Thank-You Report for Curing Infantile Paralysis

Thank-You Report for Infantile Paralysis #1
Thank-You Report for Infantile Paralysis #2
Thank-You Report for Infantile Paralysis #3
Thank-You Report for Infantile Paralysis #4
Thank-You Report for Infantile Paralysis #5
Thank-You Report for Infantile Paralysis #6


Thank-You Report for Infantile Paralysis #1

Reported by S.K. in Yamaguchi on the 15th of July, 1952


I will never forget what suddenly happened to my daughter on the morning of the 12th of this April. My second daughter was two years and three months old. She was cheerful until the night before that. In the next morning, she was still in bed. As she always acts silly, we thought she playfully pretended to be sleeping. So, we left her. However, she told my wife that she couldn’t get up. When my wife went to see her, she was struggling while hanging out on both legs. We were surprised by her sudden change and took her to a home doctor nearby. He was puzzled and said, “Her condition is serious. I cannot bear the responsibility of her. Please take her to the orthopaedic hospital.” Then we hurried to take her there but an orthopaedic surgeon said the same thing as the home doctor said. We were losing hope but we took her to a paediatrician as our last hope. He is a loyal customer of ours.

He invited me to another room near a consulting room. He opened a thick medical book, sighed deeply and said, “There are many diseases which cannot be solved yet by medical science. Your daughter is suffering from so-called a Laundry disease and her symptom is very severe. The cause of this disease has not been founded by medical science and there is no sufficient treatment for it. The patients would die in most cases but she might not one of them. Besides, the new medicine is being produced one after another. I will do my best. Please leave her to me but remember a matter of life and death depends on luck.” I felt as if I was pushed down in the dark, and yet we have no choice. We followed his words and put her in the hospital. My whole family sat up with her all through the night and Dr T treated my daughter with all sorts of new medicine. However, she didn’t recover.

On the second day, she no longer moved her arms. She started to dribble from her mouth and got short of breath on the third day. Dr T looked serious. I thought, “She was taken the disease which even medical science couldn’t solve. Dying from this disease is her fate.” I gave up her in my heart and told my wife to prepare for her death. Having said that, when looking at my dearest daughter, I wanted to save her somehow but I couldn’t come up with an idea. I went blank. In such an occasion, the wife of a person in the same business visited us and kindly said, “You should rely on a deity. I am worshipping Ishizuch-Daigongen. His prediction comes true. Why don’t you go there tomorrow?” In search of her cure, I visited there but his story didn’t make sense and it was hard to understand.

When I went back to the hospital, her brain seemed to be attacked by the disease. She ground her teeth and took a faint breath. I thought it was all over but suddenly flashed in my head. I remembered Mr A. He is a head clerk of a pottery wholesaler in Kokura, which is one of my suppliers. He is a believer of Meshiya-kyo and talked about it when visited us for business. When I was a student at a teachers college, I served in the army. At that time, I was deeply interested in the relationship between faith and human beings. I read religious books and also heard of religious things to some extent. However, I couldn’t fully agree with what Mr A said. So, I didn’t get interested in Meshiya-kyo very much.

However, the situation had changed. My daughter was in critical condition and I was given up by everything. As an old saying said, “A drowning man will catch at a straw,” I immediately contacted him but he was unfortunately on his business trip. Then I raised my courage and I contacted Mr U., whom Mr A told about. Mr U contacted Mr M in a branch office of Meshiya-kyo. Then Mr M kindly visited us and performed Johrei.

He said, “She will be healed but if she is in the hospital, she takes toxic medicine. That is not good.” I hesitated for a second but I thought, “She is suffering from a disease abandoned by the doctor. She would be happy to die at home if she did. I don’t know whether Johrei saves my daughter or not but anyway I will try on it.” I let my wife make a decision. I pushed the strong opposition of our relatives (one of who is my sister’s husband and he is a surgeon) and Dr T’s repeated and earnest detention. On the next day of the 17th, we left the hospital with my daughter. Six days had already passed since my daughter got sick. Then we visited a worship centre in town B on the 18th. We listened to Mr K. Then he performed Johrei to my daughter. He clearly said, “Don’t worry. She will be healed.” To tell the truth, I doubted forty per cent of his words but had sixty per cent of hope. Even so, I visited him and my daughter received Johrei every day. Mr M always told me the faith-full of mercy.

