Thank-You Report for Curing Arthritis

Thank-You Report for Arthritis #1
Thank-You Report for Arthritis #2
Thank-You Report for Arthritis #3


Thank-You Report for Arthritis #1

Reported by O.Y. in Kagoshima on the 1st of September, 1951


I would like to express my deepest gratitude to Meshiya-sama and report that I was completely cured of arthritis. In around April 1948, I unexpectedly felt pain in the right knee and gradually got unable to bend it. I immediately applied moxibustion and kept it warm with the bathwater. I repeatedly did it every day but my knee didn’t get better. Then I took all possible treatments such as an injection, ointment and so on, but it got worse. When I have a meal, I couldn’t sit on the knee. I had to sit on the step of an earth floor while stretching my leg. When responding to a visitor and praying for gods and ancestors every morning and evening, I had to sit while stretching my leg.

I tried to sit on knees somehow. On the other hand, however, I felt so sad when I thought I was too old to recover. I felt miserable to think why I couldn’t recover even though medical science had recently progressed very much and new medicine were produced one after another. I thought I would die before my knee was cured. Then three years passed and the spring had come. I would never forget what I experienced.

It was 17 April 1951, the son of a person in our village suddenly got ill. He was thirteen years old and had a high fever for four to five days and continued to feel pain in the belly. He couldn’t eat anything. He was carried on a stretcher by his parents and four other villagers to a doctor. They had to go through a steep mountain path of four kilometres to see him. He was diagnosed with acute cholecystitis. He took two injections and had to have an absolute rest. His temperature didn’t go down. We thought he wouldn’t be saved and went back. When we reached our nearby village on the way back home, Mr M’s wife said, “Someone called Mr I is visiting my village now. He is an instructor of Meshiya-kyo. Why don’t you ask him to see that boy?” We immediately went to ask him. He said, “Bring him to the room.” We timidly brought him. He confidently said, “Having a fever is purification and good for him. He will feel relieved in less than tens of minutes. When hearing his words, we were very surprised.

When Mr I performed Johrei to the boy for about thirty minutes, his temperature of 40 degrees went down very fast. We did appreciate for this great power and immediately asked Mr I to visit our village and performed Johrei to us. My wife and I had suffered from chronic stomach pain for a long time. Not only us but my whole family including a daughter in law were all suffered from some kind of illness. Our house was like a wholesaler of disease. Mr I performed Johrei to almost all villagers every day. As for my leg, I could bend my knee after receiving Johrei only twice. What an amazing power it was! I didn’t know how to give thanks to Meshiya-sama.

Villagers as well as my whole family received uncountable grace from Him. Thanks to the helpful guidance from Mr A, my wife became a believer on 1 May and did my daughter on 8 June. We continued to receive Johrei from Mr I and Mr B and enshrined a holy holding screen of Kannon-sama on 5 August. We were so glad to become much happier. We had seventeen believers in one and a half months and worked together for Meshiya-sama. Mr C and a chief person of the headquarter kindly visit branch office D for us every month. Every time they come, we receive the grace of Meshiya-sama more and more. We are very grateful. In such circumstances, I would like to be permitted to enshrine Komyonyorai-sama as soon as possible and introduce Johrei to villagers who have not yet understand and people who have not yet known it. I also would like to help to construct Paradise on Earth even a little. Thank you very much, Meshiya-sama. I reported the bare fact.



Translated by N.H.


Thank-You Report for Arthritis #2

Reported by K.K. in Nagano on the 21st of November, 1951


I would like to express my deepest gratitude to Meshiya-sama. I am glad to report that I became a believer. It was thirteen years ago when I was sixteen years old. I suddenly felt pain in the left ankle. I was surprised and immediately went to see a doctor. I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis. I received medical treatment but it didn’t work. The pain spread through the whole body in ten days and I couldn’t get out of bed soon. All joints of fingers become swollen and bent. Around toes from knees as well as elbows, shoulders, neck and waist became swollen. The insteps thickly became swollen. I could no longer sit on the knees. I could manage to walk a little somehow but I could not move my body freely.

I first relied on doctors as usual. I took injections and internal medicine and did everything but my swelling got worse. I gave up medicine and tried to take acupuncture, moxibustion, electrotherapy, massage and so on but none of them healed me. After a while, the pain gradually became ease but returned in the following year. I had to be ill in bed.

I believed in a recommended religion and offered a prayer. However, nothing had changed, which made me feel bad as I thought to be deceived. All of my joints became hardened in horrible shape. I thought, “Medical science and religion until today never heal me. I have to live like this forever.” I felt so sad and cried many times under the duvet. I couldn’t move the body. Probably because of that, I suffered from the gastrointestinal disorder, heart disease and asthma. During the busiest season of farming in every spring and autumn, I just bothered my parents and brothers.

I had spent thirteen years in such a condition. I no longer trusted any treatment people recommended. I almost gave up recovering.

However, our neighbour suddenly visited our house and said, “I was suffering from empyema for a long time but it was cured.” She explained Johrei and Meshiya-kyo to me. As I couldn’t believe anything at that time, I didn’t think my arthritis was cured by such a thing. However, I was still thinking about it for three days. I thought, “I would be glad if I was cured and I wouldn’t mind even if I wasn’t. So, let’s try it.” On 2 May, I visited Mr A’s house. Thinking back, I could turn down her offer but I didn’t. I was convinced that I was saved in a very slight difference.

