Thank-You Report for Curing Heart Disease

Thank-You Report for Heart Disease #1
Thank-You Report for Heart Disease #2
Thank-You Report for Heart Disease #3


Thank-You Report for Heart Disease #1

Reported by N.Y. in Miyazaki on the 1st of March, 1952



Our blessings from God, we cannot praise Him enough, with pens and words

I have no words to give thanks to God. I was weak since I was a child. When something was wrong with me even a little, I went to see a doctor or took medicine. I was an only child for my parents, who raised me with a lot of care. We rely on medical science. When we lived in Kyoto, I entered a girls’ school. At physical education class, I had too much pain in my chest to run with my friends. Since then, sad days had begun. I had only sad memories at that time. After graduating from the school, I didn’t particularly exercise and felt no pain in my chest although I didn’t feel at ease as healthy people did.

My family went back to Miyazaki and I started to work at a post office there. When I went to the clinic, a doctor said, “You suffer from valvular heart disease. When you work, you must not overdo it.” I was surprised to know that my symptom was so severe. My future looked black. I felt anxious and went to see doctors and took medicines again. I took all sorts of medicines and injections. I became a believer in a new religion, too. However, nothing helped me. My heartbeat much heavily. I finally had to leave the post office. I left there in a year and a half and concentrated on my treatment.

I relied on a certain doctor but my friend told me what he said. He told her that I wouldn’t be healed unless I die. No one could imagine how sad I felt. I even decided to commit suicide. What a terrible thing I thought! That makes me so scared even now. I thought who saved me and there might have good herbs to heal my disease even if the doctors couldn’t help me. Then I suddenly remember my close friend in Kyoto. I tried to ask her if there was something good for my disease. I wrote about my sufferings and sent it to her. Her mother was so kind and used to work a head-nurse at JRCS Hospital. I thought she might have known a good medicine for me.

However, I was surprised when getting her reply. She unexpectedly wrote that I should rely on God. I thought it came again as I remembered when I believed the religion. I couldn’t do it soon. Then my friend repeatedly recommended that I should do and also sent a book and newspaper published by Meshiya-kyo. When reading them, I wonder why but felt like relying on it. I wrote to her to tell me about a branch office in Miyazaki. Once I made up my mind, I couldn’t wait for her reply. Then I received it and she introduced Mr K in town M. I felt excited and visited him on 5 October.

My mother and I listened to him and received Johrei for the first time. Since then, I visited him by bus every day. On the 17 or 18th day, he said, “Your heart disease will be cured but you might become paralyzed in the left side of the body.” I was doubting his words. How could I become so? On the 21st day, it happened to me in the morning of the 25th of October. I got up as usual and finished my breakfast. I felt sleepy even though it was so long since I woke up. I asked my mother to prepare my bedding and went to sleep soon. When I got awake at 10 a.m., I couldn’t get up. There was no strength in my left arm and leg. I tried hard to get up but I couldn’t. I called my mother and I became unconscious.

Thinking about it now, I had a great purification. Since then, I severely became ill in bed. I couldn’t have a meal by myself. I couldn’t go to the bathroom without my mother’s help. I was so irritated that I made complaints a lot and bothered Mr K. I couldn’t move not only an arm but also a single finger. It was completely natural that I became so sad. I became paralyzed on the left side of the body! When an elderly person becomes paralyzed, they have to trouble other people for three or six years. What about me? Did I live so sadly for three years? I got anxious more and more. Would I become a living corpse? What on earth would happen to me?

A few days after I got ill in bed, my father said to Mr K, “God made my daughter like that. Cure her in a week. Otherwise, I will complain to the police.” Mr K said with a smile, “In the principle of Johrei, the toxin melted by Johrei accumulated in the left side of the body. So, the risk of heart attack was avoided. You don’t have to worry at all. I will take full responsibility. I was born and brought up here. I have parents and brothers. I never run or hide. Please rely on God at your ease.” My stubborn father was persuaded by his words. I became able to receive Johrei every day.

It is said that disease is cured little by little like peeling thin paper. As for me, I got better like peeling “thick” paper. Headache and pain in the arm went away. First, the tips of fingers and then fingers moved one by one. I became to grab a thing with five fingers. I said to my mother and Mr K, “The left leg moved. I feel the strength in the tips of toes. I am so glad.” I kept giving thanks to God. He brought me joy every day. “When can I sit down, walk, hold a rice ball and so on?” I gain a feeling of hope one after another. I was glad that I became better as I received Johrei. Mr K also said, “The effect of Johrei immediately comes out. What a wonderful grace you get!” He was pleased and visited us in the cold weather. I did appreciate his sincere and passionate attitude. I looked forward that he was coming every day. He looked like a god to me. Even a doctor looked like a god when he was relied on. So, there was no wonder if I thought so.