On 20 April, my daughter had a great purification. She foamed at the mouth and became difficult to breathe. My whole family was surprised and panicked. I told them that she was purified very much by Johrei.” I relied on Meshiya-sama with my whole heart. Then I didn’t know why but her symptom subsided. From that night, she slept well. a few days after that, she had a little appetite. Mr M said, “She is all right now.” His words did encourage me. On 28 April, my wife received a holy amulet and then I became a believer on 8 May. When we continued to perform Johrei to my daughter, she gradually gained appetite and naturally stopped dribbling and foaming at the mouth. One month after she got ill, she could move shoulders a little. On the fortieth day, she moved hands a little. On the fiftieth day, she moved legs a little. Now, more than two months have passed. She just has to gain strength in her fingertips and toes to recover completely. All of the neighbours are very surprised.

A few days ago, my wife met Dr T by chance. He was surprised to see my daughter’s recovery. He said, “How did she recover? That is an absolute miracle. Did she have moxibustion or massage?” My wife said, “Nothing like them.” He said, “I don’t know why but that would be a medical research subject. I would like to present a paper at a conference. Could I possibly see her sometime?” As I mentioned, my sister’s husband is a surgeon. He was strongly against my daughter’s discharge and had a big argument with me at that time. Now he is facing an undeniable fact and wondering why so. He asks me to borrow the medical book of Meshiya-Kyo. So, I asked Mr M.

Furthermore, my mother has been a believer of a certain new religion for a long time but became to believe in Meshya-kyo after listening to its faith. Now she is having purification of breast cancer and visiting the branch office. She receives Johrei and I am convinced that she will receive the grace of God. In the past, our house was under the shadow of dark clouds and difficulties were lying ahead but now the divine light shines and the house is filled with hope and joy. As for our business, we reduced overdoing business and trimmed down. We are not rich but have fun a lot. We are living with spiritual peace and enlightenment. Now our family would like to work hard as Meshiya-sama teaches us and to help the constriction of Paradise on Earth as much as possible. We decide to reward the grace of Meshiya-sama.

Thank you very much, Meshiya-sama. I humbly ask for your grace as ever.



Translated by N.H.



Thank-You Report for Infantile Paralysis #2

Reported by T.S. in Nagasaki on the 17th of July, 1952


In August 1947, my third son suddenly suffered from infantile paralysis. He is now eight years old and eight months but he couldn’t walk nor even stand up. He was in the hospital for more than a year since then but nothing was changed. We looked for notable doctors and relied on gods and Buddhas. We went to Kagoshima at the farthest and walked around in our city but all ended in vain. There was no longer another way than natural remedy. When he entered an elementary school in April 1950, I hold him on my back to take him to the school. Since he became a second-year student, he has been to school with crutches. When looking at my son, I always sobbed in sorrow. On such an occasion, Mrs M, who is a mother in law of my daughter, said, “I suffered from uterine cancer but was saved by Johrei just before having an operation. Why don’t you try it?” On 18 May, I first visited to worship.

On that day, a branch office was opened in Sasebo for the first time. I was half in doubt but asked to perform Johrei to my son. After he received Johrei for about fifteen minutes, an instructor said, “Oh, you seem to move your legs. Put your legs forward.” Then he smoothly did it. What a surprising thing! He couldn’t move legs for five years. I was so surprised that I couldn’t believe my eyes. All attendants were so amazed. Mrs A was so pleased in tears, too. I thought my son felt much happier than me and my heart was full of gratitude.

After receiving Johrei four or five times, he could cross his legs and now has strength enough in his legs to try to stand up on his own. He couldn’t raise his legs while lying down but now he can do. He can also raise his leg while standing. They all prove that he is gaining his strength in his legs. His legs used to be very cold but became burning hot while he receives Johrei. Now he is looking forward to receiving Johrei very much. I always hold him on my back to visit the office but he couldn’t often wait for my back and visited there with crutches alone. He used to sleep like the shape of a shrimp but recently sleeps with his arms and legs spread out. He looks very well. Thinking of all facts, I do appreciate the deepest grace of God. I was also deeply impressed by how great the act of God is.

