Thank-You Report #102

Reported on 5 October 1951 by E.K. born in Hawaii

“Good evening, Sir.” The wife of the stationer wriggled her fat body with embarrassment and came into the entrance hall. Her behaviour was something different. So, I soon understood that she came to ask me Johrei. “I’m coming to say thank you and ask you to perform Johrei. The girl next door completely recovered by Johrei. My neighbour asked me to send this for their gratitude.” She handed over a bag with bread. She continued to say, “Her pain went away on the first day and the swelling went down on the second day. They were very glad that the daughter went back to school then. Her mother took her to the clinic yesterday as usual. The doctor said she got better and didn’t need to come again.” She was talking about a girl who didn’t visit me since the day before. She was a second-grade junior high school student. Water got into her right ear when she was swimming and caused otitis media. She went to the clinic for about a month. The treatment cost was sixty yen per visit. Moreover, she had ten penicillin injection, which cost five hundred yen each. However, her condition didn’t get better. The doctor said, “When it comes to this, she will have an operation and have the bone shaved. But, I cannot promise whether her ear will be cured or not by the operation.” She is a girl. Her parents worried if her face would be scarred. If that happened, she would be in trouble when she reached the age of getting married. Then they heard about me from the wife of the stationer and the daughter’s mother took her to my place about ten days ago. Her mother gave me the following information. The doctor said, “Your daughter will heal when the pus comes out of her ear.” He also said, “She lacks nutrition.” It is correct that she would heal when the pus comes out. However, pus doesn’t come out when she has penicillin injection. They apparently contradict. I clearly saw the falsehood of modern medicine.

I thought that she might take time to cure since she had injections. I told her mother to send her after school every day. Then I performed Johrei on the affected part. I also performed Johrei from the back of the head to the medulla oblongata, where there was a terrible lump. She also had purification in the stomach. Her condition clearly showed that she suffered from her school classes and home works. Because of such a condition, she lacked nutrition. I told her mother that not only her ear but all her body would get better. Her mother was glad to hear that and said, “Please take care of my daughter.” She just saw unsurely me performing Johrei on her daughter. Her otitis media was completely cured by receiving Johrei three times. Besides, I was stunned when I heard that they went to see the doctor while receiving Johrei. I told her about toxic medicine. I also told her to take the gauze out of the daughter’s ear but she didn’t. So, I couldn’t take it forcibly as long as she left it. I didn’t realise that the doctor changed gauze every day. It was my mistake. The wife of the stationer said, “The doctor was amazed at her quick recovery.” She also said, “They no longer needed to pay treatment fee. So, they would go to the department store the following day when they visited the clinic.” She gave me unnecessary information. I replied with a laugh, “Then, a thank-you gift for God is ten sweet bean buns!” “In any case, we miss her a little,” my wife said. The girl always visited me with her friend maybe because she was shy. When opening the entrance door, they said in unison, “May we come in?” Then she put on her school bag and shoe bag and sat quietly in front of me. When leaving, they also said in unison, “Goodbye, Sir.” Their cute figures raise in my mind.

As for the wife of the stationer, she weighs about 70 kilograms. She was stuffed with urine. She felt heavy in her back and legs and got out of breath. Her menstruation tended to be delayed. She always said that she hated to live. I had told her about Sekai-Meshiya-kyo for two years but she never took notice of it at all. She never thought that disease was cured by such a nonsense method. However, she recently had trouble getting fat in an accelerating manner. So, she remembered me and first sent her neighbour. Then she saw how Johrei worked. She found its effect was far beyond medicine and finally decided to receive Johrei. Therefore, I felt mixed feelings when I heard her voice.

People wouldn’t believe Johrei just to hear about it. They think that even thank-you reports are fake, which is maybe because all reports are similar in style somewhat. It took time and effort to make such people receive Johrei. They try Johrei once and finally know the divine power. That is a common bad habit for urban people. Like the mother of a girl who suffered from otitis media, they pay for the treatment fee no matter how difficult for them to do. On the contrary, they reluctant to pay for God even a little even though they were saved by Him without any pain. This is also a common idea in modern society. Now the last judgement for human beings is nearly approaching. Like the wife of the stationer, do people, who laughed at and insulted our salvation, lower their head and ask for help in an awkward manner? When thinking of that, it is funny and also melancholy.

Translated by N.H.