Thank-You Report #095

Reported by F.H. in Kagoshima on 7 March 1952

I became a believer in Sekai-Mehisya-kyo in June 1950. Here I report why I became a believer and introduced what kind of blessings I received. In August 1949, I suddenly felt pain in my belly during work in the mountain. I soon visited a local clinic and took an injection. My pain relieved. Then I had medicine and left the clinic. When I came home, however, my belly hurts again and my diarrhoea didn’t stop. It didn’t stop even if I took medicine. I visited another clinic and took different medicine one after another. I spent all the money by May 1950. I was in trouble. One day, an old woman in the neighbourhood said, “A person who heals disease by holding a hand came from Miyazaki. He is also visiting our village to heal the sick for about five days.” So, I visited the sick and received Johrei after him. I didn’t feel anything soon but my stomach was growling at night. I worried that my condition got worse than before but fell asleep before knowing. When I woke up, I felt much better than before. I thought that Johrei did work. I believed that I would recover with Johrei and received it every day. In a week, I never felt pain no matter what kind of food I ate. I felt better. Then I remembered that anybody could perform Johrei with an amulet. I wanted to receive an amulet but I couldn’t afford it. I was in trouble that I had spent all my money. I didn’t give it up. The passion drove me to manage to make money. I finally became a believer in Sekai-Meshiya-kyo in June. My wish finally came true. I soon visited the sick and performed Johrei. I enshrined Komyo-Nyorai-sama and a holy folding screen for ancestors, too. I lived a life full of joy and worked for Sekai-Meshiya-kyo. However, I suddenly had bad news. My younger brother works at the coal mine in Nagasaki. The cave-in collapsed and it, unfortunately, damaged his spinal cord. He couldn’t move. He was hospitalised at a national sanatorium in Nagasaki. We had a telegram three times a day. My mother was very worried about him. She asked me to go to see him but I couldn’t afford to travel expenses for such short notice. We were in trouble but God gave us grace. A believer in Sekai-Mehiya-kyo visited us and lent a money. He said, “You should go to see him soon.” I was very glad. I couldn’t stand still and hurried to the sanatorium. My heart pounded so fast at the gate of the sanatorium. I hurried to his room. I found him lying on his back on the bed. He couldn’t move nor talk. He was just groaning. A doctor and two nurses took care of him all the time. They applied ice when he had a fever and then applied a hot-water bottle and gave an injection when he felt chilly. They looked so busy but I didn’t know what to do. So, I was just looking. My brother’s friend said, “He continued groaning for ten days without eating anything.” I wanted to perform Johrei but couldn’t find a chance. The night fell and no one was in the room. I performed Johrei on him. I worried if the doctor would come back but kept performing Johrei for about thirty minutes. My brother said that he felt better and slept well that night. The next morning, however, my brother groaned again after the doctor gave him an injection. I said to the doctor, “Could you not give an injection to my brother? Could you leave him to me?” He said, “You should follow my instruction as long as your brother is here.” He turned down my request. It couldn’t be helped. I said to my brother, “Refuse injections and just say taking medicine is enough.” So, he was insisted on saying, “No more injection. I can die happy without injection.” He shook his head and refused it. The doctor finally gave up giving the injection and left the room. After that, the nurse brought medicine. My brother pretended to take it and threw it little by little without being noticed. From that night, I performed Johrei without medicine and injections.

I continued to perform Johrei not to show that to the doctor. My brother became able to go to the toilet on his own on the third day. He took a walk in the ground of the sanatorium on the tenth day. He went out and took a walk on the fifteenth day. He finally left there on the twenty-first day. Everything owed to the spiritual virtue of Komyo-Nyorai-sama. We were full of gratitude and soon visited the brunch church of Sekai-Meshiya-kyo in Miyazaki. We expressed our deepest gratitude and my brother became a believer. Since then, our whole family live a life full of joy and work hard. We receive numerous blessings and proceed on the right path full of light. I don’t know how I express our gratitude. In August 1951, I gave my service for constructing Paradise on Earth in Atami. I brought back and enshrined Daikoku-sama. We feel joy more and more. When the typhoon came, my house was protected and so on. We are sinful people but God gives us blessings one after another. I would like to reword them even a little. So, I am working hard to inform people of this faith. Thank you very much, Meshiiya-sama.

[Miracles of Johrei]

Translated by N.H.