Thank you very much, Meshiya-sama. I would like to express my feeling of gratitude for your greatness.



Translated by N.H.



Thank-You Report for Infantile Paralysis #3

Reported by U.M. in Shimane on the 2nd of February, 1952


Thank you very much for giving us your grace, Meshya-sama. Now I would like to report my experience. When I was three months pregnant, I had little colour and my legs felt heavy. When I went to see a doctor, I was diagnosed with coronary beriberi. I took medicine every day but I didn’t get better. I couldn’t work outside but just managed to move at home. I didn’t think I could deliver easily but unexpectedly did. I gave birth to a boy. However, breast milk stopped in a month. I brought him up with distributed milk. I thought I didn’t have breast milk as I took a lot of medicine while I was pregnant. After childbirth, I got ill and my baby grew slowly. We spent gloomy times together.

Our family used to live in good health. So, we became totally at loss. Time had passed so quickly. My son became three years old but he couldn’t stand nor speak. We took him to the hospital but the doctor didn’t identify his disease and said, “Your son can hardly be cured.” I thought he would become disabled forever. I was so worried about him and felt so sorry for him. I felt so depressed day and night that I mentally and physically became weak. Our hardship was beyond description.

On such an occasion, my aunt came to see us and said, “The believers of Meshiya-kyo are increasing in Izumo. It cures diseases even doctors don’t. Why don’t you believe it?” I immediately asked her to do so. Then my aunt asked Mrs I. She is a devout believer of Meshya-kyo. She took Mr S to us. He is an instructor and taught me about Meshiya-kyo. He arranged the initiation for me. On 17 May, my husband took my son and me to a branch office in Izumo. We join a monthly ceremony.

We listened to Mr K’s lecture, received a holy amulet and then received Johrei. When receiving Johrei on my back, I felt as if the wind brew and then worm around the medulla oblongata. I felt really good. I was convinced that my son and I would receive the grace of God. Then Mr K told us about my son. He kindly but firmly said, “As you took medicine during pregnancy, the medicine became toxic. Because of that toxic medicine, I think your son suffers from infantile paralysis. When performing Johrei patiently every day, you both will completely recover.” Then I continued to perform Johrei every day and we visited every monthly ceremony.

Thanks to Meshiya-sama, I became better enough to help our family work. We enshrined a holy folding screen of Kannon-sama in October and my family became a believer one by one. When we enshrined Komyonyorai-sama in January 1950, my whole family relied on Komyonyorai-sama with our whole hearts and asked to give the grace to my son. Then my son could move while sitting. He became four years old but even couldn’t crawl ever before. My whole family rejoiced to shout. He could stand on his own in April and walk in August. On 15 Mach, he visited worship a tutelary deity with wearing shoes to celebrate a festival for children of three, five and seven years of age. Our joy was beyond description. We expressed our deepest gratitude in front Komyonyoirai-sama with tears streaming.

Because of suffering from infantile paralysis, how many people are living as a social outcast and end their life as a disabled person in the world? Even modern science is helpless before this incurable and terrible disease. My son was completely cured of such disease in less than a year. This disease is occasionally reported in Reader’s Digest but it was cured in a special and extremely difficult way. I don’t think we can use such a method at home or even if we could, curing of the disease would be a different matter.

On the other hand, the saving power and teachings Mehiya-sama shows are easy to carry out for everyone. We rather enjoy doing them. Moreover, since that power works a hundred per cent in a short period, it is more grateful. Why do people laugh at this faith and a great person? It is because we or saved people are not sincere enough. I feel deeply sorry. In this year, we enshrined Dai-Komyonyorai-sama, my elder son serves for Shinsenkyo and we harvest crops in natural farming. We receive the grace of God for everything. We suffered from the disease as hell but now became a happy family like living in heaven. Thank you very much, Meshiya-sama.



Translated by N.H.



Thank-You Report for Infantile Paralysis #4

Reported By W.T. in Okayama on the 18th of November, 1951


I have two sons and one daughter. The youngest son is four years old. Compare to others, he was very good in health and plump. On the 2nd of this lunar New Year, however, he had a high fever. We couldn’t nothing but ask a doctor to visit him. The doctor said, “Because of his high fever, he might suffer from pneumonia but he will be all right when I give an injection of penicillin.” I asked him to do so. This new medicine did work. His temperature immediately went down and he went to sleep. I thought that we wouldn’t have to worry about disease. It would be solved by the grateful medicine. Pneumonia is not a problem. We felt relieved and went to sleep.

