Thank-You Report for Curing Arteriosclerosis and High Blood Pressure

Thank-You Report for Arteriosclerosis and High Blood Pressure #1
Thank-You Report for Arteriosclerosis and High Blood Pressure #2
Thank-You Report for Arteriosclerosis and High Blood Pressure #3

Since arteriosclerosis and high blood pressure are indirectly related to paralysis, I introduce three thank-you reports for paralysis here.

Thank-You Report for Paralysis #1
Thank-You Report for Paralysis #2
Thank-You Report for Paralysis #3


Thank-You Report for Arteriosclerosis and High Blood Pressure #1

Reported by N.K. in Shizuoka on the 16th of May, 1952


My writing is poor but I would like to report how I was saved and give thanks to Meshiya-sama. I had worked for an instrument producing company for a long time. Last year when I was working, I suddenly became dizzy and often became so after that. Then I went to the clinic owned by the company. I was diagnosed with arteriosclerosis. Since then, my life was changed. I had to have a rest and go to the clinic every day. I continued to take injections and medicines for so long but didn’t get better. Then three or four months had quickly passed. Because the company owned the clinic, I had no financial problem but I felt sad as I couldn’t work. I continued not to sleep at every night and finally became insomnia. My anguish couldn’t be expressed in words. I wanted to return to work and therefore, I thought I should follow the doctor’s words. I concentrated on doing what he said.

The result was just the opposite as expected. My symptom of insomnia become worse and I became dizzy even when I worked a little. Even in this situation, the company paid me every month. However, I didn’t think God left a person who didn’t work nor contributed to the world as they were. At that time, the company asked the doctor how I was. The doctor said, “His arteriosclerosis won’t be cured but we see how it goes for a while.” Therefore, I became a candidate for the labour reduction and it was left as it was for a while.

I didn’t know it at that time. One day, on the way back home after receiving my salary, I met Mr S. He is working for the same company as me. He kindly said, “You are taking off from work for a long time. How are you? I am a believer in Mehiya-kyo. If you are in such a condition, it will help you.” I appreciated his kindness and asked him to help me. Then he visited me on the next day, told me about Meshiya-kyo and performed Johrei to me. On the next day, he took me to a worship centre. We asked a chairperson to perform Johrei. While performing to me, he pointed out where I suffered; medulla oblongata, neck, shoulders and back. When finishing, he told me about them in detail. He firmly said, “You will be healed at this rate.” I felt so encouraging.

However, I got worried after coming home. I wondered if I would be healed in such a way. I understood how bad medicine was and daringly stopped taking it but I wondered if I would be all right. I stopped visiting the centre on the next day and became absent-minded for a few days. Then Mr S kindly visited me again.

Mr S said, “How did you feel when receiving Johrei? Did you feel good?”
I said, “I felt good. I never felt like that before.”
Mr S, “If so, why did you stop it? Compare to the treatment you took at the clinic, you never felt like that no matter how many times you took the treatment there. That made you clear that Johrei will heal you.”
I said, “You are right but I don’t know if I could be healed just by holding up the hand. Besides, I have to go to the clinic to get my salary. Without a medical certification, I won’t have my salary. For such reasons, I haven’t been to the centre since then.”
Mr S said, “I understand that you have such reasons. It’s no wonder and natural you think so. If I were you, I would have to follow the policy of the company.”
I said, “Am I all right? Can I receive the grace of God if I am following the both?”
Mr S, “Now, you cannot avoid taking that way. God might forgive your condition for a while. Why don’t you go to see the chairperson to ask?”
I said, “I thought I might bother him. So, I felt sorry to visit there. That’s why I consequently told you such a lie. Could you go with me and ask him for me?”
Mr S said, “Ah, I see. You are older than me but unexpectedly timid.”
I became at ease through our conversations.

Then I visited the centre soon. When I asked the chairperson about my condition, he told me that God’s act is versatile and flexible. He said, “We cannot decide which is good or bad on the human side. It’s dangerous for us to decide an uncertain thing.” He also said, “You first pray to God. I think you would receive grace if you asked Him the right thing but wouldn’t receive it if you asked a wrong thing. So, when you as a person think it is right, then you ask for God and continue to receive Johrei.” As I had no choice at that time, I asked him to perform Johrei every day. Whenever receiving Johrei, full of tears flowed from my eyes and I had to wipe them with a handkerchief so many times.

