Thank-You Report #101

Reported by S.S. in Oita on 1 November 1952


Meshiya-sama always says that disinfectant is the worst toxin in all kinds of medicines. We have fully comprehended this fact. Here I report a good example of how badly disinfectant influences the human body. I experienced it in front of me.

The summer sunshine got stronger in early July. To perform Johrei as usual, I visited the believer’s house in Sekai-Meshiya-kyo in the suburbs of Beppu. After worshipping to Komyo-Nyorai-sama, I found an unfamiliar face among the people. She was an old woman and looked severely suffering. I understand that she was the person who had suffered from breast cancer for four years. She knew our religion four years ago and received Johrei from a certain female believer for three months. However, she didn’t get better at all but rather worse. So, she stopped receiving Johrei. When I came to think of it, she didn’t understand very much what purification was at that time and a practitioner was just a believer who performed Johrei towards the wrong area. It couldn’t be helped. However, it was favourable somewhat for us that she didn’t undergo an operation. I asked her why she didn’t have surgery. She said, “Since I knew this faith, I don’t like to have medicine nor surgery.” Such her thoughts were owed to our religion. Therefore, she could live until now. I was very impressed that a person like her without surgery nor medicine had a strong body against disease. I remembered another story. Two months after she suffered from breast cancer, her neighbour suffered from the same disease as hers. The neighbour only relied on medicine. She was told that she should have an operation while her symptom was mild. So, she underwent surgery at a national hospital and died in less than six months after the operation. That fact proves very well how dangerous to rely on medicine. Having an operation is dreadful. The neighbour was like being killed by a doctor in surgery.

Because the old woman didn’t have surgery, she has lived for four years. For the first one or two years, she wiped pus coming out of her breast on her own. As a large amount of pus came out afterwards, she couldn’t handle it by herself. So, she went to see the doctor. The nurse wiped her pus, placed disinfected gauze on the affected area and wrapped the chest with a bandage. What a stubborn woman she was! I saw her breast for the first time. I found no swelling of her left breast. The inside of the breast melted by the same volume of the swelling and dented. I saw two ribs through the wounded part. It looked terrible. She was severely suffering. She proudly said that she had never used medicine since she suffered from breast cancer. The truth was that the applied disinfected gauze was very toxic. When I told her the truth, she was very surprised.

Then I performed Johrei on her for the first time. I was annoyed by her terrible smell but it had completely gone with pain by Johrei in ten minutes. Since she had the gauze changed, she had an attack of severe pain more than three times a day. Her terrible smell penetrated the whole house and no one could walk behind her. That smell was caused by disinfectant. I told her that she should get gauze and wipe pus with it by herself. She didn’t respond to my advice at all and said, “I would do it if I could, Mr S. Because this is such a large and deep wound, I’m scared to see it.” Having said that, she was surprised that her pain had gone by only ten-minute Johrei. She was convinced that it was a great divine power. Though she couldn’t take care of it by herself, she decided to ask the doctor to do it instead of her. She told me that she took unsterilized gauze to the hospital and asked the doctor to apply it on her wound the next day. She left us with enthusiasm.

The next day, she was waiting for me in front of the believer’s house from early morning. She said, “Mr S! The doctor did it for me. He has already given up on me. So, he told me to do what I want while I am alive. He did anything that I wanted.” I knew that doctor. We sometimes discussed medicine. He was a pretty good person. She continued and more excitedly said, “I always suffered more than three times a day but suffered only twice yesterday. I was extremely happy.” On the fifth day, she finally stopped asking the doctor to change the gauze and started to do it by herself.

A week later, she said, “Mr S! I no longer felt pain. The pain used to attack me with tremendous intensity. It was hardly endured. How grateful! I was not able to stand that pain. Now it has completely gone.” She looked really happy. She should be. When she felt pain in her deep wound, the terrible pain drove her to desperate. Such a pain had disappeared. She also said enthusiastically and happily, “I still have something to tell you…” I said, “You want to say your smell’s gone, don’t you?” “That’s right, Mr S! My whole family are very glad. That smell was terrible especially when eating. Thanks to Komyo-Nyorai-sama…” She shed tears of joy. In this way, she stopped applying disinfectant and received Johrei. As a result, the endurable severe pain soon disappeared and never occurred even once a day. The terrible smell of the pus also disappeared.

After that, her elder son and daughter came all the way to see me. They expressed their gratitude and told me how grateful they were. They also cleared up why their mother had got better. They understood Myochi-Riki or the great power of wisdom and virtue. They said, “First of all, generally, nay scientifically speaking, the smell of pus should reduce when the doctor wipes it with disinfected gauze every day. On the other hand, our mother cannot wipe out the pus as the doctor does. When she changes gauze, she probably does it once every two days at the shortest interval. So, her way does not seem to be effective in eliminating the smell. However, her way does actually work to reduce the smell of the pus rather than the doctor’s way. That is very strange.” Like them, everyone would think so. To answer their question, I told them what Meshyiya-sama said. He says that medicine becomes toxic in the human body. I also gave them examples that proved his theory. So, they seemed to be convinced. They also told me a lot of her strange episodes. In the end, they said, “My mother was given up on by all doctors. They tell us that her condition is beyond help so let her do as she wants until she dies. Because of you, our mother looks happy and it is our joy. We are convinced that there is no other way than this faith for her to be saved. Please look after her.” They were very surprised at how great the divine power was. They also fully understood how badly disinfectant harmed the human body. With deep respect, they prostrated themselves before Dai-Komyo-Nyrai-sama and prayed for their mother’s protection. Then they left.

Translated by N.H.