On the next morning, however, we were so surprised to see my son. He didn’t have a fever but cried so badly. His left eye was kept open but the right one was closed. His mouth was pulled towards the right side. He cried on the right face but had no expression like a doll on the left. He completely changed. I stared him for a while and completely lost. My wife said, “What shall we do? What shall we do?” but she couldn’t do anything. We couldn’t do anything but rely on the doctor after all. I took him to the doctor without having breakfast.

The doctor was puzzled and said, “I have never seen this symptom in children. It is like facial paralysis that adults suffer from. He will recover when taking an injection patiently.” He gave an injection to him. We went to see the doctor a few times but became worried. Then we went to Central Hospital. My son was diagnosed with infantile paralysis. Since then, he continued to take a hypodermic injection, intraspinal injection, and electrotherapy every day. When getting up in the morning, I always found my son crying. He didn’t want to the hospital. Sweets and toys couldn’t help to convince him. He said, “I don’t want to put on good clothes. You put them off, too. Carry me on your back, Mon!” He finally begged, “I take an injection in my hand. No more injection in my back!”

In this way, my son couldn’t put up with going to the hospital and neither could I. Besides, I got worried about the treatment fee. We had to pay for not very effective treatments every day. We could no longer trust the hospital. One day, I asked the doctor how my son was. He said, “Some children will be healed in three or five weeks at the earliest. I think your son will be healed in a year but I cannot guarantee it.” Listening to his irresponsible answer, we gave up going to the hospital. At that time, one side of his face became deformed when laughing or crying. He couldn’t speak properly and walked unsteadily.

On such an occasion, my stomach ache became lighter when I received Johrei only once even though I had suffered from it for a dozen years. I wondered why I felt lighter and then decided to visit a worship centre. On the second day from my first visiting of the 29th of April, I talked about my son. I thought my stomach ache would be healed but infantile paralysis was a completely different matter. However, I was said, “It is healed. Please bring your son here tomorrow.” At that time, my son was having diarrhoea. I thought only stopping his diarrhoea would be fine. Then I took my son to the centre every day. Since my stomach ache got better day by day, I could believe that my son would be healed someday.

On 3 May, I received a holy amulet and became a believer. My son received Johrei at the centre in the morning and the evening at my house. However, his diarrhoea gradually got worse. He became thin and his face became pale. Neighbours talked behind our back. I wondered so many times if I should keep going to the centre but I had to believe the very fact of my recovering. My stomach ache became relieved as I had diarrhoea every day. I could hardly deny the existence of God. My son’s faeces had a very strange smell. The smell got stuck in his clothes. So, he had to change clothes in less than three days. Besides, I don’t know why but the smell was like medicine he took. So, I was convinced that my son will be healed. Then I told my mother and wife how terrible toxic medicine was and tried to persuade them.

When my son got worse, Mr O visited him every day. As he received Johrei, his colour improved and he got better. When looking at the son recovering and the selflessness attitude of Mr O, my whole family came to believe in the faith. After that, neighbours were worried about us and said to my mother, “Your son would be all right to recover by faith but you should take your grandson to the hospital. Otherwise, you made a fatal mistake. Why do you let him do such a thing?” They also said to my wife, “You leave your son to his fate, don’t you? He is seriously ill in bed.” They repeatedly told us something like that but our determination never changed. At one time, my son couldn’t cry nor sit. We sometimes brought our ear closer to his nostril to make sure whether he was asleep or dead.

He seemed to be between life and death for a few days but his voice gradually got better in four or five days. He looked better day by day. After a month, he became much better. His twitched face became half improved and he could speak better. He constantly gained weight and could move his legs as normal. Two months before, he continued to have diarrhoea with blood for three days but he didn’t care about it and played to run around.

