Thank-You Report #105

Reported by S.T. in Shizuoka on 17 December 1952

My second daughter once became like a living corpse. Thanks to the great divine power of Meshiya-sama, however, she was saved and given a second chance to live. Here I prostrate myself before him and express my deepest gratitude.

My daughter Y is six years old and suffered from the terrible disease of Japanese encephalitis on 30 August 1951. She was pretty good just before that day but she completely changed. I felt as if I got mad. She had a high fever and a frequent convulsion. She continuously used ice to cool her body and took injections of ringer and streptomycin. We changed to a doctor in the end. When the doctor drained water from the spinal cord a few times, Y terribly suffered. How cruel it was! I couldn’t bear to see her. In that way, we tried every possible medical treatment for her. She finally escaped from death but became like a crocked person or just alive for a while. Her brain, of course, didn’t work. Her whole body became paralysed. She became like a jellyfish. No matter how much called her name, she never replied. I don’t know how many times I shed tears in deep sorrow. I wanted her brain to be healed at least. That was my agonising wish.

On 21 October, a certain person gave me advice, “Your daughter might heal by Johrei. Why don’t you try asking that?” I soon visited Mr O nearby who is a believer in Sekai-Meshiya-kyo. I explained my daughter’s condition and said, “Please save her.” I sincerely asked him. On that evening, Mr O visited us. He looked shocked at Y’s wretched figure. He immediately performed Johrei on her. “What was going on?” My whole family including my husband watched over them. While he was performing Johrei for twenty minutes or so, Y instantly sweated all over her face. She looked hot. So, I removed the futon. Then she said, “Hot.” She continued to say, “S…Sleep, Mum,” and “A cat, cat, cat…” What a miracle! I heard Y’s voice for the first time in fifty days. I couldn’t stop crying. I saw the miracle performed on my daughter in front of me. It was like the one Christ did. I was just grateful for the mercy of the greatest God and lowered my head. The next day, Y kept singing all day. She got better every time she received Johrei. Her mental ability returned to almost normal in about a week. She could turn over on the bed in about two weeks and speak in about three weeks. In about four weeks, she could realise that she wanted to use the toilet. On 22 November, she could finally walk. I don’t know how I described my joy. A full month passed since she started to receive Johrei. She completely recovered in such a short period. Whenever I looked at her playing, I remember that no one believed that she returned to normal. We always thought that she couldn’t live until the following day. Nevertheless, she received a dream-like grace. I am full of gratitude. Thank you very much, Meshiya-sama. I have already taken religious training. To reward the grace we received even a little, I would like to save people as many as possible.

Translated by N.H.