Thank-You Report #099

Reported by A.T. in Iwate on 5 August 1952

When I visit Kamaishi during the New Year in 1952, my face became swollen and I was diagnosed with kidney disease. I went to the hospital until the end of February. At that time, my face was a little swollen but I enjoyed a meal. However, the doctor was anxious about my symptom and said, “You have a lot of protein in the urine.” Then I was told about Meshiya-kyo by my neighbour and visited its branch office. I ask a chairperson Mr I about my symptom. He said, “It is good for you to have a lot of protein in the urine. Mrs K also said so. As the doctor said just the opposite, I couldn’t believe what they said. Even so, I visited there for three days. However, the doctor said, “You have much more protein than before.” I finally admitted to the hospital in March. In the hospital, I had to go on diet and just ate liquid food even though I had an appetite. I had about 500cc of milk and rice porridge with tea for my meal in a day and also take medicine. I was not permitted to have fruit nor sweets. As I had an examination of urine every day, I couldn’t eat secretly. My husband and I completely trusted the doctor and thought I would get better by doing just what he said. While I was going on diet for forty days, I was losing weight day by day. I felt dizzy and couldn’t walk anymore. I could hardly keep on diet and asked the doctor to eat something. He permitted me to drink a soup and I gulped it so much that people laughed at me. On 22 April, the doctor said, “My colleague says that kidney disease is now treated by letting a patient eat.” Then he permitted me to eat. However, my stomach and intestine had already got weak. When having something little, I soon vomited it. When vomiting, I had a headache and an upset chest like motion sickness. I also had a fever and my face became swollen very fast. The doctor seemed to get anxious about me. Then he asked a head doctor of a welfare hospital to examine me. He said, “You must eat. Otherwise, your symptom might develop uraemia.” We couldn’t trust them anymore. I left the hospital on 30 April. I became bony and felt dizzy but still relied on medical science. I went to see another doctor. I felt better but my belly gradually became larger and finally became like that of a pregnant woman who is near her time. I felt pain even in my back. I first had ascites removed on 25 May. I felt lighter and better just after that. However, I had a fever and a chill every time I had ascites removed. I didn’t feel well. I only had rice with a side dish but had a lot of ascites. I had about 3,000cc of ascites removed once in ten days. I had less urine. I kept having 300cc of urine in a day for five months. I didn’t have urine no matter what sort of medicine I took. As I had ascites removed fifteen times, the doctor was puzzled and worried. My children as well as my husband felt gloomy. When thinking back that time, we were living in hell on earth. I really despaired that I had no urine no matter what sort of medicine I took. I cried while hiding my face with a duvet. I couldn’t sit on bed at all. In a sense, however, I felt happy as my husband understood my condition and my sister worked very hard to look after me. As for my children, they sometimes asked me when I recover but I didn’t know how to answer and just cried.

I will never forget when Mrs K visited me on 28 June 1951. She is a believer in Meshiya-kyo and was worried about me. I cannot explain how I appreciated her visit. I had the only 250cc of urine and ascites still removed. She talked about me with instructor Mr B and decided to visit me every day. She came rain or shine and perform Johrei to me. She looked after me as her child for three months and I will never forget it. When receiving Johrei, I felt much better and sometimes fell asleep. Mr K said, “Don’t worry. You will get better.” I especially took training on the bed and received a holy amulet from Mr I on 20 August. Since then, I was convinced that only God truly cures human disease and just pray for Meshiya-sama and Dai-Komyonyorai-sama with whole my heart day and night. I received a holy paper and took it three times in a day from the 15th of October. I didn’t know why but I had 430cc of urine on 15th, 500cc on 16th, 800cc on 17th, 850cc on 18th, 950cc on 19th and 1200cc on 20th. In this way, the amount of urine increased day by day. I let my sister tell Mr I and Mrs K that I had a normal amount of urine. My children as well as my husband and sister said with great joy, “Mom has recovered! Mom has recovered!” Thanks to Meshiya-sama, I recently gain an appetite and felt better. My sister went back to her home in Fukushima. I could manage to cook with my husband’s help. Thank you very much, Meshiya-sama. My belly became smaller and smaller and the swelling of my legs was removed. However, when catching a cold even a little, I had less urine, the legs became swollen and the belly became like that of seven months pregnant woman. Mr B said, “You will pass urine when you keep performing Johrei.” I hold hope in my mind and received Johrei. I also perform Johrei by myself all day long. Then the amount of urine increased in a few days. I did understand how great the divine power of Meshiya-sama was. I had 3,000cc of urine on this day and my belly became smaller. I felt refreshed in my head more than ever. Now I always think of Meshiya-sama and Dai-Kyomyonyorai-sama. I will completely recover soon. I would like to express my deepest gratitude. I was so glad that I took up my poor pen to report my experience with full of gratitude. I hope that someone will be saved by reading and comprehending my report. Thank you very much again, Meshiya-sama.

Translated by N.H.