He sometimes has purification of diarrhoea even now and then improved his health. He recently cured form infantile paralysis completely. Now he speaks as adults do. He sits in front of a holy object of worship and chants a prayer properly as adults do. Whenever looking at my son, I always remember what happened to him as if it was a long time ago and also yesterday. We received so much grace of God. I am thankful to Meshiya-sama. When praying to a holy object of worship, I feel a lump in my throat and my tears blur the holy letters. Since I became a believer, we received grace a lot and here I reported one of it.

Thank you very much, Meshiya-sama.



Translated by N.H.



Thank-You Report for Infantile Paralysis #5

Reported by I.T. in Tokyo on the 27th of June, 1952


I became a believer in 1949 when I lived in the countryside. In August of that year, I moved to Tokyo. I lost contact with the branch office I used to visit. Furthermore, I was a stranger in Tokyo and I didn’t know where a worship centre is in Tokyo. I naturally believed in the faith alone and became less connected to Meshiya-kyo.

On the evening of the 28th of April, my son suddenly got a fever and felt pain. He was fine just before that. On the next day, he couldn’t move his right leg. Since his birth, he had grown well for three and a half years but even so, he had to live as a disabled person in the future. When thinking about him, I couldn’t sleep nor eat. I just stared his paralysed leg and got worried and worried. I lost hope and felt like hitting the wall.

I had received grace a lot before. I thought I did faithfully believe even on my own but I felt alone and got worried when facing such serious purification. I nearly lost my way but I told myself, “Don’t lose my way. My son will be all right when we rely on Meshiya-sama.” In this way, I encouraged myself but all neighbours kindly said, “Your son might suffer from infantile paralysis. You should take him to the hospital as soon as possible.” Someone also said, “Some children were healed.” I was gradually captivated by evil gods and finally took him to the hospital.

A doctor diagnosed my son’s disease as infantile paralysis and gave him an injection. What a barbarous and brutal thing modern science did! Three or four people held down a crying little child and inserted a horrible needle into him like a radish. My son reached a peak of fear and cried out loudly. I could hardly bear to see him and fainted with anaemia. Meanwhile, the injection finished. My wife woke me up with holding my son. He was still horrified. I thought I was such a fool. I brought my dearest son to grief.

I finally realised that medical science never cures my son. Just in case, however, I asked the doctor.

I said, “Does this injection heal my son?”
The doctor said, “We cannot say clearly yes but he will be cured if the injection works.”
I said, “Is he not healed unless the injection works?”
The doctor said, “It cannot be helped if it doesn’t work.”
I said, “If it works, how many injections does he need to cure?”
The doctor said, “We cannot say the exact number. While watching his condition, we will continue to give it until we decide it is all right.”
Through our conversation, I keenly felt the false and insufficiency of medical science.

I continued to say, “Well, it doesn’t mean my son to be completely healed. What will you do after that?”
The doctor said, “We have no choice but patiently continue giving him a massage.”

It made me clear that modern medicine cannot cure disease. Therefore, I had to rely on Meshiya-sama. I wanted to know the branch office in Tokyo somehow. Where there is a will, there is the way. How grateful it was! I found the article about Meshiya-kyo in a local newspaper. I found the address there, too. We finally found what we had wanted. It is the house of a chairperson of Meshiya-kyo. My wife cut out the article and we visited him with it. On the way to his house, we asked the way to only a few people and easily found his house.

I prayed to the holy object of worship for the first time in ten months. My heart was full of gratitude and just stared at the holy letters for a while. I was moved to tears. Only believers deserved such joy. I greeted attendants as well as a chairperson. Wherever you go, believes of Meshiya-kyo were all the same. They were cheerful with tender feelings. I met them for the first time but felt as if we had already known each other for a decade.

I asked a chairperson to see my son. He very easily and clearly said, “Don’t worry. He is saved. He will walk after receiving Johrei about ten times.” How powerful and confident words he said! Doctors couldn’t have said that even though they were completely trusted by modern people.

Only people who serve God could say that. I did admire the divine power of God. “My son is saved. We don’t have to worry anymore.” We were relieved and relied on God. On 6 May, eight days had already passed since he became paralysed. Because of injection, his condition got worse. He felt pain and started to cry when moving his leg even a little. He couldn’t have a piss. In that evening, however, he no longer said it hurt after receiving Johrei only once. He slept very well. He could sit for the second time of receiving Johrei, stand for the third time. He was so glad and said, “I can stand! I can stand!” My whole family shed tears of joy. He started to walk while holding the frame of a window for the fourth time. “He will be able to walk for less than the tenth times.” I shared joy with my wife. He could take a few steps without any support for the fifth time.

