Thank-You Report #108

Reported by O.S. in Tokushima on 6 March 1953

Thank you very much for giving us your continuous grace, Meshiya-sama. Thanks to the absolute power of God, my second daughter M was saved from a desperate condition in June 1952. Now, we live a life full of gratitude. At that time, M was six years old and started going to a nursery school the last April. She became weak in the middle of May. She was losing appetite but kept going to nursery school somehow. However, she got weaker and weaker. She finally lost her energy to go to nursery school. Around that time, she never failed to have a fever at night. When I touched her belly, she had a surprisingly high fever. I took her to the hospital and told the doctor the course of her condition. The doctor gave her a penicillin injection and prescribed an enema. We went home. When I gave her the enema, she defecated a little and felt better a little. She insisted on going to nursery school. So, I let her go there the following day. When coming back, she looked very pale and very weak. She had a fever again from that night and suffered very much. When I touched her belly, she had a temperature of over 40 degrees, which went down the next morning. Because she had a high-temperature last night, she looked very pale. Her lips were so pale that I couldn’t believe they were of a living human being. I tried to be creative with cooking but she was losing appetite.

My whole family got worried about M very much and took her to the hospital. The doctor carefully examined her that time. He said that my daughter might suffer from blood disease but he didn’t have sufficient equipment to examine her. So, the doctor told us to take her to a municipal hospital two kilometres away from his hospital. He wrote a letter of reference and gave it to us. We had no choice but to go there. My daughter had a detailed medical examination such as blood, stool, urine and X-ray test. Then she was diagnosed with a quite rare disease called leukaemia. When a person suffers from this disease, blood that should become red blood cells changes to white blood cells. So white cells increase and on the other hand, red blood cells decrease. Such a condition gradually accelerates. No sufficient medical treatment was found yet. I had trusted in medicine very much but even I lost trust in it at that time. I felt desperate that I had never had before. When we were at a loss, my neighbour told us about Komyo-Nyorai-sama. As we had difficulty, I decided to go to worship there. The next morning, we visited Mr T’s house five kilometres away from my house. My daughter received Johrei. She looked better than usual on the way back home. She always had a fever at night but she didn’t from that day. She gradually gained an appetite. On the third day, we went home while humming from Mr T’s house. We did appreciate for grace and visited him every day. My daughter got so much better than before in a week. We received a holy amulet. Now she is going to nursery school happily as before. When she has a miner purification, we are relieved because she is sure to get better by Johrei. Our family also have purification sometimes but we are relieved that we become better by Johrei. In September 1952, we enshrined a holy folding screen for ancestors. From now on, I would like to be used for the great divine work. I don’t know how helpful I can be but I devoted myself to let people know the divine plan of the construction of Paradise on Earth. Thank you very much, Meshiya-sama. Please protect us as ever. Sorry for my bad writing. Here I conclude my report.

Translated by N.H.