Thank-You Report #110

Reported by M.M in Tokyo on 17 January 1953

Here I sincerely report the grace I received with gratitude, Meshiya-sama. I never thought that I was diagnosed with tuberculosis. In August 1947, sweltering days continued. I felt fatigued more and more. I visited the doctor for the first time. The doctor told me to stop working immediately and take rest treatment. I will never forget my surprise and sadness when I heard his words. So, I started to take medical treatment while visiting the doctor regularly. It continued for about two and a half years until April 1950. I had rest first as the doctor told me and concentrated on taking so-called hardening treatment such as nutrition, injection, medicine and so on. I also took complicated occupational therapy. Mt effort paid off. I was glad that the doctor told me I was completely cured. However, I could never overdo anything in my daily life. I strictly kept over an eight-hour sleep. I had a rest just before I felt fatigued. I constantly had a health check-up. I had to be careful not for catching a cold. Those sorts of cautions made my life cramped. I was always frightened by the risk of recurrence. I treated myself like a fragile article. I was always so anxious that I couldn’t work to the full at all. I gradually envied people who concentrated on working. In that way, I never felt the true joy of recovering. A kind of lonely shadow never left my heart. I always took care of my body in such a frightened manner. I took the modern medical therapy that weakened the body and temporarily hardened toxins. Therefore, it couldn’t last long. I became unable to do ordinary housework. My tuberculosis finally recurred last April. I couldn’t understand why it recurred even though I did everything that the doctor said. I became like a wrecked person. I was ashamed of myself. I felt as if I was driven to the depths of despair. I mourned my hardship. I had no choice but grown in bed. Since my tuberculosis recurred, I could hardly think that I would recover with medicine. I would never recover as long as an effective medicine was found. When I thought that my illness must have distressed my parents and sisters, I suffered mentally rather than physically. My heart almost burst with grief. I thought to give up and kill myself many times but I think that is guilty. As human beings are alive because of God’s will, I was scared of committing the greatest sin. I continued to worry on my own while fighting against temptation. I would be able to live a life with well-regulated medical treatment if I entered a sanatorium. I would share the same feelings with other patients and that would be relieved my mental distress. As I thought so, I was asking my parents to enter the sanatorium. On that very occasion, a woman sent some copies of the newspapers published by the present Sekai-Meshiya-kyo to me. She was the daughter of Mr O who is a senior leader of Sekai-Meshiya-kyo. I am sorry but I thought all kinds of religions except for Christianity was heretical religions. So, I made down them from the start. If I would any interest in them, it would mean that I listened to the devil’s temptation. If I had contact with them even a little, it would mean that I would commit the sin against Christ. As I thought so, I had no attention to the newspapers. I left and ignored them for about a week. Nevertheless, God never abandoned me. One day, a kind of mysterious power guided me to pick up the newspapers and read them. I encountered Meshiya-sama’s various teachings there. He says the following things; It is self-deception if a person tries to believe what they don’t believe. You may doubt as much as you can even when you are healed from illness. You can see a miracle even though you don’t believe it. I didn’t believe such a convenient religion had existed. I did believe that only Christ had such great healing power. So, I never believed Meshiya-sama’s words. I just thought that way of speaking was very new religious. All thank-you reports describe miracle but I didn’t think that everyone could receive one. Maybe one or two out of a thousand people would receive it. Even so, I wondered if I could be the one. I started to cling to such a mere possibility. Just at that time, Mr O introduced me to Mr H who was a chairperson of Sekai-Meshiya-kyo. He took the trouble to visit me at night. He told me about the false of modern medicine, the essence of Sekai-Mehsiya-kyo and so on in detail. When I listened to him, I started to doubt the modern medicine that I had believed in. I agreed with the medical theory of Sekai-Meshiya-kyo one by one. I heard that Mr H had suffered from intestinal tuberculosis for a decade but completely recovered by Johrei. He looked very well. I couldn’t believe he suffered before like that. Looking at him, I was just stunned by the marvellous power of Johrei. He said very easily, “You recover soon. Just depend on faith.” He said confidently, which sounded too easy for me to believe. At the end of August, I received Johrei for the first time. I had been bedridden and couldn’t even take a bath easily. I had poor balance and couldn’t sit up in the bed at all. After receiving Johrei, however, I suddenly felt gaining energy and could stay up without any problem until 9 p.m. I could get up with a refreshing feeling the next morning and move easily. I was surprised that the effect of Johrei appeared so quickly. I had looked down on Sekai-Meshiya-kyo as it was a new religion but that miracle made me deeply think of my mistake. I was just happy and I will never forget that joy. Every time I receive Johrei, I could take care of myself more easily. I got well quickly. When looking at my recovery, my family thought that it was a psychological effect. They just gave a laugh and ignored it. However, I could hardly think that it was just a psychological reason. I did feel something changing in my body. I was rather stunned by the greatness of faith. I was convinced that Sekai-Meshiya-kyo was the only religion for me to depend on. In the middle September, my mother and I became a believer in Sekai-Meshiya-kyo. At the beginning of October, I first visited Hakone to worship with Mr H. I left my bed just a month before but never felt tired. My body became well enough to go there cheerfully. I had changed very much. It was like a dream. I remember when I took the medical treatment. I received occupational therapy such as an X-ray, temperature, sputum and so on. It took six months. I was once claimed to be cured but the illness recurred. When I recalled my past, I feel even deeper the joy of being saved. Thank you very much for giving me grace, Meshiya-sama. I safely visited Atami to worship at the end of last year and the beginning of this year. I have had purification but never been ill in bed for five months since I received Johrei for the first time. Now I work to help for the church of SekaiMeshiya-kyo. At the end of October, we enshrined a holy folding screen for ancestors. I soon dreamt of my ancestors who were glad to be saved. I did understand that SekaiMeshiya-kyo saves people not only in the present world but also in the spiritual world. I keenly felt the depth of this faith. The dream also convinced me that the human soul is immortal. I did realise that we had to dedicate our ancestors in the same way as when they were alive. I had suffered mentally when I was ill. People distinguish me from others and got afraid because I suffered from tuberculosis. However, the believers of Seaki-Meshiya-kyo never did so. I was very glad that they were always open and friendly to me. Thank you very much, Meshiya-sama. I felt refreshed and spent this New Year full of hope for the first time in several years. I have learnt the truth that Disease is a purification action. I hope that I would never get lost no matter how serious purification I will have and go forward to develop faith. I am afraid that I am a sinful person but please use me for your divine work as ever, Meshiya-sama.

Translated by N.H.