I was told that a large amount of toxin accumulated and solidified in the medulla oblongata and it caused insomnia and also made me feel dizzy. I was so glad that I got better day by day. About a week after that, the chairperson said to me, “You must have been to the hospital when you suffered from something before as you have a large amount of toxin in your body.” I couldn’t remember it soon. A long time ago, I fell off a ladder and hit the back of the head and back strongly. I was about to die. I just saw the doctor a little. When I told about that accident, the chairperson said, “The purification might have occurred to the solidified internal bleeding in the part you bruised and the solidified and accumulated toxin in the body.” When I looked back, the part I hit corresponded to the affected part.

Since then, my insomnia was gradually healed and I became all right to work. If Mr S didn’t visit me twice, I would still have to suffer. If I were not given Johrei, what would happen to me? Thinking of it, I can’t help but give thanks to Meshiya-sama. He saved me. I also have no words to express how thankful I am for Mr S’s help. After that, I made relieved and had no problem to work. Then I went to see the doctor as usual and explained my condition. I asked him to make out a medical certificate. However, he said, “Arteriosclerosis is never cured. Even if your condition is good, I don’t admit that you are cured. So, I cannot make it out. It is I who have to take responsibility if something happens while you are working. That troubles the company, too.” He refused to make out a medical certificate for me even though I could do any kind of work. I was so miserable. Since then, I started to feel anger with medical science. Then I thought many people felt like me and I had to save them. I received a holy amulet and became a believer. Two months later, I was called by the company. When I went there, I was said, “You are suffering from arteriosclerosis and the doctor said you won’t be cured. Besides, you have one year left until retirement. Why don’t you accept the labour reduction at the end of this fiscal year? If you do, you will receive more retirement payments than usual.”

I said, “Since I am good enough to do any kind of work, please let me work.” Then I was said, “The doctor told us you won’t be recovered. If something happened to you when you worked, it would be a problem.” I finally became a member of the labour reduction.

Thinking about this, however, I was saved from death and knew what I did wrong things so far. God gave me a new life to work hard to save people with His teachings and ideas. I was rather given freedom full of new hope by Him. I am very grateful. I would like to express my gratitude very much and ask for my protection to save people as many as possible.



Translated by N.H.


Thank-You Report for Arteriosclerosis and High Blood Pressure #2

Reported by Y.K. in Iwate on the 25th of July, 1950


We would like to express our deepest gratitude. I deeply apologise for the delay in my report. It is like a dream that I can work in good health. When I recall, I had a kidney problem since a few years ago. My face became swollen and my legs felt heavy when I got a little tired. I felt uncomfortable. At the end of the last year, I suddenly had pain in the right kidney. I could hardly stand and got ill in bed. I felt so much pain that I could hardly turn over for twenty-five days. I spent every day while feeling uncomfortable. I lived with my old mother and my elder sister. She is fourteen years older than me. She had one kidney removed ten years ago. When her remaining kidney became wrong, a doctor said that she wouldn’t be saved. However, she was saved by Johrei. She recovered and became a believer. We enshrined a holy folding screen of Kannon-sama and then Komyonyorai-sama. Now she does housework more than others.

She told me to receive Johrei but I couldn’t trust it at all. I was rather against it. In this January, however, I was told that I suffered from right kidney tuberculosis and had to have an operation. I completely believed in medical science. I admitted to the hospital and got ready to have an operation. When I took an X-ray photo of the right kidney before admitting to the hospital, it was black and we didn’t see the kidney. However, when I took another X-ray photo two days before the scheduled date of surgery, we could see the part of the kidney clearly. The doctor and I were very surprised. He did wonder why so and said to me, “Did you apply any treatment before being in the hospital?” He finally said, “You don’t have to have an operation anymore.” I felt deflated.

