, I provided Segaki and Mizusegaki. I didn’t think I poorly treated ancestors but contrarily had memorial services for them so often. Nevertheless, my asthma didn’t get better. I made my parents worried and felt very sorry for them. I wanted to recover for my parents but I didn’t. I felt so sad.

My parents said, “You should have an operation as a last resort. It is all right if you are cured but if not, we do nothing but give up.” I agreed with them and I had an operation on my right side first. What a surprise! I got relieved from pain. Then I had an operation on the other side. I suddenly got a sharp pain in the head from that night. My mother called a doctor at around half past one. He gave me three injections but I didn’t get better. So, I took a pain killer, too. That symptom continued for a week. After that, I felt a little better and left the hospital. However, I didn’t get better and continued to suffer. Then I went back to the hospital the next day and was there for about fortnight. Even after having an operation, I still had an asthma attack. It couldn’t be helped any more. I gave up everything and just waited for my death.

One day, Mrs S nearby visited and said to me, “Why don’t you become a believer of Meshiya-kyo and rely on Meshiya-sama? I think you will be healed.” Then she performed Johrei to me. My mother was suspicious and said, “Does such a thing cure disease?” Another day, Mrs S brought Mr R in branch office H. He eagerly recommended that I should receive Johrei.” Then I thought I would trust him and decided to receive Johrei at a worship centre in town H for about a month.

As I received Johrei, I felt better. I sometimes fell asleep while receiving Johrei. When my mother became a believer, my father was opposed and said, “She will never be cured in such a way. Don’t be deceived.” Despite his opposition, my mother became a believer in September 1951. When I kept receiving Johrei from her every day, I had purification and gradually felt better. In this January, I visited a worship centre in town A and honourably received a holy amulet from a chief person. Since then, I am living with gratitude.

In June, I suddenly had a pain in the belly and diarrhoea fourteen to fifteen times in a day. Then I had bloody faeces for three days. After that, I felt better in the belly and gained appetite. I got better and better. I still have purification on the fifth, sixth and seventh day and the toxic medicine is excreted at each time. Because of the terrible attack of asthma, I thought of dying but now it never happens. I am so glad to be saved. Even though I was completely cured by Johrei, my stubborn father is still opposed. However, when he has rashes sometimes, I perform Johrei to him and his itchiness is gone. I think he will become a believer soon.

Thank you very much, Meshiya-sama.



Translated by N.H.


Thank-You Report for Curing Asthma #3

Reported by N.Y. in Nagasaki on the 3rd of September, 1952


At the age of twenty-eight in October, I suddenly started to suffer from asthma. I tried any kind of medicine, injection and also religion but none of them did work. From the beginning, the attack occurred once or twice in a year. However, as I continued to take injection and medicine, the attack just temporarily stopped but the number of attacks gradually increased. Around 1951, I had to take a day off from work for one or two months. I have a son (who was twelve years old at that time) and he also suffered from asthma since he was around three years old. When I recovered, he got ill in bed and when he recovered, I got ill in bed. We were also financially struggling. We lost laughter and my house became pitch-dark.

At that time, my colleague Mr T told me about Meshiya-kyo. I was half in doubt but joined a monthly ceremony hold by Mr S. Mr F was there. He is an instructor. He told me about Meshiya-kyo and performed Johrei to me. Then I returned home. On the next day, I felt bloated in the belly and had diarrhoea. Then I had an asthma attack a few days after that. As I was told about purification, I kept enduring the pain without taking medicine nor injection. After the attack stopped, I became in good shape. Then I let my wife have the training and become a believer.

Since then, I received Johrei from her day and night and also from Mr F sometimes. During that time, I had various kinds of purifications such as high fever, diarrhoea, asthma, attack and so on. I was glad that I felt lighter whenever I had purification. On 12 November when I had a rest with light asthma attack, I suddenly had a terrible attack at around 3 p.m. I was drenched in sweat and my nails of fingers and toes became purple. They made me very surprised. Since my wife was also told about a great purification, she soon called Mr F. He performed Johrei to me and my purification was immediately gone. When he was leaving, I could see him off with a smile. I thought I passed my great purification at that time. Since then, my purification became lighter.

Meanwhile, my son also had purification many times and got better at each time. Now he cheerfully goes to school. In this New Year’s days, my wife had purification of a whitlow in the middle finger of the right hand. She could hardly cook. However, I completely recovered from asthma for sixteen years at that time. I got up before five and cooked in the coldest weather but there was nothing wrong with me. I thought it was very strange and asked Mr F. He said, “You are the main person in your family. If you had too much purification, it would trouble your family. So, Meshiya-sam gave your wife purification instead of you.” I was moved to tears for the greatness of His grace. Her whitlow became milder enough to do housework. From now on, I would like to try to do my best to work for Meshiya-sama. Thank you very much, Meshiya-sama. We would like to express our deepest gratitude.



Translated by N.H.