Thank-You Report #113

Reported by I.K. in Shizuoka on 6 October 1952

Just beg for the long life as nothing is more important than it.

We are overjoyed with grace after the life-threatening disease is healed.

My father was blessed with good health and never ill in bed even for a day. He sometimes suffered from periodontal disease and took antibacterial drugs such as Albasil and others that were actively sold as an anti-suppuration agent at that time. They negatively affected his strong stomach and intestines. The stomach hurt when it was empty. He suffered from so-called gastric hyperacidity. Then he continuously took various stomach medicine. As a result, he had persistent diarrhoea. Then he took herbal medicine called Geranium thunbergii as anti-diarrhoea. He used to enjoy almost all kinds of food but he became a selective eater. He also lost appetite very much. He looked pale and had lost his physical strength.

Since I had already learnt Meshiya-sama’s teachings, I understood what true health was. Therefore, I knew that his process of dealing with disease was just as his teachings told me. Even though he was in good health, medicine harmed him and would shorten his life in the end. I knew it very much so that I desperately stopped him from taking medicine and encouraged him to receive Johrei as the best therapy. I also told him to depend on absolute God’s salvation. I advised him to become a believer in Seaki-Msehiya-kyo and get back his health. Because of the materialistic education he received, he could hardly understand me at first. I thought he would not be saved. I was filled with grief. I asked him with bitter tears. My sincerity might have led to God. He finally received a holy amulet. He had connected with the Supreme God by spiritual link. I was relieved that he realised the false of modern medicine and the harm of medicine and so on.

However, he had already taken various medicines a lot. Meshiya-sama says; “Taking medicine such as Albasil, Geranium thunbergii and so on is a suicidal act. If a person takes them a lot, I cannot take responsibility for their life.” Therefore, I couldn’t let my guard down at all. I tried hard to perform Johrei on my father every day. As I thought, the toxic medicine he took persistently melt one after another, which suffered him. He finally had extremely severe purification last autumn. He vomited brownish mud-like things and lost appetite completely. He kept moaning with stomach pain all day long. I was exhausted with his nursing. He frequently felt sick and vomited even just after drinking water. He was finally driven to the wall. My father and mother were already convinced that Johrei was the best healing art at that time. Therefore, they just depended on it without any doubt. He never took any medicine nor injection. I asked people who worked for Meshiya-kyo to perform Johrei him, too. We earnestly depended on Meshiya-sama.

Johrei is the absolute divine power that is incomparable with medical treatment. Since my father had taken intense toxic medicine, I thought that he would be no longer able to endure severe purification. I asked to have a chance of meeting with Meshiya-sama as our last hope. I begged him to protect my father with great passion. Although we look him up as Saviour, I lost control of myself and asked him about my father. As I thought, he said to me, “He took the worst toxic medicine. Therefore, I cannot take responsibility for your father’s life. Since he has a soft shoulder, he is originally strong. He might be over the worst. Relax your hands and perform Johrei to the stomach from the back and the pit of the stomach.” In the future, Meshiya-sama would be looked up to as Saviour all over the world. Such a great person deeply paid attention to the worry of a woman who had low status. He worried us and taught me various things. I will never forget his affectionate gaze. I was humbled and full of gratitude indeed.

I had unfortunate marriage and divorced my husband. After that, my father looked after me with my two children. I had no sisters and brothers. If he abandoned us, I wouldn’t know what to do with my children. My anxiety reached its peak. If he had died, relatives, acquaintances and neighbours would criticise and blame me. They didn’t know the true value of Sekai-Meshiya-kyo. They would say; “Your father is seriously ill but you never give him medicine nor take him to the doctor. You blindly believe in the evil god and finally, let him die.” They would blame me like that. No matter how I was blamed, however, I would have no regret if I had chosen the best way and tried to do my best. I didn’t care if people without knowledge of spiritual matters didn’t understand me. If my father died, he would live happily in the spiritual world after fully receiving Johrei. On the contrary, his spiritual life would become completely different if he had continued to take medical treatment. I was not afraid of anything no matter what anyone said. I would just wait for the time had come when general people understood the true value of this faith. I had chosen a great path. However, because of the clouds piled in my family, acquaintances misunderstood us and might disturb divine salvation. It was harder for me than anything else but I soon reconsidered that I must proceed on the broad-minded path. I worried about my father and left for home.

On the way back home, the image of my mother came to my mind. She was weeping in front of my father’s dead body. I had brought up under his protection but I was about to get buffeted about in the world with my children. Such a miserable scene came to my eyes. The various negative thought came to my mind but I wept them off one after another. I remembered Meshiya-sama’s words; “Attachment prevents salvation very much. The divine power exerts infinitely when you depend on God.” I kept his words in my mind. I repeatedly said to myself, “It’s good that I sincerely ask to save my father’s life. If I get obsessed with it, it contrarily brings bad results. Only God decides the life and death of human beings. I should leave everything to Him after I try to do my best.” I was encouraged by my friend on the way back and finally came home. My mother unexpectedly welcomed me with a smile. Just when I had a meeting with Meshiya-sama and words from him, my father stopped vomiting. He had tofu, rice cracker, egg yolk and so on. “My father was saved! He has got through the worst of it.” I shed tears of joy. I threw myself before the altar and expressed my gratitude. After that, the toxic medicine seemed to melt much easier. He had diarrhoea and vomited almost every night. They smelled terribly bad. I did know how horrible toxic medicine was.

Every night he discharged toxic medicine like that, he felt better and gained an appetite. He got better and better in a year. Everyone said, “Your father looks well and gained weight.” He started to work again and we live a cheerful life. We spent those days as if we were fighting with toxic medicine. Since we had received this great divine power, my father could easily overcome the severe purification. We could believe that he would recover just by receiving Johrei no matter how much he suffered from pain. We never get into a panic to call the doctor at midnight. We could relive his pain just calmly. How grateful! If we didn’t know this divine power, we would just depend on doctors and medicine. We would be just flustered. I was full of gratitude that I was permitted to become a believer in Sekai-Meshiya-kyo. My father suffered from severe pain and vomited at night. Since he discharged toxic medicine like that, he got better after that and went to work the next morning. He repeatedly had a quite severe purification but never got weak. We are full of gratitude that we are permitted this great power of Johrei. Every time my father suffered very much and had to be ill in bed, his work was off. Purification never disrupted his work. Therefore, people at work never knew that he was seriously ill. We shed tears of joy for the grace we received. Most people, who had the same symptom as my father had, died after they had an operation. If they were alive because of radium therapy, medicine or surgery and their symptom looked milder, they don’t completely recover. The cause of the disease still remains in the body and just temporarily hardens. Since the cause is not eradicated, they will have problems in near future and have to suffer more than before. However, they never realised that. When thinking of them, I am praying that people in society will realise what true health is, protect their most precious lives and have true happiness. If we didn’t meet Sekai-Meshiya-kyo, my father would be affected by toxic medicine and die. We would lose the pillar of our family and would be in pitiful condition. Meshiya-sama saved us from such a terrible condition. We feel grateful every day that my father was given a second chance to live by Mehisya-sama. We don’t know how helpful we can be, but we do our best to help Meshiya-sama’s great divine work of the construction of Paradise on Earth, where there is no disease, poverty and conflict but full of art.

Translated by N.H.