I took liquid and powdered medicine for ten days when I was in hospital but I don’t think those medicines could cure my serious disease. While thinking about that, I remember one thing. I received Johrei about a week before admitting the hospital. At that time, I didn’t think I would be cured in such a way. However, Mr A who is an instructor of Meshiya-kyo said to me, “You will no longer need to have an operation no matter how you distrust Johrei.” I got so embarrassed when I remembered his words. I was so stupid not to believe in gods and Buddhas. Soon after I left the hospital, I became a believer. Now I am in good shape and help housework. I am very grateful to Meshiya-sama. He gave me grace.

Then on the night of the 3rd of April, my mother suffered from arteriosclerosis and she became in critical condition. We call a doctor and all my relatives and brothers gathered. The doctor gave her an injection but she couldn’t move as death. Then my sister and I performed Johrei to her. She moved little by little. It was incredible that she was in the state of death for a whole day. In the next afternoon, she opened her eyes and gradually became able to speak. Now she can do needlework. Thank you very much for your repeated protection, Meshiya-sama. From now on, I would like to save people by Johrei as many as possible. I ask for your protection as ever.



Translated by N.H.


Thank-You Report for Arteriosclerosis and High Blood Pressure #3

Reported By I.K. in Shimane on the 10th of March, 1952


My writing is not good enough but I would like to report one of many blessings I received. I had suffered from asthma and high blood pressure since 1948. The doctor said, “Your blood pressure is 230. As you might suffer from cerebral haemorrhage very well, you should take medicine and injection. We also collect your blood. Otherwise, you are in great danger.” I had my blood collected, and then the symptom of asthma got worse. My pain was beyond description.

I asked the doctor to stop collecting blood but continued to take medicine and injection. After that, asthma attacks got severe. When I talked to the doctor, he said, “Taking injection stops asthma attacks but that makes your blood pressure goes up. So, refrain from taking it. Otherwise, you are more likely to have a cerebral haemorrhage.” Then I gave up injection and always breathed hard and suffered agony. I had moxibustion on my back so often that my back had a large hole. I took all sort of treatments such as Chinese medicine, folk remedies, skin grafting twice and so on but I never got better. The attack sometimes became so severe that I couldn’t sleep for a few days and had terrible pain as if I stopped breathing. To get out of that pain, I had no choice but took Ephedrine, Bosmin and so on again and again even if I might suffer from a cerebral haemorrhage.

From that time, the head and shoulder ache got worse. When I went to see a doctor, my blood pressure went up by 20. So, I had medicine to reduce blood pressure and injection to raise it. I repeatedly did it. When thinking back, what a stupid thing I did! The doctor measured my blood pressure once a month and I took medicine and injection every day. I continued to do so for one year and four months. My blood pressure became about 160 once and my headache got relieved. However, it gradually returned after all. The doctor finally said, “Medicine doesn’t work. We have no choice but collect your blood.” As I suffered from asthma so badly, I turned down to have blood collected. I prepared for anything and did count on my wife. However, she suffered from sciatica and stayed in bed around March 1950. She had injection and moxibustion but her condition hanged in the balance. They didn’t seem to work.

However, I heard about Meshiya-kyo from a believer by chance in March 1951. My wife and I were taken to worship centre A with a gasp on 15 March. Mr S told us about Meshiya-kyo and performed Johrei to us. We heard that training would start from the next day. We don’t know what the training was and took no notice. However, we were said, “That’s good. You should join it and became a believer. You will receive the grace of God.” Then we asked to join the training and took it for three days. Then we received a holy amulet.

I didn’t know why but my terrible attack of asthma became lighter after receiving Johrei only twice. I got better day by day. I had purification a few times after that and got better at each time. Asthma attack stopped around May and I returned to work. My wife also got the grace of God and she became able to work around that time. The great divine light shone into our gloomy house. Our hearts as well as our house immediately became brighter. I am very grateful for owing to the divine virtue of Meshiya-sama.