We were so glad and our house became bright. My whole family were just pleased that he could walk step by step as if a baby started to walk. He could walk around in the house for the seventh time. He said, “I can walk!” As he received Johrei, he walked with steady steps. After receiving Johrei for the tenth time, as a chairperson said, he could play with other children all day long although he was limping a little bit.

What a great power it is! At that time, my son received Johrei almost every other day and rapidly go better in less than a month. Now he can play very much while sweating on his forehead under the sun of the early summer.

Thinking back a month ago, we lived in the gloomy atmosphere but now we are living together cheerfully. Thank you very much, Meshiya-sama. I’m also very grateful for the help of people as well as a chairperson in the worship centre. Now I would like to let people know this great Gospel of God as many as possible and return the favour we got even a little. My writing is poor but I wanted to report my experience to express my sincere gratitude. Thank you very much again, Meshiya-sama.



Translated by N.H.



Thank-You Report for Infantile Paralysis #6

Reported by E.F. in Oita on the 1st of June, 1952


My daughter caught a terrible cold a few days ago. When I took her to the hospital, she was diagnosed with whooping cough. “As your daughter is small, take care of her very much.” My daughter took an injection every day and also had medicine. She unexpectedly recovered soon. After that, however, she sometimes had a high fever and went into convulsions. We were so surprised and called the doctor. He immediately gave her treatments such as an injection, laxative, enema and so on.

Before she got ill, she was chubby and grew well but such a little thing made her a terrible condition. She went into convulsions so often that she became pale and looked sick. One year after birth, she walked a few steps and spoke a little. When looking at her walking several steps, she dragged her right foot. I paid no attention first but she walked in the same way even after a month. She walked differently than other children. As I raised a child for the first time and had no pearls of wisdom among elderly people, I took her to the hospital. The doctor said, “She needs calcium,” or “She will get better soon.” I was worried but I became busy with housework.

When she became three years old, her walking got worse. She shook the head a little while walking. I took her to University Hospital. The doctor said, “Because of your consanguineous marriage, there is nothing we can do.” I lost hope to live but gathered courage somehow and went to National Hospital. My daughter took an X-ray photo at the department of paediatrics. The doctor said, “Your daughter will get better when taking a spinal injection, hot-spring therapy and massage.” Then I took her to the hospital regularly but she got a fever and went into intense convulsions whenever taking a spinal injection. We continued to go to the hospital for about eight months. When we stopped going there, my daughter could no longer walk. She became retarded. She was completely different from what she used to walk cheerfully. I converted all of my late husband’s belongings and my Kimono into money to pay for her treatment. However, she completely became disabled at last.

I could hardly give up my daughter and tried to cure her somehow but I couldn’t. She easily cried, had a fever and went into convulsions with just a little thing. I treated her with great caution. She sometimes provoked me. I said to her, “Three years have already passed since we gave up doctors. I don’t care. You don’t have to live like this. Die and go to see your papa.” I spent days with anger and grudge feelings. She kept crying all day long since the 1st of January, 1951. When she stopped crying, she looked much uglier than before.

I might have been informed by ancestors. On the 11th, a woman who lived behind my house visited me and said, “I have a guest in my house now. He heals disease with holding up the hand. Bring your daughter to my house.” “Here we go again,” I thought but I took my daughter to her house. I was a little surprised. A young man of eighteen or nineteen was there. He is called Mr S. He said, “I came back from my service for Meshiya-kyo in December.” He told me a lot about ancestors while holding up his hand towards my daughter. When he finished Johrei after forty minutes or so, my daughter smoothly held an apple served on the table and ate it. She could never do such a thing. It was an absolute miracle. She just received Johrei only once. I was so surprised.

We visited a branch office in town H on the next day. Mr T told me about Meshiya-kyo and said, “People have to atone for accumulated sins even after the death.” When I saw it with my own eyes, my tears naturally came for some reason and I was also very surprised. Since then, we visited the office every day. As my daughter received Johrei, she started to have purification. Mr T said, “Toxins she took must be discharged and she became clean.” Then we continued to visit there.

