Thank-You Report #104

Reported by K.T. in Gifu on 26 November 1952

“Both of you always devote yourselves to doctors and chemists. You should stop it and depend on Komyo-Nyorai-sama. I was saved from uterine fibroids by Johrei without operation. Any disease is healed by Johrei.”

“I don’t know how great Komyo-Nyorai-sama or God is but I never believe such a thing. Yours is psychological effects. No God exists in this world. I experienced it when I went to war abroad. Besides, I hate people pushing me.”

“Whatever you say, I’ll perform Johrei on you.”

“Do it, if you want.”

“You feel something?”

“Nothing at all. You should stop the stupid thing.”

In this way, I argued or quarrelled with my sister-in-law M. In May when green leaves grew, she was miraculously saved from uterine fibroids by Komyo-Nyorai-sama just before the operation. What’s more, her chronic disease of headache was completely healed by Johrei. She received a holy amulet. She was absolutely at peak of joy.

I used to be not an atheist at all. I always held morning and evening services. I had thought that all creatures in this world should depend on something great. I also thought that human beings could do nothing with their small and weak power. However, war completely changed my thought. War affected me mentally and physically. So, how could I believe her words? She still insisted on performing Johrei. Then I said, “Do it if you want.” So, I received Johrei. Even while receiving it, I got feisty against her downhearted words. I never listen to her.

“Whenever I had a headache or stomach ache, it is healed by a single injection. I have worked at a field hospital during the war. So, I can cure myself and my family with injections whenever we get a minor disease. Is disease healed just by holding a hand? It’s nonsense.” M replied to me, “You said you cured disease with a single injection. Then why do you have to take injections and medicine all the time? Because your disease is not cured. You don’t realise that all medicines you had become toxic and remain in your body. Johrei melts those toxins and cleanses your body. They will excrete someday.” How strange! Every time I received Johrei, I felt better and became in good shape. I felt something different from when I took medicine. “It shouldn’t happen,” I thought but couldn’t turn away from the truth in front of me. I couldn’t help but look forward to receiving Johrei with my wife. I also started to read avidly various publications of Sekai-Meshiya-kyo.

My wife had suffered from pain in her hip since about a year ago. Whenever she felt pain, her pain relieved by injection. However, her condition became what M exactly said. She received Johrei from a chairperson of Sekai-Meshiya-kyo. A few days later, she had purification. Then she received Johrei from M, too. Maybe because of my sharp tongue, she finally got angry with me and stopped performing Johrei. I wanted her to perform Johrei very much but my mind and words did not correspond. I was in a bad mood but I didn’t want to ask her. I had no choice but to visit her house somehow. However, she pretended not to recognise my feeling though she knew it very much. I got impatient. I told my wife to ask M to perform Johrei on us. So, we received Johrei together from her again. Then I honourably received a holy amulet first. On 21 August, my wife had severe pain in her belly at the night. On the 22nd, she received Johrei from a chairperson. On the 23rd, she had great purification at 3 a.m. I was surprised and asked M, Mr and Mrs H and Mrs Y to perform Johrei on my wife even though it was in the very early morning. I also called a midwife. I was late to say that my wife had an ectopic pregnancy.

The midwife said, “I can do nothing for her. We need a doctor.” M said to me, “Make up your mind. You have to choose a doctor or Komyo-Nyorai-sama.” I said, “I want to depend on Komyo-Nyorai-sama. Please relieve her pain.” I asked from the bottom of my heart. Though it was rude, M gave a phone call to the chairperson. Fortunately, Mr A visited us on his behalf. He politely performed Johrei on my wife. I was so glad that I couldn’t describe my feeling with words. As Mr A told us, we made a mortuary tablet for the miscarried child a year before. Mr A visited us again and held a memorial service. Then my wife felt better after something like a placenta came out. However, she felt pain again around midnight. Her lower body suddenly got cold and she had blurred eyes. I thought she would die. I was stunned and got panicked.


The grace of God is higher than mountains and deeper than the sea.


Like this poem, she was protected by the great divine power. She once became a person who didn’t belong to this world. However, the placenta came out on the fourth day. Then she steadily had purification. We finally could start to live a life with gratitude. My wife received a holy amulet, too. We were tremendously rude to God. However, even sinful people like us received the deepest mercy from Him. Thank you very much, Meshiya-sama and Komyo-Nyorai-sama. Now we have woken up from our ignorance.


We cannot praise God’s grace enough with any words.

Izunome-no-kami, please let me devote myself to the faith in spite of my poor ability.


As taught, please use us for the construction of Paradise on Earth even a little.

Translated by N.H.