When visiting a monthly ceremony in town M on 15 May 1951, I heard that Meshiya-sama would be allowed to have visitors in Kyoto. He was going to travel around the Kansai region. I immediately ask for this honour. Then I left for Kyoto on 28th. On 30th when I was out, my son used a cow for farming but it suddenly jumped up and rampaged. My son didn’t get used to using a cow and he couldn’t control it. The cow finally fell into the river. The river is 150 centimetres wide and 180 centimetres deep. Its riverbed is bedrock. He though He killed the cow and jumped into the river. Then he removed the saddle. The cow tried to climb up from the river with a short breath. It was strange that the cow had no scratches and walked as usual. Since the cow was pregnant, my son took it to a veterinarian in the next village but nothing was wrong with it. I heard about this accident when I came back home. I felt like breaking into a cold sweat.

If that was not a miracle, then what was it? Our whole family immediately expressed our deepest gratitude to a holy object of worship. We enshrined Dai-Komyonyorai-sama and a holy folding screen of Kannon-sama. We receive absolute grace of God day and night. Now I completely recovered from asthma and forgot its pain. The blood pressure hasn’t been down yet. I think it is because I had a large amount of toxic medicine in my body. I have a slight pain in the head but I don’t have to worry even if cerebral haemorrhage occurs. I strongly believe that we will be protected by Dai-Komyonyorai-sama. I am now in the state of totally relying on God and engage in farming day and night. When I recall, my pain has gone year by year in three years. I do nothing but cry out, “Thank you! Thank you!!” I am very grateful for receiving high grace of Meshiya-sama. We would like to express our deepest gratitude. I also would like to work hard to help the holy act of God to reward our favour even a little. Thank you very much, Meshiya-sama. My writing is not good enough but I would like to report my experience and give thanks to Meshiya-sama.



Translated by N.H.


Thank-You Report for Paralysis #1

Reported by T.R. in Shizuoka on the 6th of April, 1952


I received countless blessings since I became a believer in December 1927. I would like to report that I had purification of cerebral haemorrhage and recovered in only about two months. On 24 January 1952, I had a meeting of natural farming at a worship centre.  When I arrived at the centre by bicycle, I worshipped before the meeting started. Just after that, I lost consciousness and fell in front of a holy object of worship while I was half realising my body was falling.

The chief person of the centre was just there and performed Johrei to me. I got conscious in about an hour. I did feel grateful for Johrei. Thanks to God, I felt calm and was brought back home by a motor three-wheeler. My house was about four kilometres away from the centre. I didn’t feel tired very much and went to sleep. Since then, I only relied on Komyonyorai-sama and received Johrei from believers as well as instructors of the centre. I was rumoured by neighbours, “We don’t know how long she took to recover.” However, I got better day by day like pealing thin paper. I recovered from constipation. I felt righter very much after I had a large amount of nosebleed. My unclear pronunciation became clear. I could sit on the bed forty days after suffering from a cerebral haemorrhage. On the fiftieth day, I could walk while holding something. On about the sixtieth day, now sensations returned the paralysed my right body and the movement of arm and leg became better. I could enjoy having a meal with my family.

I remembered those two months as if they were like a dream. If I had fallen one hour, or just ten minutes earlier, what would have happened to me? Just the thought of it makes me shiver. How happy I am as I fell in the holy place and the chief person immediately performed Johrei to me. I am very grateful for owing to the absolute power of Meshiya-sama. I just shed tears of gratitude. Thank you very much, Meshiya-sama. I felt happiness in the morning and evening.


Translated by N.H.


Thank-You Report for Paralysis #2

Reported by S.K. in Shizuoka on the 17th of August, 1952


I recently received great grace. I would like to report it briefly and give thanks to Meshiya-sama. On 6 March, I suddenly suffered from a cerebral haemorrhage and my whole body became paralysed. I couldn’t move my arms and legs and needed my family’s help to eat for four or five days. I felt pain in the whole body and I got worried about how I would be. However, a devout believer of Meshiya-kyo nearby performed Johrei to me every day. On the 23rd day, I became able to stand. I never forget how happy I was. My whole family as well as my husband did feel grateful.

I stood along on a cane for the first three days and I could walk without the cane after that. Then I got better and better day by day. Now I can walk outside without a cane. As I became better so quickly, neighbours are so surprised and ask what sort of medicine or injection I took. As we have a small child, my house would have become dark if I had been ill in bed. However, I received infinite grace of God and He made me recover so quickly. Thank you very much, Meshiya-sama. I would like to express my deepest gratitude.



