Thank-You Report for Curing Chronic Headache


Thank-You Report for Chronic Headache #1
Thank-You Report for Chronic Headache #2
Thank-You Report for Chronic Headache #3


Thank-You Report for Chronic Headache #1

Reported by N.S. in Chiba on the 21st of October, 1951


I am the wife of a farmer. When it was cold and rain in spring, I honourably became a believer on 16 April 1948. I am receiving so much grace of God. I don’t think I can sufficiently express how I appreciated it but would like to report some of it as it is and give thanks to Meshiya-sama.

My sister in law became a believer since long before. When looking at me having a headache, she always said, “You should become a believer, too. Then, your headache will be healed.” She repeatedly recommended that I should do but I didn’t feel like doing so. I was suffering from headache day and night. I kept having a headache at the silkworm-raising season in spring. I took various types of painkillers but they didn’t work at all. I couldn’t eat anything and felt very nauseous. I took painkillers and went to sleep calmly. That was the only thing to ease my mind. However, I always had a headache. One day, I visited a fortune teller near the temple. I was said, “The uterus and ovaries became swollen. You keep your underbelly warm.”

As I am a wife of a farmer and had a baby at that time, I was so busy in doing farm work, raising silkworm, looking after children, washing clothes and so on that I couldn’t do such a thing. I just endured a headache. Even so, I was still looking for the way to heal my headache somehow. I tried to take various types of medicines but my condition got worse. My sister recommended again that I should become a believer. I was not sure but said to her, “Is my headache really healed?” She earnestly said, “Definitely.” I wondered if an uneducated person like me could become a believer.”

As I didn’t know what the faith was, I thought it was a rigidly formal world for only intellectuals. However, I was convinced with her words and timidly visited a branch office. I received training with gratitude for two days. On the third day, an instructor came all the way from Kamakura. I received training and a holy amulet from him. Soon after that, I felt lighter in the head. I will never forget that sensation. After that, I had various purifications and I became lighter at each time. Since the beginning of this year, I became so healthy that I almost forgot I used to have a headache. Nothing can take the place of health. I am very happy that I got it.

After becoming a believer, I enjoyed nothing better than listening to stories at the branch office. When coming back home, I told what Mr F said to my husband while working together. We always shared his stories with impression. On 29 December, my husband finally had the honour of becoming a believer. I was so glad that I couldn’t stop crying. From now, we decided to rely on only this faith and live together with it.

Since then, the attitude of my mother in law to me was completely changed. Everything’s completely different from before. My house is filled with a peaceful atmosphere. I wonder why but I do enjoy working and feel rewarded. We would like to produce food a lot with happiness. In April 1949, we enshrined a holy folding screen of Kannon-sama and Komyonyorai-sama on 16 July. My mother in law became a believer when she had purification of a cold. I would like my father in law to become a believer but his stubbornness bothered to do so. Thanks to Meshiya-sama, all of my four children are so healthy that neighbours are jealous of us. They spontaneously worship God every morning and evening.

Thank you very much, Meshiya-sama. I appreciate Him sincerely.



Translated by N.H.


Thank-You Report for Chronic Headache #2

Reported by O.H. in Fukuoka on the 25th of May, 1952


I would like to express our deepest gratitude for the grace of God. On 16 May, I received a holy amulet. I would like to report the whole story of becoming a believer.

Since about 1940, I had suffered from a terrible headache. I took painkillers whenever having a headache. I got better at one time but got worse at another time. In this way, I always had painkillers with me and even decided to commit suicide once.

Now I am working as a cook at the dormitory of a coal mine. On 6 April, I got married to a daughter of Mr A in Kokura. She told me about Meshiya-kyo but I could hardly believe it at first. My wife was already a believer and I received Johrei from her with half believing and half doubting. While receiving Johrei, I felt better in some way. In only four or five days, my bad chronic headache was gone and I felt much lighter. My face used to be darkish but recently became looking better and glossy. Now I enjoy working every day.

From the14th to 16th of May, Mr H came all the way and I received a training and a holy amulet from him. I was not only saved from the severe chronic headache but also permitted to take the role of saving people. I am so grateful that honour is more than I deserve. I do swear that I will save many people who are suffering and help the construction of Paradise on Earth even a little. We also ask for the grace of God.

Thank you very much, Meshiya-sama. I sincerely appreciate your grace.



Translated by N.H.


Thank-You Report for Chronic Headache #3

Reported by K.T. in Gifu on the 26th of January, 1952


In the middle of May 1950, I suffered from neuralgia and had pain in my arms and legs. I applied garlic moxibustion for two months but I didn’t get better very much. I had a heaviness in the head and the body. At about 4 a.m. on the 7th of August, I suddenly got a nosebleed and then ill in bed. I shivered with cold and the blood drained from my face. I kept bleeding for forty minutes without an interval. I thought it was all over. After that, I had a nosebleed four times a week. Even little sound bothered me and I had to sleep in the dark and calm room. I had never experienced such sufferings. As I didn’t know Meshiya-kyo at that time, I just changed doctors but I didn’t get better. I passed my days as if I was fallen to the bottom of a deep valley.

I continued to cool my head with ice of 12 kilograms in a day for three months and then I was in bed with an ice pillow. I had a little walk when I felt a little better at one time but I got worse at another time. When I went to see a doctor, the doctor couldn’t identify my disease. He just said, “Something wrong with nerves.” In this way, I passed my heard times. On around the 20th of July, Mr H’s mother performed Johrei to me. Since then, I became relieved very much.

She continued to visit me under the scorching sun for forty days. I have no words for her kindness. On 28 July, my daughter became a believer. She is twenty years old and was suffering from stomach disease for about a year. On 12 October, I became a believer, too. We are so glad. While receiving Johrei, I finally took out the ice pillow in September. I could hardly sleep without it before. Then I was gradually able to get out of bed. On 2 September, I paid a visit to thanks to Mr H with a cane for the first time. How grateful that was! I will never forget that day. Thank you very much, Meshiya-sama.

I felt better day by day and our gloomy house became very bright. I feel grateful for whatever I do. I am living my life full of gratitude. On 31 October, Meshiya-sama came to Nagoya and Mr T’s mother took me to worship Him. I actually didn’t feel well since a half month ago. I had a heaviness in my shoulders and pain in arms and legs. However, all my pain had gone and I felt better.

In this way, I received His grace a lot. I remember that I was in the hospital with agony but now think it was like a dream. I am full of gratitude.

Thank you very much, Meshiya-sama. I sincerely appreciate His grace.



Translated by N.H.