On 3 November, my mother first became a believer and then we enshrined a holy folding screen of Kannon-sama. My father was surprised that we soon had the grace of God. On15 December, he became a believer and I also had the honour to become a believer on the 18th. At that time, I became to walk with help of my mother. Then I became able to go to the bathroom by myself in two months. On New Year’s Day, we sit at a table together. I had a meal in holding a bowl with my left hand. I never forget that we had such a great time together.

On 10 January, I felt pain in my chest at around 10 p.m. after a long time. I asked my father to call for Mr K. He took the way of 4 kilometres by bicycle on a cold night. At that time, Mr K gave a feast with a few guests after attending the festival of “Tokaebisu” in his office. He said to my father, “You said your daughter suffered again but it is all right now. God has already known you come here to pray to Him. You don’t have to worry. She will be relieved. So, please offer prayers and go home.”

He continued to say, “I think she is all right but I will go there soon. Why don’t you have a cup of sake together?” My father didn’t feel like drinking and turned down his offer. He prayed to God and then left there. As Mr K told my father, I became relieved and went sleep around when he arrived at the office. He thought Great God protected us and told my mother that he would like to enshrine a holy scroll as soon as possible. Soon after my father was back, Mr K visited us, performed Johrei to me, and then went back on a cold night.

In this way, we received the grace of God. However, what happened to me? One day in February, I became something wrong. I am very sorry to say but I became to dislike God. I disliked to receive Johrei from Mr K and disliked even himself. I dared to say to Mr K, “I dislike you the most.” “What’s the matter with you? Don’t say such a thing,” my mother got worried about me and pinched my lips. According to Mr K, as my father wanted to enshrine a holy scroll, evil deities disturbed his intention not to do so.

I went mad and said, “Only medicine saves me.” I started to hate Mr K. I troubled my mother very much. She apologized him with tears but he said, “Please don’t worry. It is not her but something let her say so.”

As for me, I said, “God can do nothing. Only modern science can cure the sick.” Then Mr K said, “Then why were you able to walk in such a short period?” I said, “I could naturally walk. That is nothing related to Johrei. When I am cured by medical science, I have you kneel on the ground and your head shaved.” My bad mouth got worse day by day and I finally said, “Stop performing Johrei to me.” Then Mr K talked to my mother and decided to wait and see for a while. He once withdrew.

I insisted to go to see a doctor. My mother was disappointed but accepted my demand. She asked my father. Then he asked Dr T in town K for a home visit. Dr T said, “The heart was broken so that you became paralyzed on one side. When you have a rest, you will recover.” He gave me an injection and left. When he came to see me again, he also gave me an injection. Since then I had a high fever and lost appetite. I couldn’t walk nor stand up, either. The fever didn’t go down. My mother had to change an ice pillow, feed me and take care of the excretory. She was extremely busy and couldn’t sleep night and day. She got much busier than when I became paralyzed. My fever didn’t go down at all. Then we changed a doctor.

Dr A in town T came and said, “A valve was torn off and went into the one side of the body. She has to have her leg cut in the worst case.” I was not convinced by his words. Then we changed a doctor again. The third doctor was Dr C in town A. He visited me twice a day and just gave an injection. He continued to visit me more than ten days but my condition got worse. He said to my mother, “I am very sorry to inform you but your daughter will not be saved. Her leg became swollen, too. Please give up her.” He told like that over two days. Hearing from that, my father thought I had much time left and prepared my funeral. It is a funny story now but one of my friends prepared a monetary offering for me.

My parents finally asked Dr M at the prefectural hospital to see me. He said, “You have trouble in the pleura and peritoneum. Place a hot konnyak on your underbelly.” I did as he said but I had a bad feeling. So, I stopped it. We bought a poultice for a thousand yen and place it on the side. However, it was painful to tighten my chest and didn’t work at all. I also stopped using it.

At that time, I was overweighted but became surprisingly thin in a month. I was in critical condition of whether to die today or tomorrow. One day in March, the doctor started to puzzle over. I came to think that doctors didn’t cure my disease after all and Johrei was the only way to save me. I asked my mother, “Please visit Mr K to apologise and ask him to perform Johrei to me.” She said, “How can we do such a thing? We cannot see him.” I repeatedly asked her and then she visited the branch office. She apologised and ask him to visit me again. She thought I might be saved.

I got worried about how I apologise to him when I met him. When I saw a familiar face, I couldn’t say anything because of tears. Mr K said with a laugh, “I didn’t have to shave my head.” I wanted to crawl under a rock. He gently said, “You lost weight a lot. Don’t worry. You will gain weight soon. Please make up your mind. You fully understood what medical science was.” I wonder why I disliked such a person. Then I made up mind that I no longer relied on medical science.

