Thank-You Report #107

Reported by N.N. in Oita on 20 March 1951

I would like to report three cases of miscarriage that I involved as a midwife.

Case 1; A woman was thirty-five years old and about three months pregnant. She had a fever with chills and smelly lochia. She had a so-called septic miscarriage. I performed Johrei to the head and upper body for about five minutes. I also performed Johrei to the womb from sacroiliac joints and the upper edge of the pectineal muscle for about twenty minutes each. Then her fever came down to normal. A kind of fragment and a silkworm sized thing came out few times. A red bean sized or rice-grain sized thing came out few times, too. Meanwhile, the amount of lochia reduced day by day. She completely healed in five days.

Case 2; A woman was forty years old and miscarried at about two months. She had labour pains and bled about twice as much as menstruation. She couldn’t sleep for a few days. I performed Johrei on her in the same way as I did in Case 1. When she received Johrei once, the amount of bleeding reduced by half and she slept well. When she received it secondly, bleeding completely stopped and no abnormality after that.

Case 3; A woman was about three months pregnant. She slept and fell on the slope under the rain. She hit the buttocks. Then she took the bus to go home. Because of the bumpy slope, she was swaying for about 8 kilometres. She started to bleed that night. I visited her the following day. She had moderate bleeding and frequent labour pains. I performed Johrei on her in the same way as I did in Case 1. Then the labour pain stopped. She bled about normal menstruation. “You got better. No need to worry. I will come again tomorrow. You can move to go to the bathroom or so,” I said and left. The next day, I performed Johrei in the same way as the last time. Since then, the amount of bleeding reduced day by day. She completely healed in six days.

If all three women above had medical treatment, they would probably have curettage. Therefore, they would get hospitalised and have an anaesthetic injection for it. They would also have medical treatment such as an antiseptic injection and internal medicine. It would take about a week for them to recover completely. If they needed an operation for some reason, they would have the injection of a haemostatic and an antiseptic and also internal medicine. If they just had a rest with ice to cool the body, they would have a considerable amount of bleeding. Furthermore, at least blood clots in the size of chicken-egg, silkworm and so on, placenta and a kind of foreign fragment came out together. That is usual and what’s more, it would take more than a week that all of them come out. Apart from the woman in Case 1, as she had a septic miscarriage, the women in other cases had no blood clots nor placenta-like things at all. Besides, they had quite less bleeding and made good progress. Their cases seem to be strange from a medical point of view. From our point of view, however, I think that toxic things were discharged as liquid and useful things were reduced to the body. Medically speaking, the main things still remain in the body. They discharge as blood or rot afterwards and harm the body. However, all of the women work hard without any problem even a year after. Some had pregnant after that and had an easy delivery on schedule. Here I conclude my report.

Translated by N.H.