After receiving Johrei in my whole body, I left the house. When coming there by bicycle, I had to rest a lot but I didn’t feel pain very much on the way back home. I took the way of four kilometres by bicycle and went home easily. I wondered why so. I repeatedly tried to find a reason but I couldn’t. However, it was true that my body became lighter. I cannot comprehend why my body, which was never healed, became lighter by receiving Johrei only once.

When I woke up the next morning, I could get up easily though I usually didn’t. I finally saw the light in the darkness for thirteen years. I was so glad and I visited Mr A’s house by bicycle again on the next day. On the third day, a monthly ceremony was held at Mr B’s house. I met Mr N who is an instructor. When hearing many things from him, I felt much brighter. What surprised me most was everyone who gathered there was healthy and cheerful. I had never joined such a cheerful ceremony and thought this atmosphere would blow away illness. I received Johrei before leaving and easily went home by bicycle. My body became lighter and lighter day by day. My dark feelings blew away and I could see the bright side of life. I don’t know how to express my gratitude. I cannot describe my appreciation as I am uneducated.

Form the next day, I listened to lectures for three days. I wanted to have the training to receive a holy amulet but I thought I should first recover. Then I received Johrei from my neighbour every day and the pain in all my joints became relieved day by day. One and a half months passed since I started to receive Johrei and I could hold a sickle and harvest the wheat, which I was not able to do for thirteen years. I actually could hold a sickle before but I didn’t have enough strength to cut the wheat. Although my joints were still swollen and my fingers and hands were deformed, I was so glad to hold a sickle tightly and cut grass by my efforts.

Since then, I worked hard and was ready to receive training. At the end of July, I attended a three-day training and finally received a holy amulet. During the training, someone saw the divine light of Johrei, someone saw a holy scroll shining gold and someone saw the light emitting from the shoulder of the instructor. In this way, miracles continuously appeared. When I receive a holy amulet, all my body felt a rush of heat. I just shed my tears with joy.

After receiving a holy amulet, my body became much lighter. Now I am confident that all swellings go down and my body will completely recover, which I have never expected before. Three months passed since I became a believer. Now I can do most of the farming work. I am working hard every day and night to let people know this faith as many as possible and help to set up a museum even a little. I reported my experience with Joy.


Translated by N.H.


Thank-You Report for Arthritis #3

Reported by K.K. in Okayama on the 7th of August, 1952


Thank you very much for your protection, Meshiya-sama. I would like to report a part of the grace I received.

We are a family of eight. Our house was like a wholesaler of disease. When someone healed, someone became ill, and so on. In this way, some of my family were always sick in bed. Because of that, most of the monthly living expenses were for medical treatment. My house was always gloomy as if all of the bad luck in my village were ours. It was like a living hell. Worse still, I, who should manage our household, became rheumatism.

I tried to cure my disease quickly and took every possible treatment such as injection, acupuncture, moxibustion and so on. However, I didn’t get better or rather got worse. The pain became severer and the right ankle became like a stick and no longer bent. Nothing was more painful than a bad foot. My family lost female hands and my house got darker. All children cried and screamed but I couldn’t wash their clothes nor prepare a meal. When my husband came back after working with the sweat of his brow, I felt so sorry for him. If only my foot could have been healed, he wouldn’t have felt hardship. I felt like my heart was going to break. I suffered from mental agony which nearly made me mad. We were getting harder to live day by day. Children were noisy but the house was filled with a gloomy atmosphere. I couldn’t do anything for that even if I wanted to. I just sighed over my misfortunes with my innocent children.

It was wheat harvest season of last year. Our neighbour Mrs O said, “A person who cures the disease is visiting us. Why don’t you come to see him?” I thought it was my last hope and decided to visit her. When I visited her, I found a young instructor holding up his hand. I was not quite sure but he said, “Your disease is sure to get better. So, you should keep coming.” As I was told, I visited him every day but I didn’t see any good sign. Besides, he talked too little. I didn’t know what was going on. I thought to stop going there. However, Mrs O said, “You have to hold on a little longer.” I had to be polite to my neighbours. I unwillingly visited her when he came.

About one month passed. My ankle became flexible little by little as I received Johrei. Since then, I couldn’t wait for Mr H to come. He performed Johrei to me and my foot became much better. I was waiting to say to Mr H, “I can bend my ankle like this today, or I can bend it like that at this time.” My joy couldn’t be compared to anything.

While doing so, autumn was coming. I could sit on the knee properly while receiving Johrei. I felt to be in heaven. I had almost no pain. Harvest season came and I could work hard us usual or much harder. I could easily do tough works in mountains and fields. I was completely cured. On 1 December, I visited a headquarter in Okayama and received a long-awaited holy amulet. Around that time, our family stopped getting ill. We completely changed to become a happy family without the disease.

Looking back on those days, upon a pitch-dark night, I wandered without a cane.

Our blessings from God, we cannot praise Him enough, with pens and words.

Thank you very much, Meshiya-sama.



Translated by N.H.