A week had passed since we started to visit the office and I met Mr U from Mie. I heard about the faith a lot from him. His words resonated with me and would want to receive a holy amulet as soon as possible. Then I asked Mr U. On 29 January, I received a holy amulet from Mr U in branch office M. My joy was beyond description and my tears came naturally. I didn’t like to go out very much but visiting the office became my greatest pleasure.

Meanwhile, Mr O in the same village said, “I suffered from asthma. So, please perform Johrei to me.” I don’t know how to do but I prayed to Komyonyorai-sama and tried to perform Johrei with all my effort. He suffered from terrible asthma for two months but became better after receiving Johrei only once. He was so glad and I was glad, too. I was very grateful to Meshiya-sama and said, “Thank you very much, Meshiya-sama.”

While my daughter had purification one after another and became better, my mother in law had purification of the kidney at the beginning of July. Her condition was so serious that doctors gave up her. When I prayed and performed Johrei to her, she revived with beads of sweat. Mr R visited her at night and we performed Johrei to her together. She could sit in up bed in about a week. I am sorry but our family said, “We don’t know which cured her, doctors or Johrei.” I soon visited a worship centre C and pay a visit of thanks to God. While visiting the office and listening to the stories of faith, I realised that I had a great mission to carry out and I hoped that my family would understand Meshiya-kyo someday.

In September 1951, the powerful typhoon hit our region and the river nearby flooded. Our house flooded like mud see in no time. I prayed for our protection to Meshiya-sama and Komyonyorai-sama with my whole heart. Then the water drew but 3,000 square metres of rice and vegetable fields completely became a sand field. When looking at the disaster, I thought clouds were removed from our family. I realised that we were purified and shed tears of gratitude.

A local government office distributed chlorinated lime to disinfect the well but I didn’t use it. Instead of it, I chanted a prayer called Zengensanji twice into the well and performed Johrei for about ten minutes. I continued to do so for about four or five days. We couldn’t use the well just one day but it became clear enough to use soon after that. However, my family never admitted any miracle as they were against my belief in Meshiya-kyo. In this way, I received grace a lot. After the typhoon had gone, the warm spring had come to me.

While receiving grace, I wanted to return my favour. I always thought I wanted to serve for God somewhere. At the beginning of December, I visited the local branch office N. I received Johrei from the gentle wife of a chief person. She was always kind and said, “Branch office M is looking for a female person to serve. We would be very glad if you served there.” I was moved by those words. I didn’t know how I could help with my daughter but I asked Mr T that I wanted to serve there. On the 14th or the day before the annual ceremony, I honourably started to serve in branch office M and receive special training from Mrs Y. She is responsible for the branch office.

As I received the strong divine light there, my daughter and I started to have purification. Two days before I started to serve at the office, my daughter burnt on the right hand very much. I thought, our ancestors wanted to come with us. She had a holy paper immediately applied and received Johrei every day. Then the burnt part became festered and the pus came out for about twenty days. In January, my daughter also received a holy amulet and got better little by little like peeling wet thin paper. Because of the midwinter, she could hardly get up while holding a brazier. At that time, only I could understand what she said. When receiving Johrei every day, however, her hard body like a dead person became gradually soft. She always slept under a heating appliance called kotatsu in the holy place. Now, she can almost stand by herself in about five months.

She can speak well, too. She couldn’t sleep very much in the past but now sleeps for about ten hours. She can eat a lot, too. She often dribbles and bleeds even she is a child. I have tried hard to serve and blankly performed Johrei for five months since I started to serve at the office. When looking at her change, I am so glad and grateful to deserve it. We had trod a thorny path for seven years but our hardship was solved in about only a year. I am so grateful to receive grace every day.

I would like to say to worried mothers, “Meshiya-kyo is not a heretical religion but the true religion indeed. It helps people who have lost the way while believing superstition and heretical religions.” It is pity that my poor writing cannot explain it well but I hope that it helps you even a little. I just wanted to give my thanks to Meshiya-sama of the great mercy. Thank you very much, Meshiya-sama.



Translated by N.H.