Thank-You Report #097

Reported by K.S. in Oita on 1 August 1052

Thank you very much for giving us continuous grace, Meshiya-sama. I am awfully sorry for my poor writing but report the grace I received. I was doing poorly after I gave birth to the second baby. My condition never improved. I visited the clinic here or there but the doctor always said while removing the stethoscope, “You are not ill.” The same thing happened all the time even when I visited a new clinic. The doctor said I wasn’t ill. I sadly left the clinic. My legs felt heavy. Palpitation in my chest didn’t go away after I rushed to take a bus. I was swayed by the bus and felt dizzy when getting it off. A few days later, I visited another clinic. The doctor measured my temperature and blood sedimentation. Then he examined my tuberculin reaction and womb. All doctors did the same thing. My body felt very heavy and suffered from a lot of night sweat. I had light dizziness even if I moved a little. I had palpitation when I walked fast. My legs felt heavy. When I stood up for a long time, they couldn’t move in the way that I wanted them to do. I felt heavy in my back. I could only wash a few clothes in a row even if I take a rest for a while. I could hardly blow the fire-brown bamboo to cook. I blew it hard but couldn’t make fire. When I gave up making fire and stood up, I felt dizzy and had palpitation. I almost fell. Then I visited a new clinic. After giving a careful examination, the doctor said, “You are not ill.” After that, another doctor found a hookworm and immediately got rid of it. Because of this treatment, my body became weak and I became short of breath worse than before. However, no doctor found the cause of my health problem. I kept lying down and waking up. That was my life before I met Sekai-Meshiya-kyo.

Because my child was ill, I became a believer in Sekai-Mehiya-kyo under the guidance of many people who devoted themselves to the faith. I cannot explain how grateful Komyo-Nyorai-sama and Meshiya-sama were. I just live a life full of gratitude. Whenever we visited the ceremony held in the church, brunch office and local branch office, my child got better and better. We saw my child visibly recovering every time the ceremony for ancestors was held at home. I have already reported the purification of my child in April 1950. I would like to report what happened after that on another occasion. When I realised, I had completely recovered. What a surprise! Thank you very much, Meshiya-sama. You made my child and me become healthy. Now I never feel tired even if I work from the morning to the night. I carry my child on my back and do the work brightly and comfortably such as cooking and laundry. Thank you very much again, Meshiya-sama.

Translated by N.H.