Since then, I received Johrei from Mr K every day. My appetite had returned. My fever, of course, went down soon. Arms and legs regained strength. I could get up in less than a month and walk again. I was so amazed. I sometimes had purification and vomited blood. I had phlegm of about 800 to 900cc every day, which lasted a fortnight. I became healthy on all such occasions. My left side of the body also became lighter and I exercise every day.

Now I never feel chest pain no matter how far I walk. I am not different from a normal person at all. I attend every ceremony held by the branch office and eagerly rely on God. I was saved from the danger of death but people who saw all process of mine never rely on God. They just say, “You got weight. You look better and became pretty.” I do feel sorry for them. I give thanks to my friend who introduced me Meshiya-Kyo. I also give thanks to Mr K and O who directly taught me.

Thank you very much, Meshiya-sama and Dai-Komyonyorai-sama. I compared Johrei to medical science by using my body and clearly understood the false of medical science. Please protect me from now on. We every day wish to reward the grace we received even a little. Forgive me my poor writing.



Translated by N.H.


Thank-You Report for Heart Disease #2

Reported by K.I. in Oita on the 1st of September, 1951


Great God saved my life and gave me grateful days to live. I have five children and the eldest one is eighteen years old. When I was carrying my youngest child, I caught a cold and had a cough a lot. Since I was very well when I was pregnant with other children, I didn’t worry very much and did farm work as usual. However, I felt heavier day by day and had a terrible cough. My family and neighbours told me that I would become better when a baby was born. I agreed with them and was looking forward to it. When my baby’s due date was getting closer, I became swollen from the waist down and had a cough violently. I was hard to breathe and I couldn’t bear any more.

I finally went to see a doctor. The doctor said, “You have heart trouble and should take this medicine for a while.” I hated taking medicine but got a bottle of medicine. I thought it was the best lifeline and I went to the doctor every day. I thought I took medicine excessively for one or two months but I didn’t get better at all. My condition never changed or rather seemed to get worse. So, I changed a doctor but nothing had changed. I went to see many doctors but no changes were seen. Then I gave birth.

I was relieved and I thought the medicine I took would work. Then I thought I would gradually recover when having a rest after childbirth but I didn’t. As I had a weak resistance to disease, I admitted to the hospital. At the hospital, I was carefully nursed and had a rest on my back as the doctor told me. I thought I would completely recover. I was in bed for a month. I stopped coughing and felt better. I thought I was healed and left the hospital.

I did farm work as I did before but I became hard to breathe after all. I couldn’t work as expected. When I did overwork even a little, I felt heavy as before. I resent myself. I was wondering why I had suffered from such illness and was spending uneasy days. When looking at my children sleeping at night, I thought negative things one after another and had fear of death. If I died, I had to leave my children and husband. When thinking of them, I wanted to recover somehow. I writhed in agony but didn’t know what to do. I had no choice but to leave myself to disease. My husband was always concerned about my illness but eight years had passed at the mercy of fate.

Then God finally gave a hand to me. In November 1948, I heard that people were cured of disease by holding up a hand. It was so easy that I could hardly believe it at first. Then I asked, “I was suffering from the disease for a long time. Do I recover?” I was said, “In case of suffering for a long time, it will take time but you will be cured.” It is said that a drowning man will catch at a straw. I listened to many things and then decided to have my elder daughter become a believer first. I always waited for her return from school and received Johrei every day. I got better in a month and gradually forgot I was suffering from the disease. I was so surprised to know that this infinite power of God can heal any kind of incurable disease.

When my husband suffered from eye disease and my younger child suffered from whooping cough. It couldn’t be helped that only my daughter performed Johrei to them. I wanted to receive a holy amulet. I asked my husband a big favour and I became a believer. Since I received a holy amulet, I decided to perform Johrei to anyone who wasn’t well. I first performed Johrei to my husband and my younger son who was suffering from whooping cough. I was completely absorbed in performing Johrei to them many times. Then my husband was cured of eye disease in about a fortnight.

As for my son, his condition was severe. I felt helpless and alone. When he severely suffered, I hold him on my back and went to the headquarter even though I was a sick person, too. Every time I took my son there, not only a chairperson but also his wife performed Johrei. They also talked about the faith but I couldn’t understand what they said. I had a lot of cloud in the body at that time. My son continued to receive Johrei. He suffered about more than forty days and then completely recovered. While visiting there to worship so many times, I fully understood the great power of Johrei. The chairperson said that everything can receive a great love of nature. I was deeply impressed and convinced by his words. I firmly decided to move on with this faith even in a burning fire. I comprehended that removing cloud one by one with Johrei was the only and best way.

