Thank-You Report #111

Reported by K.C. in Hyogo on 1 February 1953

Thank you very much for giving grace a lot every day, Meshiya-sama. Here I sincerely report my experience. It was the end of last December. I realised by chance that cosmetics were harmful as same as medicine, chemical fertiliser and so on. I had thought that make-up was feminine modesty but it was contrarily a minor sin as it deceived people. I used to stand in front of the mirror every day and enjoy making up very much with various expensive oversee cosmetics. However, I suddenly stopped it. People around me were surprised, looked coldly at me and ridiculed me. Now, it is about a year since I stopped wearing make-up. My husband didn’t listen to me. I finally promised that I did makeup only when I went out with him. Apart from my mother, I explained to everyone that I was curing my facial skin because I terribly got pimples from cosmetics. I was actually in trouble with pimples a month ago. Although I supposedly explained like that, my skin condition was truly and impossibly terrible. My face became brown, greasy and shiny. I had pimples, too. Because of rough skin, it tightened and hurt even when I moved my eyes. One day, I went out and met my acquaintance. She flown mournfully and said, “What happened to your face?” The other day, I occasionally did make-up and went out with my husband. When we met people who only knew my face without make-up. They looked puzzled and didn’t bow to me. I had various troubles. The worst one happened on my lips. They were rather terrible than my face. I originally had rough rips since I was a child. They often cracked but they were once healed when I started putting on lipstick. However, my rough rips recurred and had five or so cracks at the same time. They caused trouble to speak or laugh. However, they became much better by applying a holy sheet of paper. Meanwhile, I received Johrei from a chairperson of Sekai-Mersiya-kyo. He encouraged me in various ways. My rough facial skin gradually peeled off. Pus came out of pimples. I had purification of cold. In those ways, my face steadily became clean and white. My mother, who is not yet a believer in Sekai-Meshiya-kyo, is very glad and says, “I would receive Johrei and stop wearing make-up if I were much younger. No matter what kind of facial treatment I use, it works temporarily but never lasts. It never brings the effect as you got.” My rough skin became much better than last year. My brownish cheeks became reddish. If I continued to wear make-up, what would happen? This thought makes me shiver. I believe that my husband will understand and be pleased with what I’ve done in near future.

Other than me, my family had various purifications and received grace every time I prayed to Meshiya-sama. My husband is recently understanding me a lot. We visited the head church of Sekai-Meshiya-kyo together last summer. I have no words how to express my gratitude to Meshiya-sama. I just say “Thank you very much, Meshiya-sama.” I sincerely express my gratitude. I am a sinful person but I work hard to be used for your divine work. I beg you to give me continuous grace as ever.

Translated by N.H.