Translated by N.H.


Thank-You Report for Paralysis #3

Reported by S.Y. in Akita on the 5th of August, 1952


We were saved from a living hell of darkness and became a happy family full of joy. I cannot describe the depth of Meshiya-sama’s grate grace but would like to report a part of it we received. I hope that people who are suffering from disease, poverty and conflict read my report and know Meshiya-sama as a saviour has already appeared, and they are saved like us as soon as and as many as possible.

In February 1942, a terrible disease sneaked into our happy family. After childbirth, my mother was doing poorly and admitted to the hospital. She didn’t get better even after a month. She left the hospital but still paralysed in the lower body and couldn’t sit up in bed. Since then, we took her to see a doctor one after another and gave her any kind of medical treatment. However, she couldn’t get up and spent four years to groan in bed. The war raged and we evacuated to our parent’s home.

When my two brothers and I came back from school, we found our mother being ill in bed with a gloomy face. Our hearts were choked with sorrow and couldn’t enjoy playing. My grandmother got very worried and finally died. My mother said, “How miserable we are! We are living in the hell on earth.” She spent her days in tears and sorrow. When we saw my father getting up early and cooking for us awkwardly, we felt so sad. When looking at friends playing with no worry, I didn’t know how much I envied them.

My aunt also evacuated with her children from Kawasaki. They also suffered from serious diseases one by one. They frequently went to see a doctor. My aunt suffered from serious uterine cancer not to be helped but recovered after relying on Dai-Komyonyorai- sama. Then her child also cured of periostitis. So, my aunt wanted to save my mother and tried hard to perform Johrei to her. It was September 1949. After a week, we didn’t see any progress with my mother. As she had been ill in bed for more than seven years, we didn’t think she would get better so easily. As for my mother, she completely gave up recovering after having any kind of treatment. She became desperate.

My aunt still wanted to save her somehow as she was saved from serious disease. She continued to pray for God with her whole heart. Her sincere heart might have reached to God. In the morning on the eighth day, Mr N visited my aunt by chance. She asked him to perform Johrei to my mother first. Soon after that, we went to school. After coming back from school, I found my mother standing. I couldn’t believe it. I thought that it must have been a dream. My aunt told me that my mother had been suffered from an invisible spirit for eight years.

That spirit was the great-grandmother of my mother. She delivered my mother’s grandfather when she was twenty years old. Then she died and fell into the realm of blood-pond hell and had been suffering for about a century. We, of course, always prayed for ancestors and had memorial services for them. Even so, she was not saved. Could the existing religions not save spirits? I didn’t know religion but understood that the spirit possessed my mother to want to be saved from hell and made her severely ill for eight years. The spirit was saved by chanting a prayer three times. Then my mother could stand up. What a great power it is! This spiritual illness was solved in an hour. Science would never heal it no matter how it progressed. We had no words how we are grateful for this great divine power.

Since my mother was ill in bed for eight years, she could hardly walk well. Her legs became thin like a child and knee joints hardened like running out of oil. However, she made a promise to go to a worship centre by train and receive a holy amulet a week later. My father and uncle strongly disagreed with her. As Mr N said to her, “If a person wants for the grace of God, He gives them no matter how difficult it is,” my mother and aunt strongly determined to go there. On such an occasion, a spirit possessed my mother and explained how important to have the training and persuaded my father and uncle. This spirit was my grandmother’s. She offered her help for her dearest daughter from the spiritual world. When my father saw it with his own eyes, he permitted my mother to go.

She returned in good spirits after a three-day training. She could walk outside alone a week after that and visit the place 4 kilometres away from the house a month after. She became pregnant soon after that and we had a pretty brother in December 1950. How grateful that was! My mother was healed from the illness for eight years and also given a child. That is a great miracle which modern science never achieve.

I became a believer afterword and am living without worrying.

Looking back on those days, upon a pitch-dark night, I wandered without a cane

This poem describes us very well. How could I reward to the divine grace? An ordinary person like me doesn’t know how I should. However, I hope that people get to know this great miracle, become a believer of Meshiya-kyo and they are saved by the great mercy of God.



Translated by N.H.