Thank-You Report #112

Reported by S.S. in Kagawa on 23 December 1952

I had been absolutely confident in my health since I was born. I was generally accepted as a leading person in health for more than twenty years. In September 1947, however, I was suddenly struck down by illness. Since I had never experienced the suffering of illness, I felt the deepest sorrow that was beyond description. Even so, I did believe that a doctor would find the cause of my illness. I did believe that medicine would heal my illness. So, I visited the nearest clinic and had medicine without knowing what was wrong with me. Since then, I had continued to take medicine almost every day for five years. Meanwhile, I went to many clinics here or there in my ardent desire to get recover soon. I patiently had bitter medicine and took painful injections as the doctor told me. However, my condition rather got worse year by year. I lost weight. I was diagnosed with liver disease at clinic A but with chronic stomach disease at clinic B. I didn’t know what was wrong with me. Although I did believe that the doctor would cure my disease, my condition was getting worse. I was worried but convinced myself that I would be better someday as long as taking medicine. I cheered myself up and continued to take medicine. However, I still looked for something effective for my illness. I started acupuncture and moxibustion therapy as recommended. They worked from the beginning and I felt better to some extent. As I continued, however, they became ineffective and my condition returned to my original condition. I did try every possible treatment but didn’t get better. I started to worry that I could possibly not be saved. I was overwhelmed by the fear of death. I was losing the hope of living. When looking at others who looked happy, I felt more sadness. I was reluctant to speak to others. I got angry with a little thing. I continued to worry only about my health.

In June 1952, my colleague told me about Sekai-Meshiya-kyo. His story touched my heart somehow. A drowning man will catch at a straw. In any case, I visited the branch church of Sekai-Meshiya-kyo. The branch manager said to me, “Disease is purification action. Medicine is poisonous. Modern medicine stops and hardens the purification. In divine medicine, the cloud in the spirit is cleaned and toxins in the body are melt and discharged by Johrei. Therefore, the disease is completely cured.” I was very surprised that his explanation was completely different from the theory of modern medicine. “Could I stop medicine right now? My disease must get worse when I stop taking medicine. Is disease healed just by holding a hand like that? If it were healed, hospitals and medicine would be no longer needed.” I am sorry but questions arose one after another at that time. Having thought so, I never got better or rather got worse even though I continued to see the doctor and take medicine for five years. Therefore, I decided to stop medicine once. In that way, I was finally determined to execute taking medicine for the first time in five years.

After that, I felt something was missing before and after the meal. Even so, I visited the church to receive Johrei every day. Since I stopped taking medicine, I thought that my condition got worse. I didn’t know why but on the contrary, I steadily felt better as time passed. I felt something grateful. One month later, I became a believer in Sekai-Mehiya-kyo in July. I was still half in doubt. I sometimes felt upset and suffered very much. As I read Meshiya-sama’s teachings and the other publications of Sekai-Mehiya-kyo, however, I was gradually understanding the true meaning of this faith scientifically. Now I am very much in a state of spiritual peace and enlightenment. I have fulfilling days. I have been led to the world of light from that of darkness. This joy is beyond comparison. Thank you very much, Meshiya-sama. As I used to be, there are many people who believe in medicine as the absolute therapy for the disease. They take terrible toxic medicine in the body and steadily get worse contrary to their expectation. They are suffering night and day. I would like them to know this super-scientific divine medicine as much as and as soon as possible.

If Meshiya-sama didn’t achieve this great discovery of toxic medicine, people would fall victim to this toxic medicine even though they were saved from Johrei. It is the absolute truth the medicine is poisonous. The theory of modern medicine is sure to be destroyed by this truth. Otherwise, toxic medicine extinguishes the human race. How horrible it is! In this horrible modern medicine, the disease is believed to be cured by medicine. It treats human beings as a kind of machine. Like being applied oil, we are given medicine with dry eyes. When thinking of that, I have great regard for Meshiya-sama. How great your divine work is! Forgive me for my poor writing. I wrote this report as I remember my fault in the past. I just sincerely admire Meshiya-sama’s teachings. Thank you very much for saving me, Meshiya-sama.

Though it is hard, only this art of salvation informs that medicine causes disease.

Not human art of medicine but divine spiritual art of medicine should be called science.

Translated by N.H.