Thank-You Report #096

Reported by N.S. in Fukuoka on 1 November 1951

If I had not been saved by Meshiya-sama, I would not live for another year. Since I was a child, I have suffered from a variety of diseases such as bladder catarrh, nephritis, appendicitis, pneumonia, otitis media, arthritis and so on. Three years ago, I suddenly lost appetite and could have even a bowl of rice a day. My family worried about me and took care of me but their efforts didn’t bear fruit. Last June, I was finally diagnosed with pleurisy and ill in bed. At first, my symptom of pleurisy was not so serious. However, it got worse at the end of May. Even the doctor couldn’t understand why so. Looking back, I understand that toxic medicine weakened my body. At that time, however, I didn’t understand why I didn’t get better even though I had medical treatment very much. I never put that words but frustrated day and night. I had still no appetite. Whatever I ate, they tasted like cardboard. I spent all my time having injections and taking medicine. My mother was so worried about me and overworked. So, her blood pressure went up. She got insomnia and had treatment such as taking medicine or acupuncture.

At that time, our neighbour recovered from a serious illness. My mother was surprised to hear that and visited her. The neighbour told my mother that she was saved by Komyo-Nyorai-sama. My mother joined a meeting of Sekai-Meshiya-kyo through the introduction of Mrs M, who recommended it for some time. My mother slept well by receiving Johrei only once. Since then, she visited the church of Sekai-Meshiya-kyo every day. She got better day by day. However, I thought it was a kind of psychological effect. No matter how she recommended it, I just laughed at her. Looking back, I feel very sorry. I do apologise for that. My mother became a believer in Sekai-Meshiya-kyo on 14 July. Then she recommended it to me more than before. She put religious handouts on my bedside. She also borrowed the book titled, ‘The Health Method Revealed by God.’ However, I didn’t even pick them up. As my mother insisted on me receiving Johrei, I reluctantly did for about ten days. I actually laughed at her in my mind. My mother told me to stop taking digestive and nutrients so many times but I could hardly let them go off. While receiving Johrei, I had stiff shoulders and felt bloated. I thought that my condition got worse. As I couldn’t believe the purification action, I stopped receiving Johrei. I used laxatives and took medicine as much as I took. A week later, I vomited something like white bubbles on the night of 9 August. Looking back, it was a large amount of toxic medicine. I didn’t believe Johrei and almost forcibly received it. However, God fairly treated me. He made me get toxins out of my body. I am thankful for Him. My mother soon realised that I had purification and performed Johrei on me. I vomited six times and got exhausted. I couldn’t move, either. However, I felt better after receiving Johrei. I had a change of mind. I felt like receiving Johrei willingly. The next morning, I could taste the meal a little and had two bowls of rice. The following day, my mother took me to the brunch church for the first time. I received Johrei from a person in the church. He said, “Please don’t worry. You will become better.” His words illuminated my dark heart like a ray of light. I was getting relieved. My stomach got swollen like being stuffed hardly squeezed rice ball. The intestines had hardened like a sticking board. I understood that toxic medicine prevented them from working. When I received Johrei from him once or twice, I could enjoy my meal and eat more than average.

I put away the bedding by myself for the first time in one and a half years. I think that people, who fall into the superstition of science, accept this faith with the same feeling as mine. When I continued to receive Johrei, toxins melted and the stomach and intestines became soft, which made my body shape back to normal. I sometimes had a high fever and my whole body got swollen. I also fainted twice at the church. I sometimes felt pain in my chest and my head got numbed. Meanwhile, I constantly excreted toxins as a grain of millet-like saliva or milk-like urine. I took medicine one after another because I misunderstood that it made me healthy. However, the medicine I took was excreted simply and easily by God’s infinitive divine light. I belatedly understand that people in the present society are getting lost in the wrong way.

On 23 August, I received a holy amulet. Since then, I live a life full of gratitude. Now, I’m all right to run a little. I can do laundry and housework like others. I really think about how valuable health is. I am nothing but a sinful person. However, Meshiya-sama saved me with his great spiritual virtue. From now on, I would like to lead people, who suffer on the wrong path, to the right one. Recently, a person who suffered from asthma was saved by Johrei and became a believer in Sekai-Meshiya-kyo with gratitude. My father was so impressed by my experience that he visited the church of Sekai-Meshiya-kyo to worship and soon became a believer even though he was an atheist. I don’t know how I express my gratitude. Thank you very much, Meshiya-sama. You gave me a second chance to live. So, please use me to build a new divine age. Thank you very much again, Meshiya-sama. Here, I conclude my report with gratitude.

[Miracles of Johrei]

Translated by N.H.