Thank-You Report #103

Reported by S.F. in Shizuoka on 16 October 1952

Thank you very much for giving us countless blessings, Meshiya-sama. Here I would like to report about Mr H. He overcame purification by receiving Johrei from me. It was around 10 June. I heard that Mr H took a day off. He usually looked well but he often took a day off when he had a headache. When he was in such a condition, he always took a penicillin injection. So, I wanted to save him. I departed to see him. I asked him, “How are you feeling?” He opened his eyes slightly and said, “Not well as usual. I don’t know what to do.” The room swam before his eyes when he kept his eyes open. I took off the ice bag and touched his forehead. It was cold like ice. Nevertheless, he complained that the ice didn’t work and felt cold even with three futons. I performed Johrei on him but he didn’t seem to feel anything. I said to him, “You should not use ice. Otherwise, you felt dizzier.” He said, “The doctor told me I suffered from pneumonia first and now lung disease. I became so weak. I cannot live long.” He was a reckless person when he was fine. He was completely different from usual.

“It’s fine when your headache gets better rather than your chest disease. Let’s pray to God to get better with a generous heart as you always have. I will come every day somehow.” On the way back home, I met his wife. She said in tears, “My husband gets angry with me when I stay home. He complains that fieldwork won’t be finished. Then I work outside. He says I go out because I don’t want to look after him. He always annoys me like that. I don’t want to go home but cannot leave him alone.” I felt really sorry for her. I hurried up to visit him after work in the mountain every day. Because of the busy season for farmers, I visited him in the fall of the evening at the earliest. About a week later, he suspended his be-loved ice bag to a high place. His body became warm and he looked better. He rather looked forward to me visiting him. The doctor said that his condition could hardly get better soon. Looking at Mr H getting better very much, the doctor was surprised.

When I visited him on a rainy day, he said, “The doctor came here today and told me I don’t need to take X-ray photos anymore. As I am getting better like this, I feel like I can do anything. I had ten pieces of rice cake. That’s my favourite.” He was very glad and stroked his arm. I told him not to overdo anything quickly and left his house. “Thank you very much, Meshiya-sama.” The words came out of my mouth again and again on the way back home. I felt a surge of pleasure.

I worked in a distant mountain the next day. I thought not to visit him but I was somehow worried about him. I asked his neighbours how he was. They said, “He was fine and talked cheerfully in the morning. After a while the doctor came to see him in the afternoon, he started to feel sick. He had a headache and growled.” I said, “Did he took an injection?” They said, “Yes. He said he felt sick two hours after taking the injection.” I said intentionally, “That’s why he felt sick.” Mr H was very happy on the last day. He said he no longer needed to take an X-ray photo. He guaranteed to be all right. Nevertheless, why did he take an injection? I felt as if my heart was wrung. “Tonight, he should know which is grateful, God’s grace or the doctor’s care.” That idea came to me but said in my mind after all, “Please forgive us, Meshiya-sama.” Even so, I didn’t feel like visiting him. When I hold the evening service, Mr H’s face frequently rose in my mind. When I had dinner, I had a poor appetite and didn’t want to talk.

Oh! What a terrible feeling! I was the only person who became a believer in my family. We have not enshrined the holy object of worship yet for various reasons. So, I prayed towards the holy writing ‘The Sunlight’ every morning and evening. I sat alone in front of it and calmed myself down. I thought I might be woken up after going to bed. When I was drowsy, I woke up with the sound of knocking on the door. “Good evening. Good evening.” That was the voice of Mr H’s wife. “I’m sorry but get up, please. I’m very sorry for such a late time but please come with me. My husband is making a fuss. He has a terrible headache. He said he would pick you up if I don’t do so. He was about to go out by bicycle but soon fell on. He is getting frustrated and snapping at everybody.” I prayed to Meshiya-sama and soon went to see him with her. He became completely different from yesterday. He got red and slanted eyes. He felt cold and trembled. “Put in the hot-water bottle in the bed.” He made a fuss. He was out of control. I chanted a prayer and performed Johrei to his head. His purification gradually got severe. He kept talking ramblings and suddenly came to his sense. He repeated such things. Then he jumped out of bed and said, “My head is breaking apart in the air. My body is already floating. Break my head with an axe quickly.” He pointed out a certain place and said, “My father died three years ago. Now he is coming to pick me up. It’s all over for me.” I looked him in the eyes without thinking and suddenly remember I rent him the teachings written by Meshiya-sama. I soon placed the book in the alcove and prayed for grace towards the front cover. Kannon-sama was drawn there. I also chanted a prayer to the Buddhist altar. Meshiya-sama looked as if he was smiling at me. I asked him to save us. He still looked amusing to me. I went with Mr H. He said, “I do appreciate your care. That is beyond my family. But, my eyes feel blurry and I am losing my eyesight.” He was still groaning but falling asleep.

It was getting light in the eastern sky before 4 a.m. Mr H’s wife was worried about him and asked me various things. She finally said, “Don’t you mind calling the doctor?” It couldn’t be helped that she didn’t rely on me. I said, “No, I don’t.” It was 5 a.m. The neighbours came to see him. So, I left for home. I offered a morning prayer and asked Meshiya-sama, “Please tell me if I should continue to perform Johrei on him or not?” The figure of Meshiya-sama came to mind. He was waving his hand and said, “Do it for him.” I was very grateful and just prostrated myself to express my gratitude. I wanted to visit him soon but reconsidered. I thought I shouldn’t condemn him to the faith. He had not yet understood it. So, I visited him in the afternoon. He was still deeply sleeping. His wife said, “I visited the doctor at around 6 a.m. but he cannot come because of the autopsy. I’m sorry but please take care of my husband.” I was surprised. He received grace from God.

Thanks to Meshiya-sama, his purification finished in three days. He had terrible diarrhoea and a large amount of sweat. Then he recovered very much. I don’t know why but the doctor never came since that. Mr H has light purification sometimes but now he can go anyplace by himself. Fortunately, the doctor didn’t come. So, he received grace and he was saved. I understood it very much. I also fully understood the difference between Johrei and modern medicine. On this occasion, my husband received a holy amulet with Mr H. He didn’t understand the faith until that time. Thank you very much again, Meshiya-sama. I do appreciate your grace.

Translated by N.H.