Thank-You Report #115

Reported by H.Y. in Tokushima on 1 September 1952


At the end of April 1952, Mr M visited my place to worship. He is a believer in Sekai-Meshiya-kyo. He said, “Recently, my neighbour asked me to perform Johrei on her daughter. However, her condition didn’t get better than I expected. So, I came here to ask you to give me advice.” The daughter A was working as a housekeeper at a certain clinic. She is gentle and obedient. Since she works hard, she is the doctor and his wife’s favourite. A was always fine but suddenly got sick on 20 April. Luckily or unluckily, she works at the doctor’s house and his favourite. The doctor soon saw her. She was diagnosed with the complication of cystitis and kidney disease. From a medical point of view, she was seriously ill. She went home and had medical treatment every day. The doctor kindly treated her with the best of modern medicine to recover her as soon as possible. He visited her when she couldn’t go to the clinic and gave her injections and so on. However, her condition got better and worse. No one knew when she recovered. A’s parents got worried about her and in the end, asked Mr M to perform Johrei on her. On the other hand, they could hardly reject the doctor’s kindness. Therefore, they still accepted the doctor visiting and giving their daughter injections. So, it is clear why she couldn’t recover even though she received Johrei. Mr M asked me, “What should I do?” I replied to him, “Refuse it. You may continue Johrei if they refuse the doctor.” Then he left for home. A few days later, Mr M came again and said, “She recovered.” According to him, he soon met A’s mother and asked her which one to choose, medicine or Johrei. He told her that she should choose one of them. Then her mother asked Mr M to perform Johrei. She said to refuse the doctor. Then she explained to the doctor that her daughter had got better and would work after having a rest for about five days. So, the doctor stopped visiting her daughter and she became completely free from medicine. Johrei worked very much since then and such a seriously ill patient completely recovered by Johrei in four days. A could work again on the fifth day. The doctor was very surprised to see her. She was seriously ill but recovered in a short period. That was the first case at the clinic since it was opened. He thought that it was a great achievement in the medical field. He soon kept a record of injections she took and tried to find which medicine worked. He will supposedly try to present a paper in the medical society. The terrible thing is the stubbornness of the materialistic scientist, which would cause many tragedies.

Hapless, thy name is medical scientist.

If someone suffers from the same illness as A, they will go to see a doctor because they believe modern medicine is the best. Just thinking of it gives me goose-bumps. They would be given ineffective and poisonous injections and give their valuable body for scientific experiments. As a result, they would shorten their precious life. “Atheists and materialistic scientists, knock on the door of Sekai-Mehsiya-kyo. The unknown world is opened to you. I swear that you will know how life should be and get eternal life and happiness.” Thank you very much for giving me countless blessings, Meshiya-sama. I praise your divine virtue and conclude my report.

Translated by N.H.