Thank-You Report #100

Reported by K.Y. in Hokkaido on17 August 1952

Here I sincerely report the grace we received with gratitude. In the middle of February 1950, I suddenly collapsed from a heart attack. I was diagnosed with heart valve disease at the company hospital. I concentrated on recovering from my disease. I looked for all kinds of specific medicines and took them. Time flew so fast. I spent a week with anxiety and impatience. My condition got worse than before. I went to see the doctor again. I was diagnosed with two more heart diseases. I decided to go to the hospital and take medical treatment. I thought there was no other way than that to cure the disease. My offer was accepted by the doctor with no condition. I was hospitalised and just followed what the doctor said. I took a full-fledged rest cure while dreaming of a day when I could recover and work hard again.

The doctor said that I would recover and be discharged from the hospital in a week. So, I took a detailed examination a weak after I was hospitalised. However, the doctor said, “As your blood pressure was over 300, you need dietary restrictions, too.” I soon followed his advice. It was March already. My pulse rate became 100~120, which never changed. I didn’t feel well and such condition continued. On 12 March, that day was the anniversary of my elder brother’s death, my pulse rate suddenly became 150~160. I had the same rate of the pulse when I collapsed for the first time. The doctor said, “Your high blood pleasure causes such symptoms. You should have a blood draw of 200~300cc.” I asked him to get my blood drawn as I was told. After the blood draw, I felt so painful that I thought I would die. The doctor was panicked to see me. He never expected such a condition. He gave me an injection of cordial medicine eighteen times an hour. They might have worked. I stopped suffering for a while and felt better. However, I felt sick more after that. My pulse became 130~140. My temperature became 34.5 degrees. I lost physical strength and couldn’t walk even indoors.

Around that time, the doctor often inclined his head. He just replied to my question, “I cannot say anything now. Let me wait and see.” At the end of March, the doctor replied to me, “I am giving you the strongest medicines for heart disease but…” It sounded to me in sickness; “Your disease will be never cured. You should die eventually. So, prepare for it.” Since then, I felt so annoyed when I saw the doctor and even felt sick. I still wanted to recover and get well again somehow. So, I just continued to take medicine and injections as the doctor told me. In April, I got worried if my heart disease would not be cured. I asked the doctor to take an X-ray examination. The result overshadowed my zest for living. I had trouble in all of my lungs, kidneys, liver and spinal cord. I had never ever imagined that. Furthermore, I was diagnosed with eight different heart diseases. I had done everything that the doctor said but it turned out that way. I was so mad at myself. I got closer to the doctor and said, “You don’t cure my disease, do you?” The doctor looked angry with me and said, “You should call for relatives or so and talk about what they should do after you die.” I lost my temper with his words and couldn’t help being angry. “Whatever happens, happens.” I gave myself up to despair even while having a desire to live. I grew weaker and weaker. My temperature became 34 degrees and my pulse became 140~150. I couldn’t eat anything and just waited for death.

In early May, the doctor clearly said to me, “You cannot live much longer.” The close relatives came to see me but I couldn’t see them clearly because my eyesight had deteriorated. I thought that it was over for me and prepared myself. I truly and faithfully followed what the doctor said. When I thought I would die soon, I had a grudge against him very much. I knew later that the doctor told my family I would die in a few days. Oh, I will never forget the day of 10 May 1950. On that day, my friend suddenly came to see me. He is a believer in Sekai-Meshiya-kyo and said, “You might think it’s wired but I was saved from tuberculosis by this method.” My friend held his hand on me and talked about Sekai-Meshiya-kyo. It may be my imagination but I felt lighter. We talked and decided to ask Mr T to visit me the next day. Mr T worked for Sekai-Meshiya-kyo. He visited me and performed Johrei on me the next day. Mr T kindly but firmly told me about the cause of the disease. I understood, though ambiguously, all things I did made me ill. I immediately stop taking all medicines and decided to depend on Johrei exclusively. When I received Johrei only once, I could quickly eat up a served bowl of rice after a long time. Before that, I couldn’t have anything at the hospital. That made me surprised very much. I felt as if my illness was already cured. I was in good spirit for the first time in dozens of days since I was hospitalised.

Compared to the doctor’s extremely irresponsible words and deeds, Mr T’s care was kind and polite. That was not at all inferior to my relatives. Thanks to his Johrei, even my serious condition got better day by day. Since I started to receive Johrei, I argued with the doctor every day. He said, “You should take medicine.” I said, “If I took, it would kill me.” He said, “You do take medicine.” I said, “Why do I? You never heal me with it.” Such an argument repeated every day. So, I really fed up with staying at the hospital. In spite of the doctor’s opposition, I left the hospital at the end of May. When leaving the hospital, I couldn’t walk. So, I was carried home on a stretcher. Soon after that, I expressed my gratitude at the church of Seaki-Meshiya-kyo and received a precious holy amulet. After leaving the hospital, my temperature went back to normal. I was able to do my best not to lie down during the daytime. From the end of June, I was able to visit the church on foot. On the way, I fell on the road a few times every day. However, I did believe that God gave me absolute grace. I performed Johrei to my chest by myself and single-mindedly chanted a prayer in a loud voice.

As I regularly visited the church on foot, I got better and better. I even performed Johrei on other people even for twenty to thirty minutes. It would be the greatest pleasure in my life. I will never forget it. I just appreciate the divine virtue of Meshiya-sama. In July, I sometimes had purification. I had a fever of more than 40 degrees and severe diarrhoea a few times a day. I thought that was because I got stronger. Such a condition continued until September. I would be worried very much if it was the old me. I contrarily thought that I had finally received an average purification from God and live a life with gratitude. In early September, Mr M asked me if I could devote myself to work for Meshisya-sama. Mr T works for Sekai-Meshiya-kyo and often visited Hokkaido. I first turned down his offer because I was not confident in my physical strength. However, Mr T also gave me the same advice. That very morning, my ancestors persuaded me in a dream. I had decided to join the divine work. At the end of December, I resigned company to prepare to work for Sekai-Meshiya-kyo. I was off from work for ten months. In January 1951, I moved to the present place and now propagate the faith there. I worried about my health before but it improved very much since then. Now I am working as one of the instructors for Sekai-Meshya-kyo. Thank you very much, Mesihya-sama. You gave me a second chance to live. I devote myself to your divine work until I die. Please protect me as ever.

Translated by N.H.