As I received Johrei while I was working for God, I had purification one after another. I did feel that my soul became purified every time I had purification. I also atoned for my ancestors’ sin. My health brought the light shining into my house. When looking at smiling faces of my husband and children, I always appreciated that we experienced such great purifications. Thinking if I didn’t have met Meshiya-kyo, I would feel horrible. Now I can do fieldwork and also pull the cart full of vegetable to go to town. While doing so, I look forward to going to the branch office and receive Johrei. Meanwhile, my husband and a second daughter became a believer and we enshrined Komyonyorai-sama in February 1949. We are always receiving the grace of God. We would like to work for God to construct Paradise on Earth even a little. We would like to express our deepest gratitude and I conclude my report.



Translated by N.H.


Thank-You Report for Heart Disease #3

Reported by K.K in Chiba on the 15th of April, 1952


I was saved from the suffering of disease and permitted to become a believer. Now I am living brightly while receiving a lot of grace. My sister was recently saved from appendicitis. My writing is poor but I would like to report my experience here.

I have a family of five, with my grandmother, my wife, my sister and my four-year-old child. We engage in farming. On 21 March 1951, when I was going out to do forestry work, my heart suddenly got wrong just around the corner of my house. My heart was beating fast and I had skipped a beat a lot. I thought my heart would stop. A week after that, I went to the hospital and was diagnosed with heart muscle cramps disease. The doctor said, “The left atrium became swollen. You’d better admit to the hospital and have treatment soon.” Then I entered the hospital on 17 April. As I had never suffered from serious illness before, I thought I would leave the hospital in a few weeks.

I had a camphor injection once and powdered medicine three times a day. I thought I stayed for a few weeks but I didn’t get better or rather seemed to get worse even after two months. As well as my illness, I was worried about farming. My family must have been troubled without me. While lying in bed in the gloomy hospital, I became so irritated and couldn’t sleep well. I got suffered in the time between 11 p.m. and 1 a.m. every other day. About that time, one of my relatives visited me. She told me about Meshiya-kyo and recommend that I visited to hear its story. I just said, “All right,” but I didn’t care about it at all at that time.

I had relied on doctors and medicines for one month but I didn’t get better. I was suffering from mental agony day and night. One day, my wife brought a book and a newspaper published by Meshiya-kyo. She said, “I borrowed them. Why don’ you read them?” I just laughed and ignored it. On 24 June, Mr T visited me. He is living near the hospital. He held up his hand and said, “Disease is healed in such a way. I always perform Johrei when my friends are injured even a little at high school. It was fun as they are so easily cured. Nonbelievers as well as my friends trust me very much.” He continued to say, “My family runs a bookstore. Why don’t you come to visit us to browse magazines? I just felt like going there. I went out in the afternoon.

It was a few metres from the hospital to Mr T’s house. I walked for the first time since I admitted to the hospital. When arriving at his house, I was barely able to stand. I was in pain so that I asked to perform Johrei. The heart palpitations were gradually healed in forty minutes. When going back to the hospital, I had no pain. I was so much laughing at the religion but I felt something was there after receiving Johrei. I wanted to get better so that I visited Mr T every day. After a month, I didn’t feel pain very much nor anxious even when standing for a long time.

On 26 July, I visited a branch office. We went there by car. I was swayed a lot but I don’t know why but the heart palpitations never occurred. Thanks to Meshiya-sama, I was taught about the true faith for human happiness. I was so grateful that I received a holy amulet without any angst. I was saved and now do light farm work. I would like to save people as many as possible so that I always perform Johrei to neighbours.

On 10 March, when coming back from the branch office, I heard that my sister was having abdominal pains for about one hour. I thought it was not so serious and performed Johrei to her for about thirty minutes. While receiving Johrei, she said, “The pain gradually moves towards the lower right belly. I feel nauseous and have pain in the lower right belly. It is like extending. I have pain in the stomach, too.” I thought she was suffering from appendicitis. I prayed to Meshiya-sama and performed Johrei to the affected part. Then she became relieved. Since we are living in a mountainous area and it happened at midnight, I visited the branch office on the next day. Mr N visited our house soon. We were worried if she suffered from pain during the night. So, we asked him to stay overnight. He continued to perform Johrei to her. On the fourth day, she entirely recovered in the afternoon. My family wondered why and became confused.

If I didn’t know this great power and this purification action, I would still rely on doctors and medicines. When thinking of it, how happy we are! I was full of gratitude every day after I was saved from my hospitalized life. Moreover, I became healthy enough to cure other people by Johrei. I have fully experienced how great the power of God.

Thank you very much, Meshiya-sama. I would like to work hard to save people as many as possible. Thank you very much again.



Translated by N.H.