Thank-You Report #106

Reported on 17 July 1951 by E.K. born in China

“Please look after my daughter for a while,” The wife next door left her five-year-old daughter. That is her usual ploy. My wife and I looked at each other and laughed. The girl looked just to stop crying. The trace of tears and runny nose made stripe patterns in her face. “Your tummy hurts?” I asked her. She said, “Yes. Johrei, please.” Since her headache and tummy ache was cured by Johrei sometimes, she came and asked my wife to perform Johrei when she got ill. The girl is innocent but her parents are not. They, of course, know that Johrei works very well but never said, “Please perform Johrei.” They worry about their appearance and don’t want to admit the effect of Johrei. So, they just said, “Please look after my daughter for a while.” Then they left their daughter. They came again in good timing when Johrei finished. “Thank you,” they said and took their daughter home. I sometimes angry with their obvious manner but it is not the girl’s fault. I changed my mind and asked God for her protection. Then I performed Johrei on her for about thirty minutes. Then, her mother came to pick her up.

I said to her, “I think your daughter has a worm in her belly. Please bring her again.” She said to her daughter, “That’s why you were sobbing. I’ll go and get anthelmintic soon.” She said such an unpleasant thing intentionally and left for home with her daughter. I have never seen twisted people like the couple next door. My wife had a leg problem before but it was healed by receiving grace from God. They knew it by sight but never admitted it. They insisted that it was because the time had come to be healed. Nevertheless, they brought their daughter and asked us to look after her when she became ill. They never said, “Please perform Johrei.” They never looked at the holy hanging scroll of Komyo-Nyorai-sama when visiting my house. They always looked away from it. They changed the subject when we talked about faith. The wife next door suffered from haemorrhoids when she was near term. She felt pain so much that she couldn’t sleep. Then she had an operation at the hospital. That night, she suffered from much severe pain than before. She broke out in a sweat. I thought that she suffered very much because the affected part was cut before becoming purulent enough. So, she came and said like that, “Please use a charm for me.” I performed Johrei. The next day, she came and said, “A lot of pus came out about two hours after going home. Then, I felt better and slept well. Thank you.” I said to her, “Why don’t you receive a holy amulet and ask for your protection?” She said, “Maybe next time.” She gave me an ambiguous reply and had gone. They are good at sales. They seem to run a ruthless business, too. They are greedy. The neighbours hate the couple. They never raised their child when she fell on the road. The children in the neighbourhood, of course, never play with her. So, she always came to play at my house. Their employees had a traffic accident and suffered misfortunes. So, the couple was forced to spend money unexpectedly. That’s why they much more think not to waste money or to want it more. I said to them, “Money never flees from the house when you believe God.” They replied, “Do you cheat us like that?” After we became a believer in Sekai-Mehisya-kyo, our house got brighter and we had a stable life. They don’t seem to like our situation. I absolutely gave them up as hopeless. They might have a feeling of depending on God someday through their lives. Will they be in time for God’s judgement? I just have a concern about it.

Translated by N.H.