Thank-You Report #098

Reported by E.K. in Tokyo on 8 January 1952

“They got me. They got me. Perform Johrei soon, please,” my second son cried in a humorous tone. The sleeve of his jacket was still rolled up. When he asked me to perform Johrei, I could understand what happened to him by the tone of his voice. When he said with a small voice, he must have fallen and scraped on his knees. When he said while sobbing, he has something stuck in the foot or jammed finger while playing baseball. When he had a headache or pain in his belly because of roundworm, he always held his head or belly and said, “It hurts. It hurts.” I knew how he reacted very well. So, it wasn’t a big deal in that case. I was not surprised at all when he shouted with a cheerful voice, “Johrei.” However, I was shocked to hear that he was injected. I said, “For smallpox?” My son said, “No, for tuberculin. I thought I had run away but the teacher told me everyone should do it. Then I did it.”

My wife and I always told non-believers in Sekai-Mehiya-kyo how terrible toxic medicine was. My children knew it very much. So, they never said to need medicine when they injured or had purification. When worms were found by stool inspection at school, students had to take anthelmintic. However, my son never brought it home but said, “My teacher told me I had a worm in my belly. Please perform Johrei soon.” In that way, he thoroughly knew the harmful effect of medicine and injection. So, I thought he ran away when he heard about the injection. I performed Johrei to a little swollen red area while listening to his excuse. “The next vaccination is for BCG. I really want them to stop it. I don’t understand why it is forced. That also violates basic human rights under the law.” I told my wife nearby. She said while sewing, “Mr N who runs a clothing shop claims his elder son suffered from lung disease after taking BCG vaccination. So, he doesn’t let the rest of his children give BCG vaccination.” “Shall we ask the school not to give vaccination to my children?” “Well. Knowing there is harmful effects of vaccination, why do they force it? I cannot agree with the way of the government office.”

Because of her children’s matter, she unusually spoke in a furious tone. In terms of preventive medicine these days, school children are frequently given vaccinations for such as whooping cough, diphtheria, typhoid fever, smallpox and so on. Since we know the harmful effect of toxic medicine, I want to cover my face with hands every time the vaccination is done. Since people give vaccination without the knowledge of toxic medicine, I kind of understand their stand position. However, if it is forced, that is a different matter. If we who are believers in Sekai-Meshiya-kyo openly opposed vaccination and fought with school, commercial newspapers would use us as malicious advertising material at the drop of a hat. Consequently, that would cause trouble for the whole Sekai-Meshiya-kyo. Therefore, we had accepted vaccination until now. We have brought up our children healthy without any doctors nor medicine. It might be inevitable for us, who have aged without having accomplished anything, but we don’t want to put any single medicine into our children. This would be the crying heart of all believers in Sekai-Meshiya-kyo, who have experienced for themselves how terrible toxic medicine was.

My elder son is a high school student. When he was injected, he sucked the part he had an injection with his mouth and performed Johrei there by himself. My second son cannot do like him. So, my wife did it for him. “When he was in first grade, Tuberculin reaction was positive. So, he didn’t need a BCC vaccination. What about this time?” I said. My wife replied, “He would be all right.” She was still sewing. Her answer was nothing more than wishful thinking. Besides, she had no knowledge to answer my question. Even so, I hoped that she would be right. I just worried about the result of his tuberculin reaction test that he took that day. After a while, we got the letter from the educational affairs section. It said that our third son should take a tuberculin reaction test. He would be an elementary school student that year. “He is such a little boy. Why does he have to take it? I will go to school and talk.” She was pumped and went out. When she came back, I understood from her appearance that the result was not good. I asked her, “What did they say?” She replied, “They cannot do anything because it was an order of the authorities. They didn’t take it seriously at all. It cannot be helped. Let him take the test only. Then we ask God for his protection.” From her words, I heard the desperate cry of her heart.

We finally got the result of a tuberculin reaction test. The school physician coldly said, “We are sorry that your son is suffering from infant tuberculosis. He should postpone the school admission this year and enter the school next year after sufficient medical treatment.” We were very surprised that my son was diagnosed with infant tuberculosis. Lung disease is reminiscent of death. Ominous shadow quickly went through my mind. Even if he truly suffered from lung disease, however, he would be sure to recover by Johrei as he had no acquired toxic medicine. God permitted us the power to heal disease. It took a long for me to reach this conclusion as we upset and lost our cool. We had never imagined that the physician suddenly diagnosed my son with infant tuberculosis. “If he is truly suffering from lung disease, something is strange, isn’t it? We met many people who suffered from lung disease and saved them by Johrei. I cannot find any symptoms of lung disease in him. Compare to children of the same age in the neighbourhood, my son’s weight is heavy and he has a great appetite. No cough, no night sweat. I cannot find any symptom of lung disease.” My son was anxiously listening to us. I touched his head, neck and medulla oblongata with my hand. I just double-checked that he didn’t suffer from such a disease from my experience.

The school doctor told us that my son should take a blood sedimentation test and an X-ray examination at a designated city health centre. At the health centre, many parents with a child as we did were anxiously waiting for their turn. My son’s blood sedimentation rate was a little higher than that of children of the same age. There was nothing unusual in his lungs with an X-ray photo. A young doctor at the health centre said, “In this condition, your son may enter the school this year.” My strained nerves relaxed immediately. On the way back home, my wife said, “I get it. It was God’s grace.” She spoke with her mouth close to my ear on the train. “We prayed to God not to give my son a vaccination every day. So, this unexpected diagnosis was made. If my son suffers from infant tuberculosis, he doesn’t need to have a vaccination. But if he truly suffers from it, he cannot enter the school this year. God exerts the power with far sight and deep design.” “You gave me an accurate commentary,” I said. I just choked up full of gratitude to God’s mercy while grabbing the strap of the train. I said to my son, “Good for you. You can enter the school.” I pat him on the head.

Translated by N.H.